71 Bollywood Actors, Writers, appeal to the Nation to vote to defend the very Idea of India!

indian national flag

Our country is known and admired across the world for its enormous diversity, pluralism and the mutual respect that unites millions of Indians in a multi-cultural ethos. This is the idea of India that our freedom movement held high. That is why the modern values of democracy and separation of religion from politics, for which our country’s freedom-fighters fought hard, form the very foundation of our vast society.

Enshrined in the Constitution of India, these central values have unified us as a people, by protecting our diversity. They are guidelines to prevent prejudice and discrimination. This is what makes India great.

In recent years, when there have been attempts by anti-democratic forces to threaten and weaken these founding principles of the Republic of India that is Bharat, many have risen to protect our core values – including students and youth, dalits and minorities, women, writers, artists and countless citizens in various walks of life. We have also witnessed the struggles of farmers, workers and people from underprivileged sections.

Today, each one of us needs to act – as a proud inheritor of this unique civilization and as a citizen of the world’s largest democracy – to unambiguously declare our allegiance to the core values of fraternity, dignity and compassion. Yes, there are conflicts and disagreements amongst us but they can be resolved if we nurture and live by these values.

We appeal to all the people of India, our dear brothers and sisters, to use your power as citizens and as caring human beings to defend our Constitution, and nurture the very idea of India.

Please, pause and think, before you vote.

Mumbai, 23rd April 2019
Shabana Azmi (Actor)
Vijay Krishna Acharya (Filmmaker)
Shubha Mudgal (Musician)
Anusha Khan (Filmmaker)
Mahesh Mathai (Filmmaker)
Ayesha Sayani (Filmmaker)
Aneesh Pradhan (Musician)
Anjum Rajabali (Screenwriter)
Saiwyn Quadras (Screenwriter)
Shellee (Poet)
Sanjay Chouhan (Screenwriter)
Akshat Ghildial (Screenwriter)
Reema Katgi (Filmmaker)
Vetrimaaran (Filmmaker)
Shonali Bose (Filmmaker)
Anand Patwardhan (Filmmaker)
Swara Bhaskar (Actor)
Rasika Dugal (Actor)
Mahesh Dattani (Playwright-Filmmaker)
Urmi Juvekar (Screenwriter)
Gazal Dhaliwal (Screenwriter)
Swanand Kirkire (Lyricist-writer-actor)
Nachiket Patwardhan (Filmmaker-architect)
Rajesh Dubey (Screenwriter)
Kausar Munir (Screenwriter-Lyricist)
Bikas Ranjan Mishra (Filmmaker)
Jayoo Patwardhan (Filmmaker)
Abdullah Khan (Novelist-Screenwriter)
Dharmakirti Sumant (Playwright-Screenwriter)
Jyoti Kapoor (Screenwriter)
Ishita Moitra (Screenwriter)
Deepak Venkatesha (Screenwriter)
Manaswini (Playwright-Screenwriter)
Satyam Tripathy (Screenwriter)
Suman Mukhopadhyay (Filmmaker)
Zaman Habib (Screenwriter-Producer)
Vinod Ranganath (Screenwriter)
Shiv Subhramanyam (Actor)
Aparajita Krishna (Filmmaker)
Atika Chohan (Screenwriter)
Vinay Shukla (Filmmaker)
Maithili Rao (Film Critic)
Vinta Nanda (Screenwriter)
Jagriti Thakur (Screenwriter)
Mandira Shukla (Costume Designer)
Hardik Mehta (Filmmaker)
Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh (Screenwriter)
Gautam Kishanchandani (Casting Director)
Samar Shaikh (Filmmaker)
Sudip Sharma (Screenwriter)
Dhananjay Kumar (Journalist-Screenwriter)
Imteyaz Hussein (Playwright-Screenwriter)
Ravinder Randhawa (Screenwriter)
Ranjit Kapoor (Playwright-Director)
Ranjan Ghosh (Filmmaker)
Pooja Varma (Screenwriter)
Abhijit Mazumdar (Filmmaker)
Dinkar Sharma (Screenwriter)
Avinash Arun (Filmmaker)
Himanshu Sharma (Screenwriter)
Manisha Korde (Screenwriter)
Maheep Dhillon (Producer)
Mazahirr Rahim (Filmmaker)
Salim Arif (Playwright-Director)
Bhavani Iyer (Screenwriter)
Anushree Shukla (Screenwriter)
Debashish Irengbam (Screenwriter-Novelist)
Atul Dubey (Filmmaker)
Suhana Bhatia (Screenwriter)
Tushar Paranjpe (Playwright-Screenwriter)
Petrina D’Rozario-Shetty (Producer)

Dr. Pradnya Daya Pawar,
Anand Wingkar
Urmila Pawar
Sudam Rathod
Avinash Gaikwad
Mangesh Bansod
Subhash Thorat
Chaya Koregaokar
Shafat Khan
Jayant Pawar
Veera Sathidar
Arvind Survade
Pratibha Ahire
Suresh Raghav
Rajanand Suradkar
Maya Pandit
Shyamal Garud
Usha Ambhore
Aashalata Kamble
Mahebub Sayyad
Satyapalsingh Rajput
Veera Rathod
Aadinath Ingole
Dr. Shridhar Pawar
Satish Kalsekar
Vandana Sonalkar
Mangesh Kale
Prakash Ghodke
Anjali Kulkarni,
Dipak Borhade
Santosh Padmakar
Ganesh Vispute
Pravin Bandekar
Prof. Kunda Pramila
Subodh More
Rajiv Deshpande
Uday Narkar


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