The Cursing Sants of Bharatiya Janata Party

Sakshi Maharaj54522
Sakshi Maharaj

Be careful while criticising the Government. Of course you will be anti-national if you do so. But now it is more than that. Now you have to face the cursing Sants. The Sants of BJP through their deep penance and meditation in the Himalayas have acquired some special powers. Gods impressed by their deep tapasya appeared before them and inquired what these sants want. The Sants requested for special powers to curse the political opponents. The Gods said Tatasthu and gave them these powers. With these powers, once these Sants splash water from the kamandal on you and say ‘main tumhe shaap deta hoo’, you will become a victim of their shaap.

Be careful political opponents. The Sants are there to curse you. It is ATC (Any time Curse), if you dare to criticize them. You will attract it anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget that Sakshi Maharaj threatened to curse of consequences recently. Sadhvi Pragya’s curse had resulted in assassination of ATS chief.

You know it is because of their abilities to curse, that BJP is recruiting more and more Sants into the Party and even offering them Ministries. There is no need to face the opposition politically. There are the Sants, who can do it very easily. They will take out kamandal, drop droplets of water into their hands and splash it on the opponents. Shaap is given. With this, things automatically fall into place.

The Cursing Sants are the new generation political leaders. They acquire ‘power’ through the ‘power of curse’. No need for campaigning, political speeches, rallies, election agenda, talking of issues of public concern, manifesto etc. The Curse will do all the trick for them.

Once you elect these cursing sants, they will transfer this special knowledge to their voters in their respective constituencies. Imagine the voters having acquired this knowledge witness a change in their day to day life. In a family, members fighting for control over TV Remote for viewing particular serials – the members start cursing each other of consequences if TV remote is not handed over to the other. In a shopping mall, the Shop owner curses the visitor to the shop of consequences, if a particular item is not purchased at an inflated price. A factory owner curses the worker of consequences if he does not agree to wages below minimum wages act. The big corporates curse the smaller enterprises to vacate their spaces, so that they can monopolise business. The fugitives (Malya, Modi) curse the Government of consequences if they go ahead with criminal proceedings. There will be many such areas.

Ok let’s leave it and not over-imagine the things. But be careful while criticising the Government, particularly the Sants. The Sants are there with their ‘power of curse’. They can curse you anytime, anywhere. They can do a lot of damage.

Just wait and watch and be careful.

Issued in Public Interest

Association for protection from Curse of Sants

Curse Victim

Jayashubha is a Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry and interested in Social and Political issues


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