Today we will name

The Day of Peace.

And when tomorrow becomes today

The Day of Social Justice.


When the weekend rolls around

first will be The Day of the Council of All Beings

followed by

The Day of Love our Neighbors

along with The Love of Strangers.


To start the new week

Day of Earth First.

Then Day of Trees and Rainbows

and of land and air and water;

a Day to Make Earth Green Again!


In pivotal middle of the week

stands Liberation

celebrating The Day of Dreaming.


It is one thing to say

“Look at me, I’m free!”

But of greater humanity

to live free of The Lie

and the thousands of denials and inner deaths

that accompany lying.

And the betrayal of life.


We think we are successful

and have accomplished all that we need to do

(or will dare)

once we are completely normal.

Normal!  By then

we have forgotten where we came from

and who we once believed we are here to become.

David Sparenberg is a writer from USA


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