Pulverizing The Persecutors: The Mamata Path

mamata banerjee

Eid, 5 June 2019- The Day of Breaking Fast

Scene 1

In Communist ruled Kerala, a young Christian man, Sajan Abraham, gets charged with the crime of promoting enmity between different groups under Section 153A. “Don’t you drink cow’s milk?” Sajan asked in the middle of an argument with a Hindu Nazi. The stupidity of Sajan for debating with a fascist may be forgivable but not the cowardice of Pinarayi’s police.

Scene 2

In Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal, told a gathering of Muslims who were offering namaz on Eid that “There is nothing to be scared of… Remember, you are dead if you are scared”. Crucially she did not stop by asking the Muslim brethren to be brave; rather, she went on an offensive against the enemies of humanity, asked them to be scared, in their own Hindi. “Jo humse takraega wo choor choor ho jaega. Ye hamara slogan hai”. (Whoever messes with us will be pulverized. This is our slogan).

The Day of Resurrection

If May 23rd has unsettled South Asia for years to come, June 5th has settled who would take on the persecutors head on. There is only one path left to fighting Hindu Nazism – the Mamata Path.

‘Mamata’ means motherly love. Love is both fierce and tender. Where Rahul Gandhi speaks of defeating Hindu Nazism with love, he misses the former. A mother buffalo, protecting her calf from a lion, is the fiercest destroyer, even of enemies stronger than her. This is the rational kernel of Mamata path. When you fight like a mother, who would go to any extent to protect her child, you can even defeat enemies stronger than you. Mamata is the mother figure of anti-fascism, who would defeat her mightier enemies- the father figures of fascism.

The only reason most leftists and liberals refuse to recognize her as the greatest anti-fascist fighter of South Asia is that she reminds them of their incomparably chilled pusillanimity. Each of her daring acts exposes not only their incurable cowardice but also their hyperconscious complicity. They seem to be even worried that the more she decisively takes on the fascists, their utter lack of conviction and courage would be further exposed. She shows resistance is still possible and it works.

Mamata has transformed the Eid of 2019 from the day of breaking fast to the day of resurrection of South Asian Muslims; yes, an anticipatory resurrection from the Hindu Nazi-guaranteed future of ‘life unworthy of life’ (untermensch).


There are leaders and there are historical leaders. Mamata is the historical leader of anti-fascist South Asia. She is the spectre that haunts fascist Hindia. Marxists to Maoists to liberals, in other words the politburo pujaris of all hues, have come together to see her defeated. They have even collaborated with the enemy in order to do this. Their slogan in Bengal is “Ebar Ram, Pore Bam” (this time Ram, later left). Jangal Mahal has turned out to be the epicentre of BJP, neither Maoists nor Marxists could prevent it, despite their deep roots and history in the region. It teaches that fighting imagined enemies than the actual enemy of brahminism is the surest guarantee that aryan supremacism in its latest avatar of Hindu Nazism will prevail.

But a historical leader such as Mamata will not be defeated as long as her historical mission is alive. Historical leaders are not great leaders chosen by history, rather they are leaders carrying forward a historical mission while other leaders fail to even recognize those tasks (though not necessarily because of any individual limits). There are rare moments in history in which a zeitgeist, multitudes and a movement synthesize onto one person: this is one such a moment in which the anti-fascist spirit, the persecuted peoples under Hindu Nazism, and the anti-fascist movement have fused onto one historical leader, Mamata. Mamata is the path. She is the last anti-fascist leader standing, in full might of a revolutionary who would fight to death but will not give an inch to the enemies of humanity.

Following the Hindu Nazist recapture of Indian state by electoral means, aided and abetted by the old guard in Congress and the unparliamentary left, the entire opposition, from Rahul to Mayawati to Akhilesh to Tejashwi to Yechuri genuflected and quietly withdrew to their premature death while Mamata, the small voice of history, has come to occupy, quite deservingly, the center stage. History did look kindly on the martyrs who died fighting the German Nazis, compared to the contempt it had reserved for those who blunted their attacks, calculated their opportunities and eventually quietly surrendered. Future history will look to Mamata as the only one who stood against the tide irrespective of whether she could turn it or not.

Street fighting the Fascist Forces

Before she officially declared ‘the will to fight back’ fascists on May 23rd, there were three distinctive encounters that decisively validated her status as the greatest anti-fascist fighter of South Asia.

At first, in the first week of May, during an election campaign, she stopped the Hindu Nazi sloganeering of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ without being bothered about her election prospects. Second, on May 30th, she went to Naihati and fearlessly took back a party office occupied by the fascists and painted TMC’s symbol on it. On the way back, again confronted with fascist sloganeers, she stopped her convoy, walked upto the fascists and threatened them with consequences. This is the difference between Mamata and the fascist collaborators who masquerade as leftists and liberals. While a Leftist can quietly resign, unaffected by fascist sloganeering, she cannot, she would not. She would instinctively lose her cool (unlike the left liberals who coolly collaborate and even take pride in it) at the very sight of fascists on the streets. She is surely not a Ramachandra Guha who would want Muslims to dress up like him, for, according to him, skullcap resembles the trishul. She is surely not a Pratap Bhanu Mehta either who, despite being a social scientist, can only find “two words, Narendra Modi”, to explain the triumph of Hindu Nazism.

Her aggressive reaction to Jai Sri Ram sloganeering is not counterproductive as apolitical lumpen bhadralok intellectuals like Aparna Sen (pretend to) think. It is actually the only way to defeat fascists; if fascists are not countered wherever they come out, they are going to march over everywhere. Fascism thrives in a deadlock created by itself. Mamata shows us how to break the deadlock and take the battle to the home of enemies. She is right in saying that sati-loving, fish-hating sanghis are not Bengalis, they are outsiders even if they speak Bangla. For that matter, every nationality should reject fascists among themselves as outsiders. Bahujan nationalism has no place for fascists and all Bahujans shall fight fascists irrespective of their nationalities.

Jai Sri Ram, when shouted in the streets by the supporters of a political-religious party against its opponents, is no longer a religious prayer. It is not a prayer at all. It is a hunter’s call against prey, legitimised by the political religion of Hindu Nazism. It is a call to the symbolic Fuhrer of Hindu Nazis, Ram. Yes there is a spurious division of labour here; while Ram is the figurehead Fuhrer, while Modi functions as a caretaker Fuhrer. The caretaker Fuhrer cannot be defeated unless the reign of the figurehead Fuhrer is challenged.

Mamata Banerjee alone had the political acumen to recognise Jai Sri Ram as a genocidal war cry and the political will to confront it in the streets, in her characteristic street fighter style. Importantly, she did not stop by confronting them on the streets, she rightly warned them that she will go after them, even to their homes. That’s exactly what anti-fascists must do – when Hindu Nazis come out to the streets, we have to go after them, preventing their easy return to the safety of their homes after turning streets after streets to lynchpans.

We have a glorious history of Periyar, Ambedkar, Kanshiram and early Mayawati countering the spiritual fascism of Hinduism. But it is Lalu who once actually stopped them on the streets, by arresting Advani himself. By singlehandedly countering the fascist sloganeering on the streets, Mamata too has joined the great league of Bahujan leaders and repeated what our great Bahujan leaders have done in the past, that too against the far more monstrous enemies of Hindu Nazis.

The Coming Catastrophe of Civil War in Bengal

“Where are our tears? Who weeps for the pain?
Where can these families go in the rain?
Jessore Road’s children close their big eyes
Where will we sleep when our father dies?”

(‘September on Jessore Road’, poem by Allen Ginsberg)

The supporters of sati want to send Mamata to Bangladesh via Jessore Road, along with millions of Muslims. They want yet another flood of refugees on Jessore Road. Yet the learned professors of Kolkata pretend they don’t see. Perhaps they hate Muslims and Namashudras more than the Hindu Nazis do.

The Hindu Nazi attempt to push an NRC down the throats of millions of Muslims in West Bengal will inevitably end up in another disastrous partition of Bengal. If NRC Bengal happens, which would render millions of Muslims and Dalits stripped of their citizenship, nothing can stop the Hindus, not just the Upper Castes, from permanently allying with BJP. Anti-fascist politics will be permanently trapped in trying to defend victims against genocidal fascist policies, and mostly failing at it. As long as we are trapped in the politics of defending minorities, BJP would retain their emotional appeal among the Hindu majority.

Mamata’s politics is not politics of unconditional tolerance of fascist crimes. Fascist India is not characterised by intolerance as propagated by left liberals. The real problem with Indian uncivil society is that it has too much tolerance, it even unapologetically tolerates crimes against humanity, and let the persecutors roam around freely, and it then indicts the victims. Mamata has broken this deadlock both by her words and deeds. She acts preemptively and decisively. Only a preemptive fight back can stop the fascist death march. While the Bengali SS (Sonar Savarnas) are collaborating with the Hindu Nazis for yet another bloody partition of Bengal through NRC, she is out there to preemptively defeat the fascist politics. Only by supporting, defending and joining Mamata, we can prevent yet another fascist genocide in the Eastern Front.

If you were in 1930s Germany, you cannot go on finding problems with the Jewish community. It is not that Jews were a perfect community. But one should not involve in the silly business of reforming those who are being marched to their death. Mamata has reiterated that there shall be Muslim appeasement. There shall be minority appeasement. There shall be appeasement of even Upper Castes. Appeasement is not the problem: monopolistic appeasement of the Brahmins and Baniyas is the problem. Democratic governments are supposed to appease different sections of population, right? The critique of neoliberal ideology in India demands that we must demand that state shall appease citizens belonging to all sections of population. That is what Mamata is exactly doing.

No one should fail to notice that Bengali SS (spuriously self-labelled as bhodrolok) opportunism is reaching its political nadir of suicidal neutrality by condoning the Hindu Nazi propaganda of exclusive muslim appeasement. The most outrageous narrative peddled by these leftovers of history, of TMC being the B-team of BJP, has been laid to rest with CPM playing the part unapologetically. Sadly we are no longer in the era of intellectuals like Mahasweta Devi who stood by Mamata as the only formidable force that could defeat the totalitarianism of CPI-M. Oh how she must be turning in her grave seeing leftist opportunists voting for fascists! Could it be that, in light of their waning political fortunes, the Bengali SS have finally recognized in BJP their only possible salvation?

The fact that Mamata is the only possible anti-fascist leader who can unite and create a vital opposition has been recognised astutely by Hindu Nazis as seen in their propaganda video that threatened to send her to Bangladesh via Jessore Road. Those who are keeping quiet, including Maoists who have previously defied Mamata’s political untouchability practiced by Left forces, should take complete moral responsibility for the impending NRC that Hindu Nazis are planning to unleash not just in Bengal but the entire country.

To not throw all possible might behind Mamata would be a cowardly acceptance of such a takeover by murderous fascists. The reality check of electoral results has already delivered a symbolic body blow to the Bahujan masses of the country. We cannot lose any more time in recognising Mamata as the only deserving leader of the anti-fascist fight in South Asia, a bulwark against Hindu Nazi advance in the East. Finer debates on TMC’s ideology will have to wait in the face of such fast-developing genocidal forces. We must reject all suicidal politics lest we end up materialising Mahasweta’s immortal words from Hajar Churashir Maa “Death was the sentence reserved for everyone of them, for all those who had rejected a society of spineless, opportunist time-servers masquerading as artists, writers and intellectuals.” We must not listen to the spineless collaborators of Hindu Nazis who pretend to be Marxist professors. Antifascists from across the world must come to defend Mamata and her government.

The Spanish Civil War Model

Fascism without state power is merely a supremacist ideology and a movement: it cannot materialise itself without (or collusion with) state power. Once fascists have captured the state, they have never been defeated anywhere without the help of state actors; German Nazis were not defeated by the communist movement but the combined military forces of Soviet, American, British and French States. Anti-fascism has never been victorious without state power, if not an actual government in power, at least a government in exile.

In the 1930s, democratic forces including poets, artists, writers, students and militants, from the entire world went to Spain to defend the Republican government from Franco’s fascist forces. They defeated and Franco became one of the most successful dictators in the history of the West, firmly in alliance with Hitler. Despite the defeat, Spanish civil war showed us how and why leftists, communists, anarchists and democrats should come together to defend a government which is under siege by fascists.

All Bahujan, democratic and progressive forces, in the true spirit of anti-fascist south asian internationalism, must come together for the great cause of defending Bengal against fascists. We must protect our historical leader and her government. If we cannot stop the fascist onslaught on the Eastern Front, nothing can stop their consolidation towards the Final Solution.

Let a Hundred Jai Hind Bahinis Bloom

Congress may be dead but not the Trinamool Congress. We do not have to wait for a New Congress to be born, the old guard in Congress is unlikely to allow Rahul Gandhi to do so, and unlike Indira, he has no political will to defeat the old guard. We already have a different Congress, that too not led by a caste successor of the Nehru Family, that is Trinamool Congress.

Jai Hind Bahini is the anti-fascist organisation we all have been looking for. It will resist fascists with all means necessary. We must create a hundred Jai Hind Bahinis across India. Let us go after the jati hindu nazis, with Bahujan ideas and tools. Without war-like preparedness and war-like strategies, we cannot fight the fascists who are hell bent on waging a war against the Bahujan peoples. Let them not feel safe even in their own homes.

Jai Hind Bahini will defend the entire country against Hindu Nazis. Banga Janani Bahini will defend Bengal from the Hindian fascists. We shall not let Sati be restored in Bengal or in the country. We should not let them take fish and beef away from our plates. Mamata should lead the fight against Modi who wants to prevent women from entering the Sabarimala temple, who does not see the rape of Dalit women by Upper Caste men, who loves to make friends with organisers of lynchings and who institutionally murders Bahujan stars like Rohith Vemula and Dr. Payal Tadvi.

If an eye for an eye approach makes the entire world blind, let it be. Better to be blind than dead. Only that when they come for one eye, we must go for both of their eyes.

Let us defend our home lands from Kerala to Tamil Nadu to Andhra to Assam to Orissa to Nagaland to Punjab to Kashmir. If necessary, by all means. Fascism cannot be defeated without the designated victims taking their fate into their own hands. Mamata has taken the fate of herself, her party, her government and her country into her own hands. We too shall emulate the great path of our great leader. We shall take our destiny into our own hands.

Let us persecute the persecutors until they end their obsession with persecution. Mamata Path is the path of unconditionally embracing and protecting the victims of genocidal politics and pulverising the persecutors.




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