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If the US administration had an unlikely and remote interest on humanitarian aid, instead of providing Saudi Arabia with weapons and military assistance used to destroy Yemen, the US and its client states should punish Saudi Arabia with harsh sanctions and embargoes (instead of Venezuela)

If the US administration had a minimum concern about human life, the US would not allow (let alone help, has it does) Saudi Arabia destroy Yemeni harbors and Yemeni airports in which could arrive the food and medicines necessary to stop the imminent genocide (by starvation) of millions of Yemenis.

If the US administration does not care about the many thousands of Yemenis killed with US weapons and the many thousands of Yemenis killed by the Saudi blockade on Yemen (implemented with the use of US weapons), there’s no logical argument to make any reasonable being believe the US somehow cares about starving Venezuelans.

The problem is: there are many people who have lost the ability to reason!

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