Fr. Manoj Nayak, 44 years old, is one of the main leaders of the Kandhamal Survivors’ Association. After the major communal violence in Kandhamal in 2008, he has been involved in relief, rehabilitation, peace building and assisting the victims and survivors in the justice delivery process. During the Kandhamal violence, his house also was attacked and burnt. His family was also victimised. Sangh Parivar criminals put an axe on his fathers neck and forced him to convert to Hinduism.  His village was one of the severely affected villages. 7 people including a priest who was his cousin were murdered during the violence.

One decade of Kandhamal genocide, the largest attack on the Christian community in India is over. On the coming August 25, 2019, activists will be observing Kandhamal Day again to remember the martyrs and to demand justice. It is too important that all those who believe in values of secularism, peace, justice, harmony and equality support the demands of Kandhamal victims and survivors. This is only a request to generate further support to the struggle of the Kandhamal survivors with an objective that `No More Kandhamal Violence Should Take Place, Neither in Kandhamal Nor In Any Other Part Of India’, in a context that there are enough documents to show that Christians are persecuted in every state in India. Unity of all persecuted identities in such situations is a must. Perhaps that can provide some direction for change. Fr. Manoj Nayak has articulated this strongly from that perspective.This interview of Fr. Manoj Nayak was shot by Keyboard Journal. Thanks to Keyboard Journal team for bringing out some important aspects on the Kandhamal genocide.

K.P Sasi is a film maker, writer and cartoonist

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