“Drops of Light”: A Meditation With Poetry, Photos, Music….

By Pilar Viviente and Gary Steven Corseri


Pilar Viviente:

Winter tree in Spring light
Ready to wake up after Winter
No birds yet hopping on the tree
But how beautiful you are!


Gary Steven Corseri:

Tree unblossomed, whose feather-branches brush
the morning air…to wake the rocky, sleeping
giant, stirring under the blue-pink sky
as the waves lap, and clouds drift
and the birds sing, approaching
a moment of anointening
a memory’s whisper….

Pilar Viviente:

Arbol sin florecer, cuyas ramas de plumas

cepillan el aire de la mañana…para despertar a la roca

el gigante dormido, agitandose bajo el cielo azul rosado

mientras las olas vuelven

y las nubes se mueven

y las aves cantant, acercandose

para despertar a la roca, el gigante dormido, agitándose bajo el cielo azul rosado
mientras las olas vuelven, y las nubes se mueven
y las aves cantan, acercándose…

Gary Corseri PV–You reflect the best of us…and you inspire the rest of us….

Pilar Viviente Thanks, you’re very kind. The beauty of life makes more bearable what is inevitable and however tolerant you are, it displeases you.

Gary Corseri You are generous–sharing your talents and your wisdom as you do. About “beauty,” one of my favorite poets, John Keats, wrote: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:/ Its loveliness increases, it will never/ Pass into nothingness; but still will keep/ A bower quiet for us, and a sleep/ Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing….”

Pilar Viviente: Gary Corseri, You’re welcome! You too … I love John Keats poetry about “beauty”, perfect to be read while listening my piano


“When playing music, it is possible to achieve a unique sense of peace.” Daniel Barenboim

“Drops Of Light.” 7:28  (From my Solo Piano Improvisation)
The Rockefeller Steinway Session
Pilar Viviente piano 30:30
Altea, 2014
HH – Hans Hansen

Gary Corseri And now with celestial music and star-drops! The angels are dancing!

I hope we have successfully introduced your work to a New World of lovers of beauty and “sweet dreams.”



Pilar Viviente is a “Mixed Media Artist, Visual Artist, Pianist/Composer, Author/Editor,” and a Professor at the Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche.  Poet-dramatist-fictionist-journalist-editor-professor GaryCorseri has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library.


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