Irwin Jerome – Julian Assange: A Scapegoat For History’s Violent Male Aggression

male aggression

Historically, the masculine ideological world view – professed by politicians of both gender’s, their counterparts in the corporate and military world’s and all those citizenry who support them – have dominated the evolution of human civilization in both war and peacetime; life on Earth an endless ruthless, violent, aggressive Game of Thrones.

Because of this raw, unaddressed male violence and aggression throughout history, Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning will be charged with treason for ostensibly stabbing America in  the back and subjected to the propaganda of a state trial in the United States that will be every-bit the equal of any historical trial ever held in the communist world. But…….

traitor america

It’s Not Treason! It’s Called Freedom of The Press!

However, what definitely won’t be put on trial is an ancient way of seeing the world and those male and female humans responsible for seeing the same way that has created an endless litany of human and planetary disasters and human crises, whether they be: the many modern wars that have been waged In places like Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Libya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, the whole of Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America, or; the violent ravages of climate change, global warming, population explosion, an unsustainable, liveable way of life for all forms of life, while perpetuating the constant potential threat to the entire planet of a sudden global nuclear winter brought on by some monstrouly insane, idiotic nuclear clash.

Historically, little of Mother Earth’s feminine energies have been able to make any real impact or inroads upon this dominant masculine-male world viewpoint to affect a different kind of outcome to all these crises, which remain part and parcel of the world’s whole ball of wax as it still exists in the 21st century. Reconfiguring this ball of wax isn’t a simple matter of politically deciding the single question, “Is Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Eric Snowden or any other real patriot guilty of treasonable actions?”

Those who should end up being put on trial are the one’s who refuse to admit to, while continuing to perpetrate, the modern, masculine-dominated human civilization that is guilty of causing the wholesale destruction and deterioration to all forms of life on the planet brought on by the untold cuts of a hundred thousand knives.

Those corporate-militaristic-minded politicians repeatedly elected to hold the reins of power at whatever level of government in the world, seldom pay much real notice to basically what many women, indigenous peoples and the youth all may think, feel or say about the overall dubious health of our Mother Earth, and the alternative solutions they have to offer to address her health and healing processes.

It all starts with how one sees the world. One way of looking is based upon respectful relationships and kinship with Mother Earth, where everything upon her and within her is a relation to one another, as that between a mother and her children; hence the traditional expression All My Relations is commonly used to acknowledge this emotional and spiritual connectedness and relationship to one another. The opposite way of seeing the world is one that lacks meaningful relationships and mutual connectedness with Mother Earth and all her children, where incompatibility, alienation, estrangement, violence and aggression dominate.

Those like Assange, Snowden, Manning and others will eventually be run through a showcase kangaroo court, with all the TV cameras and Iphones whirling and tweeting away; the world on the edge of its seats, listening to a veritable litany of platitudes, promises and lip service paid to the need for justice to be served, or the tenets of democracy to be upheld and protected from all the haters and evils of the world. But how much attention will be given to the need for the male corporate-military-political rulers to take stronger, tougher actions towards matters like: creating non-violent, peace-oriented academies in every country; immedately eliminate all nuclear weapons that threaten the continued existence of all life on earth, or; eliminate all the human causes responsible for apocalyptic climate change and global warming?

The youth of the world already have begun to march out of their classrooms to hold weekly Friday’s 4 Climate rallies in front of parliaments and government offices to demonstrate their sense of frustration and urgency to the deteriorating state of Mother Earth, and the questions it raises about the future questionable survival of all of life unless the whole ball of wax is seriously re-configured. But will even more youth, and now even all their mothers and fathers, join them once America’s state trial of the century begins to spin its evil web of propaganda?

Bio Note: Jerome Irwin is a freelance writer-activist who, for decades has sought to call world attention to problems of sustainability, excessive corporate-development and the resulting horrors of such everyday realities like: traffic gridlock, loss of single family neighbourhoods and; host of related environmental-ecological-spiritual issues and concerns that exist between the conflicting philosophies and world views of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

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