VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 4)

venezuela 4

As if this Machiavellian recipe to commit crimes in total impunity hadn’t been used and reused over and over again, and while the victim are always the ones being blamed for the inflicted crimes (Daraa, Syria, 2011; Kiev, Ukraine, 2014 etc.), the US decides to use in Venezuela the very same recipe of:

  • Committing crimes against a weaker state, which, precisely because it is weak and threatened with military invasion by the US, would never commit the crimes they are accused of (it would be suicidal);
  • Ordering the Western Lying Media to manipulate footage and, while showing true images, to completely reverse the narrative (Western Lying Media also do it voluntarily);
  • Hope that the local forces, in the exercise of their duty to contain the imposed violence, will be forced to injure or kill someone, so that the US can obtain the “humanitarian reason” to intervene.
  • If they can’t obtain that “humanitarian reason” to intervene (that is, if local forces do not respond physically to prevent the destruction of public property or even the deaths of police officers, as happened in the Ukraine in 2014), US, Israeli or local snipers will probably receive orders to kill dozens of people (Venezuela 2002, Syria 2011, Ukraine 2014, etc.)

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