Some wonderful reasons for voting back the Government to Power

modi demonetisation

Ache din denied

Antinational population widened

Banks weakened

Bethi Bachao Beti Padao undermined

Beef discourse brought in to shape discourse on food habits

Bhakt culture promoted

Big corporates let out – malya and modi

Black Money brought in and 15 lakh deposited to Bank account

Casteist (manuwadi) forces brought in

Chowkidaar of rich and powerful created

Communal incidents created

Constitution threatened

Corruption unaddressed with inaction on lokpal and lokayukta

Cow Mata worshipped

Demonetisation drama created at the click of mouth

Democracy turned to joke

Dictatorship of Individual opened up

Equity issues pushed to background

Education saffronised and privatised

Employment issues trivialised – pakoda, paan ki dukaan

Environmental violations speeded up

Fake news promoted

God personified PM created

GST havoc created

Hatred encouraged

History rewritten

India push towards Hindu rashtra laid

Informal economy harmed

Interrogation unpermitted

Intolerance increased

IT cell utilised for spreading divisive thinking

Justice denied to victims of hatred

Job losses achieved

Killing spree of Rationalists and suspects of Beef eating justified

Love jihad idea propagated to divide religious communities

Lynchings instigated

Media MODIfied

Nationalists and Anti-nationalists identified and certificates issued

Objectivity lost through propagating unverified fake Science

Othering of marginal groups and opponents peaked

Pakistanti branding increased with threat of ‘Go to Pakistan’

Parochialism rationalised

Questioning treated as anti national act

Rationalism lost

Secularism threatened

Trollers followed and treated as National Warriors

Universities and centres of intellectual dissent targeted

Voices of RSS and Hindutva mainstreamed

Wasteful expenditure – Public Relation exercises, Propaganda and publicity, Statues peaked

Whaatsapp university promoted

Xenophobia promoted

Xeroxing old schemes in new names and publicising increased

Youth religious radicalisation increased

Zero tolerance for opponents witnessed

T Navin is a social activist

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