Right to Vote demand by Cows


We the Wonderful Cows of India
With a population of 19 crore
Worshipped in the name of Gau Matas
Do not have rights of our own

Despite being provided with Aadhaar card
And being upgraded to that of a divine symbol
We do not have right to vote
In a regime which is cow friendly

At a time, when we should be getting ministerial positions
Including the governance of the country
We lack even basic right to vote
This is a pure hypocrisy in the name of cow friendly Government

Despite so much talk of Cow
And initiation of Cow Ministry
We are denied this right
At a time when we could have decided the electoral fortunes of the country

At the crucial moment in cow history of India
When we have been brought to centre-stage of politics
We demand a role in governance in the country
And basic right to vote

When we have gained citizenship through Aadhaar card
We demand basic citizenship rights as guaranteed by the constitution
And here we demand
Universal Cow franchise in the country that is Bhaarat

Long Live Cow unity

TH Sreerama is a Poet and retired from Central Warehousing Corporation

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