May Day Photo

A day without hatred or fear
a day without prejudice, suspicion
or persecution
a day without being lied to
being swindled
or mislead
a day without bullying, without
abuse, violation
violence or murderous terror
without the trauma of affliction
without humiliation
and without a loss of love.

A day so natural that
the sun rises in the east
over the Cascades
and sets in the west
beyond the Olympics;
the moon appears
in the company of stars or
smiles demurely
between rain-laden clouds.

A day of freedom from want
when abundance is shared and
we and those around us
are not addicted or wasted, hopeless
or enraged against any living being.
A day of freedom of conscience
when respect and human decency
shape our social contract.

A good day, yes,
followed by a good night
peaceful and safe to rest with-
out nightmares psychological
in the convoluted and infected
knots of memory
or politically
in the convulsive and
deadlocked polarities of distrust.

A day when together
none of us
is being consumed by shadows
no one of us
devoured by ignorance.
But a good day for the having
when we talk openly, face
to face with people who are
welcome and esteemed: in the
ordinary of mutual recognition
in the democracy of existence
and the common good of a
shared and common day.
A holiday!

Ripe for the prosperity of appreciation
for joyous repentance
overcoming history and
the wrong culture of denial
in solidarity, in plain simplicity
simply a good day for being here.

As we say:
A good day to be alive.

David Sparenberg is a writer from USA
May Day 2019


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