The Construction of an Angry Nation

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An angry human being cannot think of anything sane and rational. He/She executes everything which ultimately leads to scattering off the foundation of humanity. Similarly, the India we’re living in is burning in anger. Anger over democracy and love for fascism. The citizens of this diverse nation today are cynic and ignores everything which can demolish diversity but concentrates on every topic which speaks on religion centricity, forcefully applying nationalism and phobia over any thought which makes India rich.

The things which are being ignored by the citizens because the center maintains its fascist policy of blanketing anything which is to be criticised are:


Murder in the name of blasphemy and dogmatic mother calling of cow today is being ignored because the topic has become old and it’s neither a breaking news. More than 30 murders and about 50 cases of mob lynching in the name of cow eating and slaughtering has never been seen after Independence but suddenly after 2014, the incidents became the infamous caricature of religious zealotry in India. Though most of the innocent civilians have been framed in the name of cow slaughtering, yet no one got true justice because the word “pending case” is the trademark of Indian Justice system.

Increasing rapes followed by murder, today finds no place among the angry citizens. India is busy in declaring a war against the neighbouring country but falls way short when they need to speak up against the monstrous culture and tradition protecting patriarchy.the national statistics remain shocking. In 40% of the rape cases, the victims were under 18. Courts move so slowly that one children’s rights organization estimated that if no new child sexual abuse cases were brought after 2016, it still would take India’s justice system 20 years to conclude pending trials.

“So much rape and sexual abuse still doesn’t get reported because going to the police is still a nightmare,” said Deepa Narayan, a social scientist and author of a recent book on Indian women.

“In these recent cases, the courts have had to step in, and that’s frightening. If you don’t have political clout or your story doesn’t become a national or international story, forget justice”. The “kicking out to Pakistan” culture of the ultra nationalists, today is seen as the beacon of development but sadly, it burns development more than spreading light over the needy citizens.


The fundamental thing, which makes a country democratic is acceptance of difference. When a country ceases to accept anything which can be called as “different”, at that point only the country becomes fascist. Fascism is not something which needs rocket science theory to be understood. It is way simpler than democracy. Whenever a country gets conquered by a thought or ideology, which forcefully declares everyone as slave but finds a sentence which hides its policy of making everyone slave, the country is a fascist country.

India, if deeply seen can be found walking with the top 10 fascist nations of present time. History gives us several indicators which can describe a country as fascist. The branch which raises questions against the government is the media and the fascist countries of history have always displayed its power by buying the media companies. India of today, ranks 148 in the media freedom list released by the Press Trust of India. Private channels today find no other lane to display news honestly forcing them to operate them on YouTube or any other media.

Similarly, murders of journalists who spoke up against the government and the ill effects of superstitions clearly shows the worst climate of freedom of words. Fear of speaking is the most frustrating thing for any individual. Today the rise of frustration is the consequence of developing fear of the oppressing government. Another worse phase for a nation is when the educated students suffer from the oppression of uneducated oppressors. Fabrication and mob lynching of students in the name of nationalism became the infamous move of government and for that, the nation is on the verge of being absorbed by a hateful mass which denies to listen and accept anything different.


Nation becomes vulnerable when the policies controlling its wings fail to provide any kind of support. Rather it keeps in slaughtering the wings in the name of nation building. After 2014, India has seen multiple policies which forced the nation to drown. From the sickening demonetisation to the scam of Jana Dhan Yojana, India is seeing every policy which eats the citizens from every angle. Demonetisation’s impact lowered the nation’s economy to 5% GDP and the center simultaneously helped every capitalist of its periphery by opening the zero balance account. The fundamental task of it is to show the non taxable money as taxable, and it successfully showed the thieves as messiahs.

Recently, launched scheme of giving loans of Rs. 5000 to every zero account balance holder is another sickening move. No human being can do anything with an amount of Rs. 5000, and the promise of giving every zero account holder ample money remains unfulfilled. Rather, the center cunningly inserts every holder into the realm of loan without giving enough money to do something which can help them pay the money back to the bank resulting in hampering the holder’s name showing him unsuccessful of paying money for which any bank won’t provide a single loan to him in the future. The consequence of all of this would be a huge fall of economy of our nation.

Increasing price of commodities in the developing (or underdeveloped) India is the consequence of the rapid implementation of demonetisation and GST giving its citizens no time to find any lane to walk upon is yet another insanity of an angry nation. Foundation shaking deal of Rafale and then followed by the stealing of the most secured files is the clear description of a “do – whatever – you – like” center. Similarly, the breaking of the cable channels into packs makes it difficult for maximum families to watch the necessary and yet oppression of the most fundamental needs of the people finds no question.

The eviction of 10 lakh Adivasis from their home fails to become a breaking news for the families deny to give any money and the capitalists find the forests way more nice to build a foundation of torture. No one speaks of the rising deterioration of economy and the once young India today is on the road to lose all its youth for the rising unemployment.


Dash and dots of unemployment is on the highest peak and the peak is where no country wants to reach. 8.1% unemployment released by NSSO – CMIE, is the highest scale of unemployment after 70 years. The closing companies with non uniform entrepreneur encouragement is the fundamental reason of the embarrassing data. The centre dissented against it by saying it as false but failed to provide the accurate data after its 3 month release.

The employees of political parties are way higher than any other branch but alas, the former does not fall in the list. Several new jobs opened after 2014, in the name of Pakora seller, Uber driving, Cow rearing etc., as developed jobs and deserves to be in the list of employees according to the government. When such dialogues are exchanged among the leaders, then it is no surprise that unemployment is on its peak. Rather the surprise is the unemployed too fail to notice the brink because the nation has attacked its neighbour.


For every nation which is on the road to fascism, the most displayed item is hate. The cultivation of the notion of “Us versus Them” makes the fame and identity of fascism. In case of Hitler controlled Germany it was “Germans versus Jews”; for America it was “White versus Black”; for today’s America it is “Americans versus Immigrants”; and for India it is classified into “Hindu versus Muslims”, “Liberal versus Rightists”, “Atheist versus Liberals”, “Urban Naxals versus Hate Mongering Right Wing”.

If we say that it is a matter of perspective, then my dear, it no more is. An angry nation never thinks of perspective because there’s only one perspective: Hatred. It pulls and pushes every second and third thought to evacuate the nation in the form of murders, rapes, riots and lynching. The age of anger for India is not something new but the present phase of anger in the name of religion and nationalism is the repetition of history of every fascist nation.

Think and act, if you still have the ability to think. Pages of social media isn’t the end of news broadcast. New India is not about displaying bravery in the nationalism or to get absorbed in religion. Rather it is about questioning every conqueror and to introspect before asking any question. Finding the own lane should be the drive of the new India, otherwise what will remain is the India which we won’t be proud of and which can’t be an inspiration for any other nation.

Kabir Deb is a published writer and poet. Born in Haflong and completed his Masters on Life Sciences from Assam University. His work has been published from different national and international magazine like Different Truths, Counter Currents, Reviews, Cafe Dissensus, Spillwords magazine and his works rely on political activism.


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