Strange D-Day Celebrations:  Mocking the Reasoned History

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  • In the 17th Chapter of the Bible – Saint Luke: it is written:
    The kingdom of God is within man
    Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men; in you, the people.
  • In Al-Qur’an, the Divine revelations make the point:

Your Lord is One….You are a community of nations (Ummah)…. killing one person unjustifiably is equal to killing of the whole of mankind.

D-Day European Events Exclude Russia and other Nations

People of knowledge, thinkers and morally conscientious intellectuals look at history as an embodiment of collective reasoning preserved for learning, change and future-making. Not so, leaders of many advanced Western industrialized nations unlike historians implant their own version of conventional politics to distort the record of history. The metaphor of deceit and concealment of facts appeared clear at many events recently. Those making the media headlines were not the actual participants of the 2nd WW- D-Day but political commentators after the facts of history. There were many reputable leaders and nations excluded from the momentous events of the D-Day in UK and France. Those who planned the events excluded Russia and its leadership from participation. No rationale is given to deny history its rightful place. Russia

(former USSR), was an equal partner with the US-European in fighting against the Nazism and Fascism on several global fronts. The United States, Britain, France could not have defeated the Nazi Germany and Italian Fascism without the help of the then USSR. There were more than two million Arab-Muslim colonized participants fighting against Germany and Fascist Italy. Someone in the planning committee must have strangled the facts and truth of the 2nd World War engagements and outcomes. But Why?

We, the People of the 21st century humanity view history with a critical inborn eye to be certain that we are rational and responsible towards the futuristic generations for our assessment and standing in history-making or history revelations. In spite of all being in the realm of thoughts and facts, there was a deliberate detachment from the presentation of the historic facts. Political truth must be opened to ensure intellectual integrity and fairness. The contradiction covered up by the political presenters but it lives on without any change within the public consciousness. None of the Western leaders seem to have learned any tangible lessons from the dreadful events, planned killings and destruction of the environment caused by the 2nd WW. There is no real verifiable account of the deaths and destruction but many historian estimate somewhere between 40-60 millions innocents people perished during the 2ndWW. Have the Western leaders stopped that insanity after the end of 2nd WW- D-day?  Did any of the participating leaders share a futuristic vision of peace, harmony and unthinking of the war syndrome? The Nazi and Fascist cult of aggressive wars continue to this day. Did the US, Britain, France and others under NATO go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria for peacemaking? If so, who killed the 3 millions Iraqi civilians, one million or so Afghanis and several millions in Syria and madness goes on and …on.  How come these planned massacres were not part of the record of human killings? They all used dogma of force and carpet bombing to deal with situations of diversity and opportunities of peace-making. If knowledge-based imagination and strategies and wisdom were employed, it should have led to critical thinking before hasty and inhuman actions against the poor and vulnerable nations, and not to malignity and tyranny of continuous wars and bloodshed. We are living in a conflicting time zone of political democracy lacking reasoned politics and dialogue for human understanding to co-exist in peace and harmony. Most leaders are self-centered politicians, not people of reason and enlightenment to view the facts of human history.

Since the Sochi Olympics in Russia, there is a planned indifference towards Russia as a reliable partner in global affairs. The G8 no longer include Russia. Strangely enough, despite the ideological contrasts, Stalin actively joined Harry Truman and Churchill to defeat Nazi Germany.  What is the criterion now to oppose Russian participation in global peace-making? Russia is moving forward as a progressive nation opening up its institutions and secret corridors of power. Russian elite speak critically on many issues and political activities/elections are geared for a sustainable future-making. President Putin is a nationalist but also a global leader of vision and change for people-oriented systematic process of democracy. None of the European or Western democracies were evolved in overnight paradox. Russia is growing and making formidable changes in thoughts and political culture. Today Ivan Gulnov (investigative journalist) was freed from fake drug charges. To encourage Russia for dialogue and participation would lead to global peace and enhanced political understanding for conflict resolution.

We, the People and the 2nd World War- A Human Catastrophe, Not a Celebration

The British, French, American and German leaders spoke at the D-Day events in UK, not at the Omaha Beach. None of them ever had first-hand knowledge and experience on a war front. Magnifying philosophical principles of vice and falsehood never change the human character conveying a message of superficial imagery or fictitious appearance of peace, liberty and justice. Realizing the ferocity and horrors of war to a common human mind, one cannot be comfortable at these celebrations. Soldiers and civilians who were crushed to death were not just machines or numbers but living human beings. Wars kill people. Killings cannot be celebrated by rational beings. Martin Kettle (“Britain must not turn its back on the world made possible by D-day” The Guardian: 6/05/2019), observes the inherent discard:

The uneasy relationship between Wednesday’s major commemorations at Portsmouth and those that will take place on Thursday in France illustrates Britain’s change of stance. In recent decades, Normandy has overwhelmingly been the main place to commemorate D-day…… But it is also as though Britain is choosing to reassert a closed-off version of its own national wartime myth alongside – and even in opposition to – the previously more established international one…. Now, though, we have reached a sharp turn in the narrative. Donald Trump’s isolationism and indifference to international institutions such as the EU and Nato mean these will be the most uneasy D-day commemorations for years. And so they ought to be. For Trump represents a defiance of the internationalism and shared interests that marked D-day itself, as well as most of the commemorations over the years. Faced with a president who doesn’t care whether he offends others, it is hard for the collective D-day song to remain the same.

The 2nd World War ended in catastrophic consequences for the mankind throughout the globe. Its ripple effects continue to haunt the inhuman memories compelled by the powerful nations that subjected the humanity in unwarranted battlefields. While transformational leadership was the essence of time and urgent need of the aftermath survival across Europe and elsewhere, those occupying the top elite positions were mostly men of the past – men of king lacking imagination of the future and phenomenon of change and adaptability to global political affairs. All of the major international institutions evolved were led by the similarly indoctrinated ideas and ideology of the past that were initially part of the war-making strategies.  Those hated and feared are seen as problematic in many domains of international institutional work culture.

Global Waking Consciousness – We, the People to Challenge the Global Governance of the Few Extremists

Rational arguments lead to a reasoned platform of moral and intellectual convergence and understanding – how to cope with the challenges of the 21st century issues of war, peace and human survival.

Karl Hillebrand (“German Thought, From The Seven Years’ War To Goethe’s Death” : Six Lectures (1880) p. 207), a 19th century German philosopher and author said it right:

“Men will not understand … that when they fulfil their duties to men, they fulfil thereby God’s commandments; that they are consequently always in the service of God, as long as their actions are moral, and that it is absolutely impossible to serve God otherwise.”

Inadvertent aerial bombings and sectarian rifts causing daily bloodbaths do not appear to change the warmongers. Unpredictable but paranoid and vengeful political monsters have incapacitated the in-born faculties of American lifelines to be a morally and intellectually crippled and more of a redundant nation in global affairs. This was not accidental but a planned scheme of things although unknown in its short-long terms consequences over its ability to cope with the change phenomenon for a sustainable future. America became an insane – a victim of its own obsession with power and fearful of its own future. The planet Earth is not created or built by the imperialist Nation States. The comprehensive system of splendid and encompassed Universe and its resources on the planet Earth are God-given gift to mankind, and its violation and exploitation will be checked by God as it happened to many powerful nations in the past only to be found as artifacts in museums and history books. History offers a learning role but nations and people denying the role of history ultimately cannot escape the wrath of history. Winning the wars was not part of the American aims and strategies but killing and destabilizing the poor nations was, and it has achieved that aim. All actions have reactions. The consequences are yet to come. Aggressive thinking is propagated, echo of peace is silenced. Global peace and security require Men of New Ideas, new Thinking and New Visions. As responsible thinkers and scholar, we must not play with the facts of history and a sustainable future-making for One Humanity. A system of political governance must be embodiment of truth, and a rational history based on facts of human life. Facts in a mathematical order follow one another just like truth follows one another. The facts of history are interwoven with the present and future and nobody should dare to mock the living history.

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution and international affairs with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution: Approaches to Understand the Current Issues and Future-Making. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, October 2017.


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