Ch. Kondeswara Rao Passes Away


Ch. Kondeswara Rao  was an active leader of Andhra Pradesh Teachers’ Federation (APTF), one of the oldest and leading organizations of teachers, with a progressive outlook,  and  worked in it in several capacities  for decades. For several years, he was the AP State President, before bifurcation of the State. And he was, for several years, the Editor of Upadhyaaya Pragati (Teachers’ Progress), the Monthly magazine of APTF.

Post- retirement as a school  teacher, he extended his field of work, worked in other fields, and was the Organizing Secretary of  Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights (OPDR),AP. In that capacity, he travelled to places, and worked in defence of rights of people, in particular  adivasi and other poor peasants and workers. He was also the Vice President of AP unit of ICFA. He was an active leader in various fields for about four decades.   

Press Release

We regret to inform that Comrade Ch. Kondeswara Rao, a communist revolutionary who was a leading functionary of the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation as well as of the Organization for the Protection of Democratic Rights (OPDR), is no more. He passed away after a short illness and hospitalization in the afternoon of 17-06-2019 at Vijayawada. He was 89 years old at the time of his death.

His end came just a few days after the passing away of his wife Smt. Ch. Raghavamma, on the 12th of June 2019, at the age of 85, after a prolonged illness. She herself was ideologically and politically wedded to the cause of Peoples Democratic Revolution and Socialism and Communism in the country. Hence not only did she share her life with comrade Kondeswara Rao for decades, but was also a source of support and inspiration to him in his activities as a communist revolutionary and a democrat.

We offer our condolences to all the family members of the departed comrades Kondeswara Rao and Raghavamma in this hour of grief.

Comrade Kondeswara Rao was born in June 1930 and hailed from the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. He had studied Hindi literature and was a Sahitya Visharada and Sahitya Parangath, which is equivalent to a Post Graduation in Hindi literature. He was a teacher of Hindi by profession for a long period from 1951 till he retired in 1988.

He was deeply influenced by the Communist Revolutionary movement and the UCCRI(ML) led by the comrades Devulapalli Venkateswara Rao and Tarimala Nagi Reddy. He opposed the disruptive forces which raised their head in the UCCRI(ML) in the year 1981 and continued his association with the UCCRI(ML) under the leadership of Comrade DV.

He continued his association with the UCCRI(ML) literally till his last breath. He was an avid reader of the communist revolutionary literature and journals and keenly followed the progress of the struggles led by the communist revolutionaries.

He was an important leader of the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation (APTF). He played a key role in the revival of the APTF under the leadership of Shri. M. BalaKrishnamma after the movement suffered a setback due to the activity of the disruptive forces. We can understand the significance of his role at a crucial stage in the APTF from the fact that the APTF continues its activities as a leading Teachers Organization to this day.

Comrade Kondeswara Rao was at the forefront of the movement for the protection of democratic rights. As a leading functionary of the OPDR he was at the forefront of its activities, particularly in defence of the struggles of the rural poor in the various districts of the united Andhra Pradesh State.

He was also associated with the India China Friendship Association (ICFA) which was and is working for friendly relations between the peoples of the two countries.

He endeared himself to the various strata of the people whose struggles he championed as well as to the rank and file of the various organizations he was associated with, by his firm convictions, strong will, unflagging energy and devotion and passion for the communist revolutionary cause as well as the various democratic struggles. These fighting qualities were a constant feature all through his life.

Communist revolutionaries will continue to draw inspiration from the decades-long work of comrade Ch. Kondeswara Rao for the communist revolutionary cause and democratic struggles and redouble their efforts to achieve the Peoples’ Democratic Revolution in our country so as to pave the way for the dawn of Socialism and Communism in our country.

Date: 18-06-2019

Vinod , Secretary, UCCRI(ML)


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