VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 15)


Violence 2

While in the parallel reality made up by Western MSM “people are oppressed by Maduro’s dictatorship”, in the real world politicians, police forces, military forces and humble civilians (often dark-skinned) who voted for the democratically elected President Maduro are systematically purged. The assassinations and lynchings of pro-Chavistas are continuously committed in pure mafia style.

But let the US-sponsored right-wing organizations commit mafia-like crimes, otherwise prostituted journalists go wild on Venezuela, right?

For those willing to follow real reality and not made up realities, there are always alternatives, such as Telesur English. In Telesur there are coherent human beings highlighting what is wrong with Western MSM:

Western mainstream media outlets have remained silent regarding the violence waged against government supporters, left-wing activists and public servants, which many believe is an attempt to undermine the future of the Chavista movement in the country.

This Venezuelan state-funded news channel (yes, state-funded, so what?) often offers detailed lists of victims of the many campaigns of terror waged by the terrorist opposition. If Western MSM have something to say about those lists, please go on! Tell us what is wrong with the lists (full of pro-government victims).

And if there’s nothing wrong with the lists, why don’t Western Media share them with the Western public?

And if there’s nothing wrong with the lists, why do Western Media keep accusing Maduro of crimes committed by the opposition against Maduro’s supporters and even police forces?

And why don’t westerners pose themselves these kinds of questions?

Probably because most of them have lost the ability to reason!

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