VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 18)

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Sabotaged electric grid

On March 7th, 2019, an alleged cyber attack against Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant (Guris Dam) resulted in a general outage affecting more than 2/3 of Venezuela, mostly in the Western and Central provinces. Without a single piece of evidence, Western MSM immediately started accusing socialism in general, and Maduro’s government in particular, of not “being able to manage a country”. Strange, so well did the Bolivarian governments since 1999, even when it had to deal with US-sponsored oil lockouts and US-made electronic sabotage of their oil industry.. and now, suddenly, we are invited to believe they are no longer able to manage the national power grid? Nonsense! Let’s use our brainpower and try to figure out what really happened!

power outage

Yes, nonsense, otherwise, can someone in the Western MSM explain how did Venezuela recover so fast from the attacks against their electric grid? The grid was attacked on March 7th; on March 9th, power had been restored to most of the country, when a second outage occurred! Once again, Maduro’s government complained about cyberattacks delivered from abroad. How can he blame his government for the outage? One week after the first attack, Venezuela had fully recovered from the electric outage. How can someone accuse Maduro’s government fo being unprofessional?

Furthermore, acts of sabotage are not new in Venezuela. Actually, they have been quite common in Latin American countries whose governments do not knee and do not obey US imperial orders. The US used criminal acts of sabotage on numerous occasions, trying to bend Cubans or successfully capturing Allende’s Chile.

One year prior to this recent power outage, on February 15, 2018, an explosion at Santa Teresa 3 electricity plantleft most of Caracas without electricity. As always, MSM blamed Maduro’s government. Maduro’s government complained they were victims of sabotage coming from abroad.

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