Maradona fined! Crime? Dedicating Victory to Maduro


Diego Maradona, one of the most influential players in history and universally known for his leftist political stances, has been fined for dedicating a recent victory by his Mexican club to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Mexico’s football federation informed the decision on Monday.

During dedicating the win, Maradona had said he was dedicating the victory to Maduro and to all of Venezuela caught up in an economic crisis. He also criticized U.S. President Donald Trump. Maradona also indicated the U.S. as “sheriffs of the world”.

The Argentine great football star had dedicated a 3-2 win over Tampico Madero to Maduro and Venezuela in a news conference at the end of last month.

Mexico’s football federation said in a statement that Maradona had been fined an unspecified sum for violating the federation’s code of ethics, which mandates political neutrality.

Maradona expressed his support in a message before he answered questions from Mexican journalists during a press conference at the Tamaulipas stadium.

In August 2017, Maradona brought his support to Venezuela and said he was ready to get “dressed a soldier” and fight “against imperialism.”

Maradona said in the press conference: “I want to dedicate this triumph to Nicolas Maduro and to all Venezuelans who are suffering.” “The sheriffs of the world — who are those Yankees? Just because they have the biggest bombs in the world they think they are so much more advanced than us. No, they are not.”

Dorados de Sinaloa won 3-2 over the Tampico Madero. Maradona is the technical director of the team – Dorados de Sinaloa since September 2018.

“We don’t buy that ‘chirolita’ they have as president,” added Maradona referring to an Argentine ventriloquist puppet famous in the 1970s that resembles U.S. President Donald Trump and was famous for its rogue, childish personality.

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) said in a statement on Monday that Maradona was going to be fined because he had violated articles 7 and 11 of its ethics code.

Article 7 urges members of Mexico’s football federation to stay neutral on political and religious matters and Article 11 warns them against behavior that might be detrimental to the sport and fair play.

Since January, the U.S. and its allies are trying unsuccessfully to replace Venezuelan President Maduro with their proxy war leader Juan Guiado.

President Donald Trump began his soft coup attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after taking office in 2017.

The U.S. president is implementing a growing list of economic sanctions on Venezuela and its people that have cost the Latin American country billions of dollars.

Last year, in early-July, after the presidential election in Mexico, Maradona said despite their defeat against Brazil, Mexicans were rising Latin America’s morale with the landslide victory they handed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“He finally won the elections in Mexico and truth is he made us all very happy, especially after the last [elections] in which they practically stole him the presidency,” Maradona said during his show De la mano del Diez on teleSUR.

Maradona had a strong friendship with Fidel Castro, who he says saved his life during his most difficult times with drug abuse, and with the late Hugo Chavez.

Maradona said Lopez Obrador’s victory means the Latin American people are “alive.”

Maradona hoped that, after this, Lula comes back to the office of President in Brazil and that there is a new “Argentinian explosion” in his home country.


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