When the womb opens
And bleeds again
Irregular, untimely
This cleansing, purging
Rumbling, pouring
Not an end
To a natural cycle
Can you know?
What your tantrums
Torture and turns does
Fear churns out
Its own poison
And blood gushes out
To release the tension
It’s a considerate moment
When, for a second
You are shaken
So you say
Seal its mouth
With a cotton wad
And pack
Your agony in

Preeti Tej Singh has written two books of poetry. The first was called ‘I’ . The second book is called Simantini (Boundless). She blogs at https://preetisinghpoetry.blogspot.com/

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  1. Avatar David Kennedy says:

    This is as powerful as it is courageous. The poet has a gift for simple, telling, expression largely uncluttered by punctuation, resulting in an intensity of feeling.