Venezuela: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 2)


Strange “dictatorship” in which the Parliament is controlled by the opposition.

Strange “dictatorship” where elections are held all the time.

Strange “dictatorship” in which “dictators” lose elections and respect the results.

Strange “dictatorship” in which some can appeal, live on TV, to crimes against the president and the country, in total impunity.

Strange “dictatorship” in which the “leader” of the opposition gives live interviews to dozens of anti-government private media, in public streets and in public places, without suffering any consequences.

Strange “dictatorship” where there are opposition parties.

Strange “dictatorship” in which these parties can organize illegal parallel elections, as they did in the summer of 2017, without suffering any consequences.

Strange “dictatorship” where the opposition controls almost all media.

Strange “dictatorship” where the perpetrators of the 2002 coup against Chávez live free and use their freedom to organize more crimes against the government and betray their motherland.

Strange “dictatorship” in which TV channels and newspapers that called for the 2002 coup and directly participated in it, remain open and their owners free.


If you are an honest person now reading this article, and if you really seek the truth about what’s going on in Venezuela, you can’t afford to ignore documentaries like The Revolution Will Not Be Televised or The War on Democracy. These two and others more contain footage and evidences that are crucial to understand and to prove what I just wrote above.

But let’s continue.


Strange “dictatorship” in which referendums are called all the time.

Strange “dictatorship” in which the opposition-controlled parliament gives itself the pleasure of sabotaging Maduro’s government during its fight against the Imperial Economic War.

Strange “dictatorship” in which the opposition-controlled parliament calls for crimes against the motherland (calls for more sanctions and for more economic sabotage, even calls for foreign military intervention), and do it with total impunity!

Strange “dictatorship” in which the “peaceful opposition” can afford to kill policemen and pro-government civilians by shooting and bombing and burning them alive!

Strange “dictatorship” in which the “peaceful opposition” feels free to carry out a variety of unspeakable and well documented crimes.

You can find several evidences of those crimes here:

You can find tons of evidences in free ebooks (in PDF) like:

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, please open the e-books above because, if you do so, you can access and analyze by yourself horrific evidences of the terror perpetrated by the opposition (never shown on Mainstream Lying Media).

But the lobotomized Western sheep-like humans swallow the propaganda, swallow the Orwellian Minute of Hate Against Venezuela, and then they go to watch their soap operas or their favorite teams playing. Clichés? Yes, but clichés systematically confirmed by reality.

What they never do is to search, to analyze, to read articles like this one (or better ones), to read books like the ones I suggested, to watch documentaries like the ones I also suggested. And that’s why many (good) people are wrong when they feel sad about their brainwashed Western friends. They are not exactly brainwashed and ignorant beings. No, in most cases, westerners are just not willing to acknowledge the dark painful reality. Andre Vltchek already said everything about this disturbing fact:


Strange dictatorship which put Leopoldo López under house arrest, who, after the electoral defeat in 2012, went to the streets, in public rallies, and openly appealed to violence against the government and invited his followers to “not wait another 6 years” (of Maduro’s democratic mandate), but rather carry out crimes against the government and the nation! The same Leopoldo López who, in 2002, led the criminal act of invading the Cuban Embassy during the brief and failed coup against Chávez!

(documentary about the attack against the Cuban Embassy, only available in Spanish)

Yet, most westerners accept all this dark comedy, dumb sheep-like humans!

They accept it. They buy it. They swallow it. They cry for non-victims of crimes not committed by the Venezuelan government.


But they do not cry when Chilean women, victims of the dictator injected by the United States in Chile, get electric shocks on their vaginas and nipples!

They don’t cry when Iraqi women are raped in front of their husbands.

They don’t cry when Afghan civilians are shot to death by some psychopath US soldiers, just for the fun of it.

They do not cry for 12-year-old children indefinitely imprisoned in Guantánamo, in total violation of international laws and in total disregard for the human dignity of those children illegally abducted by the US machine of global terror!

They do not cry when 10-year-old girls are sold to Saudi pedophiles in Turkish markets, as a result of Western aggression on Syria!

They do not cry watching Africans being literally sold as slaves in Libyan slave markets, a country that used to be the richest and most developed African state, with a magnificent welfare state, before the French Terrorist Army and the British Terrorist Army came and raped Libya.

They do not cry when Syrian homosexuals are thrown from the top of buildings by the terrorist “opposition” funded by western tax-payers.

They do not cry when hundreds of thousands of human beings in Papua (Indonesia) and millions of human beings in Congo are being slaughtered in the name of Wild Western Capitalism.

No, I’m not accusing! I’m stating facts! Human being right now chased like wild pigs, shot dead, massacred by Indonesian genocidal forces, so Australian, European and US companies can continue to plunder Papua in total impunity!

Western sheep-like humans, if they believe themselves to be true humanists, they should be fully aware of all these crimes. But they aren’t

They are never aware of the most grotesque crimes being committed by the West, all over the planet, at any given time,

They are always too busy crying for West-sponsor aggressors and too busy blaming the victims.

They are always too busy crying for nonexistent victims and crimes fabricated by:

– National Endowment for Democracy;

– Council on Foreign Relations;

– Albert Einstein Institute;

– Freedom House;

– International Republican Institute;

– National Democratic Institute;

– Hoover Institution;

– American Enterprise Institute;

  • Etc.

Worst: most westerners never heard about these “regime change” organizations I just mentioned, the reason why I insist to call them sheep-like humans.


No way. They submissively and obediently cry for the terrorist Leopoldo López under house arrest in a luxury house, after having committed crimes which, if he had committed them in the United States, he would have ended up on an electric chair!

For them, Venezuela is a “dictatorship”, but not France!

The French regime can hurt hundreds of protesters, and savagely beat them up, because Yellow Vests are all a bunch of hooligans.

But Leopoldo Lopéz and his fellow terrorists in the “opposition” can call for criminal attacks against the Venezuelan “regime”, can burn hospitals, universities or public transportation, and even bomb its police forces, only to be left alone. If the Venezuelan authorities capture them, Venezuela is surely a “dictatorship oppressing peaceful demonstrators”, right? That’s it dear westerners, that’s it! Just as black is white, war is peace, and the sky is green! Baaaaa…

Western sheep-like humans swallow it all and always ask for more. In 2012 they swallowed Leopoldo López, now they swallow Guaidó. Make sure you Western sheep-like humans choke for good with both of them at once:




One of the next parts (of this series) will be exclusively dedicated to Guaidó, The Unknown! For now, I will continue my essay on dictatorship.


Let me think… Dictatorship… Saudi Arabia!

In Saudi Arabia, which does not even have a proper Constitution, and where women have fewer rights than pigs and cows (but “they can finally drive cars”, right dear Western progressive fascists?), and where peaceful protesters like the Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr are beheaded in public squares… there the westerners see no dictatorship at all and, therefore, they do not feel outraged by what the Saudi draconian regime does! Amazing!

Uncle Sam doesn’t tell Western sheep-like humans to be outraged by all the crimes committed by one of the most barbaric, criminal and terrorist states on Earth (after Israel, the US, France and the United Kingdom), so the average Western sheep-like human doesn’t even think about Saudi Arabia. Come on, Uncle Sam has over $400 billion worth of weaponry to sell to Saudi Arabia over the next 10 years! Obedient westerners should go to bed and try to fall asleep counting sheep in a mirror.


Let me think… Dictatorship… Indonesia!

In Indonesia, where millions of communists, atheists and Chinese were killed after the US-sponsored coup d’état in 1965, there, in that astonishing “democracy”, it is illegal to be a communist or an atheist.

There you can find anti-communist museums.

There, left-wing parties cannot participate in the forthcoming elections.

There, right now, the very “democratic” local authorities are burning left-wing literature in public squares.

But westerners, because their Orwellian CNN, BBC, DW and France24 tell them nothing about it, they find no reason to feel outraged! Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing. After all, according to the Western Lying Media, Indonesia is a “normal” country. Absolutely “normal” oppression and “normal” dictatorship, right? Not sure? Read Vltchek:


Let me think… Dictatorship… Brazil!

Dilma Rousseff was unfairly removed from power, through a purely political process (and not legal, since Rousseff was not formally accused of anything). There, a dictatorship was installed, with Temer as president.

Temer was not elected, simply being a member of the clearly minority party called PSDB, one of the parties in the former ruling coalition. How did westerners manage to see “democracy” in a country that, during two years, was ruled by an unelected person whose party had a tiny percentage of popular support? No, seriously, have westerners lost the ability to reason?


Let me think… Dictatorship… USA!

The average westerner loves US, or at least sympathizes with the US.  The average westerner believes in the laughable cliché: “the US is the greatest democracy in the world”.

Oh man, the biggest “democracy” in the world in which Afro-Americans are incarcerated by the millions just for being Afro-Americans; where these very same human beings work literally as slaves in private prisons, so rich owners of European castes can get their economic profits; where these human beings only leave their prisons to go risk their own lives fighting dangerous fires that nobody else dares to fight, being paid 30 cents an hour to do so!

“Democracy” in which one can be indefinitely arrested without formal charge (Patriot Act).

“Democracy” in which citizens are Orwellianly controlled and spied 24/7, everywhere, and in every possible and imaginable way.

“Democracy” in which only billionaires and professional streetwalkers can run for presidency… And so on…  What a lovely democracy!


And, by the way, what about France? Dictatorship? Oppression? Repression? Anything?

I insist, democracy or dictatorship? Sure, Macron was elected, but so was Maduro!

But in France, unarmed and peaceful protesters end up as hundreds of civilians violently injured, bombed or brutally beaten up (read Overthrow the oppressive French regime! and Overthrow the oppressive French regime! – Part 2 or please shut up). Meanwhile, in Venezuela, the wounded ones are policemen and government’s supporters (read Meias-verdades e deturpações ao serviço da mentira manipuladora, unfortunately only available in Portuguese, or please kindly shut up).



No, dear westerners, really, how is it possible to see so little where there’s so much and to see so much where there’s nothing? How is it possible to be so illogical, irrational, biased, naive, confused, stunned, submissive and lamebrained? How is it possible to be indefinitely manipulated by the very same old lies?

No, dear Western anti-journalists, how dare you to show us images of Guaidó expressing himself freely, surrounded by dozens of cameras, microphones and anti-government journalists, and then tell us that, in the Venezuelan “dictatorship”, there’s “repression” and lack of “freedom of expression”?

And what kind of seizures do you suffer from, dear Western sheep-like humans, that prevent you from realizing the absurdity of having BBC, CNN and other Western Media showing you images of Guaidó expressing himself freely, surrounded by dozens of cameras, microphones and anti-government journalists, to then tell you that, in the Venezuelan “dictatorship”, there’s “repression” and lack of “freedom of expression”?

What I would love to see is Shias from Saudi Arabia, or communists from Indonesia, or anti-dictatorship politicians from Thailand, giving public interviews like Guaidó does. And doing it without being whipped, arrested, tortured or beheaded! Do you get it, dear Western sheep-like humans?

Oh boy, what a “repression” they have there in Venezuela! Oh boy, what a lack of freedom of expression they endure there in Venezuela!


 Luis Garcia is a self-made independent writer and traveler, focused on Syria and Venezuela. He also writes about Latin America and the Middle East, and about the propaganda machine of what he calls Western Economic Dictatorship. His articles can be read in English here, in French here and in Portuguese here. Luis Garcia traveled in 55 countries and lived in 10 of them, currently living in Thailand where he works as a teacher. He is also an amateur photographer, with his best photos published here. Please support his work at his Patreon account.


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