VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 5)


Freedom of expression and propaganda

Let us begin with pathetic propaganda that only very well indoctrinated Western sheep-like humans can swallow: Nicolás Maduro threatens to kill US troops if they invade Venezuela!

What a simplistic propaganda, only for those who really have lost the ability to reason, isn’t it?

First of all, why manipulate the reader’s emotions with an intentionally poorly chosen picture, showing an upsetand mad Maduro, so that the (fallacious) idea of a crazy man can be injected in people’s minds? Those that are supposedly right and are the owners of the absolute truth, should not need to use such low blows!

Second: really? Do you want me to accept that, if the criminal and terrorist US invades yet another country, we must blame the victim (Venezuela) and not the aggressor (USA), in case they kill enemy soldiers? Come on, if that happens, it will only be a natural consequence of the imperial aggression against Venezuela!

Yes, they will die! More the better! All of them, if possible! And it will not only be the Venezuelan military forces that will resist and kill the aggressors, but also an entire nation proud of its sovereignty, in love with its freedom, well informed and fully committed!

What a hell, how can “journalists” change the timeline of events like they just did here, voluntarily inverting the natural order of (criminal) action first and (legitimate) reaction later? They are just trying to create one more simplistic and fallacious reason to denigrate Maduro! And westerners buy it!

Dear Western “journalists”, why don’t you try do the same about World War II and start blaming half of Europe for having killed the Nazi invaders?

Why don’t you try do the same and blame Vietnam or Laos for having been savagely destroyed and slaughtered by the United States?

Why don’t you try blame the Africans for having been enslaved, traded and killed by the Portuguese or the British?


More propaganda. What can we say about the cheap silly propaganda produced by those who have lost the ability to reason and dare to call “dictatorship” to one of the most democratic nations on Earth? And that dare to disrespect the democratic electoral process (read: popular will)? And that don’t know how to add and subtract two-digit numbers? There’s no need to say more, just look at the figures (being aware that the Venezuelan elections are among the ones that systematically receive the highest numbers of accredited international observers, including many from the US and the EU, whose observations ever never detected any serious problem):

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