Just days before the national elections opposition Congress party released tapes of a sting operation which reveales that the ruling BJP and its president Amit Shah played major role in helping corporates and politicians to exchange the devalued notes. According to Congress spoke person Kapil Sibal three series of notes worth 3 Lakh Crores were printed abroad and brought to India in planes to Hindon air base and distributed to corporates and politicians. The exchange was conducted by a special team drawn from officials from all departments and it was headed by BJP chief Amit Shah. Under it, currency from various ministers and business houses were exchanged at a charge of 35 to 40 per cent.

He also released video of Rahul Ratharekar, an employee of cabinet secretariate opening up about the operation. He also showed videos of transanctions being done at Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation godown. He said the biggest scam in India’s history is demonetisation. He said these videos is a testimony to it. He also alleged that Reliance Jio database was used in conducting the transanction. The whole file can be accessed at https://tnn.world/

In spite of the importance of the revelations, although most of the TV channels were live telecasting the press conference, they took it off air as soon as the sting videos started being played.

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