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Photo by MarioGuti / iStock.

The love that you gave me
Was more than what I could handle
For I do not know
How to return your love
So, I placed your love in a fixed deposit
And I do not dare to open the deposit
In the bank of love where I did not belong.
The hatred that you showered on me
Could ignite my energies
It was more easy to handle hate
Rather than returning the expectations of love
For the real love is what one gives
Without any expectations in return.
And when I walk on this thin string between love and hate
I am aware that my feet are still not on the ground.
This walk over the kingdoms of love and hate
Is only an adjustment of a shower between hot and cold water.

K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist and writer


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One Comment

  1. David Kennedy says:

    On the difference between love and hate.
    What do they do to oneself? What may they induce in the objects?
    Can we help ourselves, or are we in the grip of more powerful forces?
    Which part of the brain is involved?
    What is the nature of the bonding between mother-and-child?
    What is the nature of first-love and love-sickness?
    Why do we say “blood is thicker than water” when referring to filial boding?
    Is it true that hatred is more powerful than love?
    Is there any link between these powerful emotions with OBSESSION and ADDICTION?
    And do they not betray some weakness, or lessened objectivity, of the human brain?
    So many questions, where are the answers?

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