VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 14)


False Humanitarian Aid has been used to promote violence in synchrony with violent and criminal “opposition” funded with dozens of millions of US dollars.

Violence is incredibly common in Venezuela but not has the West portrays it. The West never reports crimes like the one that happened a few days ago, when a Venezuelan policeman was shot dead in the streets of Caracas. What is the percentage of acts of violence with US dollars behind it? Surely high, Eva Golinger and other researchers already proved. But who cares about real facts and real reality in the West, right?

There is more than enough data to prove the US has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars in South America alone. A good part has been spent in illegal US interventions and interferences in Venezuelan, invested in NGOs, civil society organizations, criminal organizations, movements like Súmate [meaning: “get lost” Maduro], new political parties and so on, to create anti-socialism dissent and foment “regime changes” recurring to extremely violence (call it “terrorism”) and even coup attempts.

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