Can Modi Sarkar allay the fears of Indians?

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There is not a single human being out there who do not want to feel secure about his/her faith, race, ethnicity, culture, and other uniqueness. Indians are no different.

The 2019 election not only has shaken a majority of the Indians, but it even surprised the winners with the landslide referendum the Indians gave them. The results have created anxieties among the Indians. There are those who are worried about the future of the nation and what will happen to its well-knit social fabric, a thousand-year-old sabhyata of pluralism. Then, are others who are celebrating the unchecked power the public has bestowed on them.

We hope that the Hindu, Dalit, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Adivasi, Parsees, Bahai, Jewish and other Indian communities can work together to shape the future of India for the common good of all Indians with prejudice towards none.    Every Indian should feel secure about his or her uniqueness. No one should fear the other, that is an ideal society.

Indeed, Rajagopalachari, India’s last governor-general articulated such a society. He said he would like to see an India where a single woman can walk the streets of Madras, day or night without fear or apprehension and reach home safely from her workplace or the shop. Is this the India you want?  Do you want India to be a free nation where you can eat, drink, wear, or believe whatever you wish?

When you manufacture an imaginary enemy and frighten the public, the public falls for the fake security offered by the creator of such fear without even questioning the veracity of such an assertion.  In the name of security, Trump and Modi have succeeded in making their respective citizens believe in a Ravana (Villain) that isn’t there.  Who gains from this but the men who are power hungry?

I hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi will allay the apprehensions of fellow Indians about the future of the country. There are sixteen points he can address.

The following possibilities are on the horizon- if you are serious, I’ll share the full version of this speech at or speak about it in a public forum.

  1. Goodbye to the constitution of India. Hindu Rashtra is not a problem if it means respecting all humans and providing equal access and opportunity to all, not just the members of politburo but all Indians.  Although the Prime Minister bowed to the constitution, his minions are talking about tearing it apart. What is the truth?


  1. Goodbye to your freedom.If you speak out or criticize the policies and practices of the government, you are labeled anti-national. They want you to shut up, no matter what they do. If you speak up, they will unleash their extremists on you to harass and even kill.


  1. Corruption will rock the nation. All the government contracts will go to Modi’s friends. In turn, they will fund Modi’s campaigns. No bids and no accountability, and they get the deals.  Modi receives his share of the bribe indirectly through contributions to his campaigns. Modi has claimed that he is fakir (mendicant) and does not need anything, really?  Controlling others is the biggest gain for men who wish to control others.
  2. Farmers don’t get the break from debts, but Modi’s billionaire friends do.


  1. Pushing Dalits out into ditches. Reservation for Dalits was the right thing, and the time has come to restore justice to all Indians.


  1. Lynching Muslims will increase on an unprecedented level. Within two days of the election, two men were severely beaten.


  1. Christians and Sikhs will be harassed, stories of raping nuns will continue, is there hope for Indians to feel secure?


  1. Farmer’s will go through serious difficulties- hungry cattle will eat their crops. What can they do except bear the loss, the notion that poor get poorer holds good?


  1. Ethnic cleansing in NE India. What a shame that Modi wants to absorb Hindu immigrants but not others. Does Hinduism teach that?  The answer is no; the moderate Hindus need to speak up to be fair and just.


  1. Legalized child marriage is coming up, placing an extraordinary burden on teen mothers who will cause them to stay away from education.  A literate mother brings prosperity to the nation.


  1. Amit Shah said, they will rule for 50 years, does that mean no election?


  1. Whom you love will be dictated by the government.


  1. Modi is afraid of the Journalists to answer tough questions. Will he continue to hide and run from great journalists?


  1. The country is facing the highest unemployment in 45 years


  1. India will become a socially fractured nation, no one will trust the other, and each one will live in fear, lowering productivity at work, and quality of life at home. That’s what happens when you are obsessed with negativity about fellow Indians.


  1. The rule of law is a significant reason for the prosperity of a nation. Investors will back out of India if they don’t feel secure about their investments. It will hurt every Indian that has prospered in the last two decades. It has happened to South Africa, and it could happen to India.


I hope Mr. Modi assures Indians that he respects every Indian.  Can we count on him to speak up when an Indian is harassed, lynched, raped, or beaten up by another Indian?

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Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. He is the founder and president of the Center for Pluralism with a mission to open people’s hearts and minds towards each other. Twitter @MikeGhouse, Mike’s profile-


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