Time to Expose Media Manufactured Uprising CIA Terrorists US-NATO Air Strikes On Wealthy Libya

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Libyans in Tripoli are again under siege, anti-imperialists should be encouraged to use this window of topicality to have the public know the truth about the colonial powers’ annihilation of Africa’s most prosperous nation. Let us look back at a peaceful and prosperous Libya, just five weeks before the UN Security Council voted to bomb it. the UN Quality of Life Index of 2010 ranked Libya 53rd highest nation in the world.

As murderous mainstream media allows a window of topicality reporting Libyans in Tripoli again under siege, anti-imperialists should be encouraged to try again to have the public know the truth about the colonial powers’ annihilation of Africa’s most prosperous nation. Euronews describes the present distribution of undemocratic forces in Libya today in ‘Why is the world reluctant to condemn Khalifa Haftar, Libya’s military commander?’ By Rachael Kennedy  last updated 04/07/2019. https://www.euronews.com/2019/07/04/why-is-the-world-reluctant-to-condemn-khalifa-haftar-libya-s-military-commander

  • Libya has an internationally-recognised government — the Government of National Accord (GNA) — that was put together by the UN in 2016 in a bid to stabilize the country after the bloody overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. In April, 75-year-old General Khalifa Haftar ordered his forces toward Tripoli in a bid to topple the GNA and take control of the country. Air strikes, which killed dozens of people, have been blamed on military commander Khalifa Haftar and his self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA). A UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting failed to agree on a statement condemning deadly airstrikes on a migrant detention centre.

Trump appeared to take matters into his own hands in a phone call with Haftar — who has US citizenship — in which he praised his “significant role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya’s oil resources,” a White House statement said. Officials later said the US president had further endorsed the ongoing assault on Tripoli, Bloomberg reported.

This turnaround is said to have caught Trump’s advisors off guard and was also noted that it came just two weeks after his phone call with Haftar’s main allies — Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed.

France has been accused of playing both sides of the conflict. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov maintains that “Moscow is not taking part” in the renewed fighting “in any way” — but Russia also refused to approve a statement calling on Haftar to halt his offensive in early April. Haftar has also been hosted by Russia several times. Turkey and Algeria support the GNA, while Egypt and Saudi Arabia support the LNA.


Let us look back at a peaceful and prosperous Libya, just five weeks before the UN Security Council voted to bomb it, to the first week of February 2011, when the UN Quality of Life Index of 2010 had Libya ranked the 53rd highest nation, ahead of nine European nations (including Russia), a beautiful well kept Arab Socialist country, where everyone owned their own home, enjoyed free and modern health care, free good education up through PhD, a low infant mortality, and the cheapest imaginable gasoline for cars. Citizens were free from exploitation as all wage labor was strictly forbidden in the Libyan constitution of a real decentralized democracy in which everyone participated at the local assemblies level where all issues of state concern were discussed before sending delegates to the central assembly of government in Tripoli. Political parties, or gangs of foreign backed professional politicians, were illegal.

In ‘Gaddafi’s Libya was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy,’ Zimbabwean Garikai Chengu, a fellow at the Du Bois Institute for African Research at Harvard University, writes, “Contrary to popular belief, Libya, which western media described as ‘Gaddafi’s military dictatorship’, was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States,” and describes this in detail. “Even the New York Times, which was always highly critical of Colonel Gaddafi, conceded that in Libya, the intention was that “everyone is involved in every decision. ”Tens of thousands of people take part in local committee meetings to discuss issues and vote on everything from foreign treaties to building schools.” 

CNN, NY Times et al. have never reported that Libya, as opposed to desperately poor Egypt and Yemen, had been enjoying a higher standard of living than nine European nations including Russia. Rather, they continued emphasizing Western media concocted misnomer ‘Arab Spring’ and long term condemnation of Gaddafi over his entire four decades of leadership of Libya and funding the movement for African Union as it Chairman.

For almost as long as Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Gaddafi had been slandered in the world’s monolithic corporate powerful daily news media by innuendo and lies denigrating Gaddafi ever since 1969, when he led the bloodless revolution that replaced a British imposed King with a solid Arab socialist government. Using revenue from the oil that had been previously stolen by Britten and France, Gaddafi brought Libya up from the poorest to the most prosperous nation in Africa, and was building the largest Aquifer ever created. A great underground river was bringing water to Benghazi and greening the desert,  https://anonhq.com/investigative-great-man-made-river-gaddafi-happened/ , until NATO bombs fell. https://humanrightsinvestigations.org/2011/07/27/great-man-made-river-nato-bombs/

Gaddafi had revived Nkruma’s African Union and was funding organizations that were fighting against the genocidal machinations of continuing European exploitation of Africa through financing tribal strife as the colonial powers have always done. Gaddafi was blocking US military’s AFRICON penetration in North Africa. Highly dangerous for the US and European establishment, Libya had begun minting part of the 44 billion US$ in gold held in Libya’s State Bank, threatening the US dollar as world currency.

Gaddafi, whose position officially was Defender of the Revolution, had made himself a greater target of assassination and vilification than Fidel Castro was for the speculative investors in neocolonial plundering who dominate the planet. In addition, Gaddafi, by his recent apology to African leaders on behalf of Arab nations for past Arab involvement in the African slave trade had infuriated extremists in neighboring Arab nations tightly allied with, and serving the foreign policy of Western powers.

Controlled media ridiculed Gaddafi, when he spoke as Chairman of the African Union in his 2009 address to the UN General Assembly. Gaddafi was the first and only delegate to ever to call for investigation of the UN itself for its role in the horrific loss of lives in Palestine and Korea. He demanded that besides those in Vietnam, Iraq, all bombings, invasions and occupations by US NATO forces must be investigated to seek justice and compensation for victims and survivors. Gaddafi bitterly explained the UN Charter’s provisions were all negated by the domination of a ‘Council of Terror’ (Security Council) controlled by the Colonial Powers.

After forty years of building up Gaddafi as a villain and hateful brutal dictator worth assassination even at the cost of a hundred innocent Libyans as in President Reagan’s ordered criminal 1988 airstrike, an abysmally uneducated and diseducated American public and its propagandized allied citizens in Europe, were ready to believe whatever infantile lies US criminal media drummed up.

America’s CIA fed war establishment media had had little difficulty getting public opinion to accept their pinning the bombing of a Pan Am passenger plane on him. The world satellite audience of a CNN-New York Times led media cartel would never question the absurdity that a successful leader of a revolution that had saved tens of thousand of lives in bringing his once colonially impoverished people to have the best living standard in Africa, could have possibly have had an motive to order the mass murder of a plane load of innocent human beings. Gadaffi, in an unfortunate rush to see lifted the sanctions unjustly put Libyan oil for an unproven accusation, showed an amazing willingness to trust a Western court in an setup arena. The trial, according to the most highly placed legal authorities observing, was a travesty of justice. See [The case remains unsolved, as the man convicted died before his second appeal came up. See US News & World Report 1/2/2009 The Lockerbie Case by Nathan Thrall lockerbiecase.blogspot.com]

Though the 2008 Humanitarian U.S.-Libya Comprehensive Claims Settlement Agreement contributed to by American companies in Libya, unequivocally stated that “this agreement is being pursued on a purely humanitarian basis and does not constitute an admission of fault by either party,” Western media easily brought most viewers around the world to believe to the contrary that Gaddafi had admitted bombing the plane.


In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain tens of thousands had protested against Western backed dictators, and hundreds had died. In each county all the deaths were attributed to police, security or government armed forces in daily accounts from the very first days of protests. Yet no armed rebellion took place. And of course there was no sudden benevolent American interest in the dying in countries under Western banking oppression. We have seen video shots of cadre of the protestors in action in these US controlled poor countries with repressive governments maintaining calm and keeping their people nonviolent. Even after terrible loss of life they continued to prevent violence against the government.

Two infamous U.S. backed dictators had already been ousted peacefully while many protestors were murdered. In Yemen snipers continued to kill protesters, the huge demonstrations causing worry in Washington. Mass protests in Bahrain were threatening the home of the U.S. Sixth Fleet.

Then in mid February, the empire struck back with clever vengeance as armed insurgents suddenly appeared in prosperous socialist Libya amid a CNN and Al Jezeera media campaign of disinformation, distortion and preposterous lies of large peaceful protests, with Human Rights Watch blowing CNN undocumented false reports up to grand and horrific proportions. As over and over again in the past, never mind that it was the same CNN that since its inception has hailed Americans who killed millions of poor Asians and Latin Americans as wonderful heroes protecting people. As CNN reports fit Western media inculcated prejudices, they are hailed as truth.

The colonial powers had sprung the surprise beginning of what will go down in history as one of the greatest feats of media mind control of childishly gullible, blindly self-indulgent, malleable Western public and a status quo obedient diplomatic corp, both empty of any sense of responsibility and therefore dangerous to themselves and the rest of humanity.

Following a well prepared surprise military attack planned by a CIA funded exile group in London officered by Libyans long resided near CIA headquarters near Washington, and using past al Qaida and other veterans of US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the citizenry of Benghazi was made to look as rebelling by CIA-fed CNN and Al Jazeera 24 hour news coverage.

Coordinated gangs with heavy weapons occupied the centers of cities, then as they were almost immediately being rolled back and out of the towns recaptured by Libyan police, army and militias, liberating them from rebel occupation, US, UK and France pressured the UN Security Council for permission to bomb Libya to protect these gangs (propagandized as innocent peaceful protestors) from defeat. Meanwhile, Bahrain, at the same time, was being invaded by U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, its Armed Forces repressing demonstrators and assisting in their persecution, all well covered by media and well documented with filmed reports, but without outcry in Western media.

Washington imported a leader for the rebellion into Libya, one Gen. Khalifa Haftar, who had spent the past 20 years living with no known source of income a couple of miles from the CIA’s headquarters in Virginia.

After decades of constantly slandering and vilifying Gaddafi, portraying him to corporate media’s captive satellite reach audience as something worse than the devil himself for funding revolutionary organizations, the Western media cartel had set the stage for a phony popular rebellion against the creator of wealthy Socialist Libya, and hero of Africa’s search for unity against the continuing White European exploitation of centuries.

The CIA funded Libyan Exile group in London had called for a “Day of Rage”, conveniently, for the same date as the annual demonstration in remembrance of the ten people killed by security forces back in 2006 during an attempt to burn down the Italian Consulate incited by an Italian minister who wore a T-shirt displaying cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. A day before the Danish Cartoon anniversary CNN televised a short video showing hundred or so people, mostly well dressed young men, jumping up and down shouting “Down with Gaddafi!”

On that called for ‘Day of Rage’ itself, no large demonstrations reported by BBC and Reuters, while heavily armed men sized key buildings. BBC and Reuters and other European news agencies reported that hospitals had put the death toll, including police, at only from eighteen to twenty-six. BBC and Reuters seem to have been not yet on board with the CNN plot, for later that night, they reported that fifty black Libyan soldiers had been brutally executed by the rebels (cell phone videos of gruesome beheadings made appeared on the Internet).

Reuters (but not CNN) reported violent attacks began on Chinese and Korean construction sites around the same time as various early attacks by small mobs on Benghazi traffic department stations, but with no deaths. “On February 17/18,about 200 Libyans in the eastern coastal town of Darnah invaded a South Korean-run construction site and set fire to a dormitory for Korean workers. According to the South Korean Foreign Ministry, the offices of some South Korean companies were looted on February 19. The Ministry said there are currently about 1,400 South Koreans in the country. A construction site run by Huafeng Construction Co., Ltd. from China’s Zhejiang Province was looted by a group of armed gangsters Sunday afternoon in the eastern city of Agedabia, and nearly 1,000 Chinese workers there were forced out of the site and became homeless. “Some Chinese workers here said nearly all Chinese companies in the country were “attacked or looted.” [Libyan protesters attack S. Korean & Chinese companies , Sri Lanka Guardian, 2/22/2011

On the evening of the 17th, CNN showed a video of small groups of people scattering, running at twilight, cell phone camera jerking around in confusion to the sound of shooting from unidentified sources, while CNN’s Nic Robertson cried out over and over again “Gaddafi, is targeting, shooting, killing his own people peacefully demonstrating for democracy.”

These staged criminal fabrications of CNN telecasts without any evidence would be taken up and amplified by Qatar’s Al Jazeera news agency and blown up to fantastic proportions using heresay quotes by Human Rights Watch. At the same time, very quickly, heavily armed insurgent gangs, always described later as ‘ordinary citizens who had dropped their office jobs a few days before to fight for freedom,’ were efficiently overrunning towns and airports.

Imagine! On Feb. 21 a bare four days after the overseas called for “Day of Rage’ protest, U.S. tabloids, a UK counterpart, the Telegraph, and the International Federation for Human Rights, reported Libya’s second city along with Sirte, Tobruk, Misrata, Khoms, Tarhounah, Zenten, Al-Zawiya and Zouara had all been taken by protesters – “protesters?” Benghazi airport was taken over a few days earlier on the 19th. For the next nine weeks the world would see on TV, tough hombre looking “freedom fighters’ in their fleets of heavy weaponry mounted pickup trucks looking nothing at all like protesters, CNN claiming them to have be civilians from various walks of life up to a few days before, who had joined the ‘rebellion’.

CIA compliant Human Rights Watch would quote ‘rebel witnesses’ and give an ‘apparent’ figure of thousands of civilians killed by government forces, only to reduce that number a few years later. But throughout 2011, HRW’s still published amazingly brazen baldfaced lies, with no attempt at documentation. In HRW’s film, ‘The Death of a Dictator,’ which would have been better titled ‘HRW Role in the Murder of Libya,’ “protests against the rule of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi broke out in Libya in February 2011, the government’s security forces responded by opening fire on the protesters.” Amnesty International was involved similarly, denouncing the murdering of civilians, after justifying international condemnation by preaching entirely false reports. By contrast, top German news agency Reuters, in its ‘Nine Month Time Line’ coverage of the fighting in Libya in 2011, contains not one single mention of any Libyan government malfeasance, and its reporters had slipped into Benghazi even before NATO bombing began and found it a locked down patrolled city with a cowed citizenry. During the months it took to destroy Libya, neither CNN, nor its media partner in crime, Qatar’s Al Jazeera, ever televised one single corroborating video or photo of and sizable protestors demonstrating, peaceful or otherwise, let alone of a demonstration of civilians being fired upon.

Almost at the same time as first reports of violence, as if on cue, had come charges carried in Western media from Libyan exiles in various countries accusing Gaddafi of hiring mercenaries. After investigation, it proved to be to the contrary. The CIA and its cooperating European branches would have had little difficulty in recruiting from the significant population of veteran terrorists in Eastern Libya and nearby Arab nations, who had fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. [see documentation further down in this article].

A mere nine days after the first disturbance in Libya, UN Security Council

Resolution 1970, proposed by US, UK, France and Germany, was passed, imposing sanctions on Gaddafi and his family without any investigation. The resolution referred to Libya’s defending the nation from armed attack in slanderous wording calling for action by International Criminal Court (ICC). Amazingly, this rush to both condemn and punish the leadership of a permanent member of the United Nations was based solely on CNN and Aljazeera reports without UN verification, with some members of the council referring to the defection of the Libyan Ambassador and his deputy who quickly testified against their government in resigning.

At the ten day mark, February 28 – EU governments approved a package of sanctions against Gaddafi and his closest advisers including an arms embargo and bans on travel to the bloc.

March 5- only 18 days after the first disturbance – The National Council met in Benghazi and declares itself the sole representative for LibyaMarch 10 – a few days later, France recognized the Libyan National Council as the “legitimate representative of Libya’s people.” Libya suspended diplomatic relations with France the next day.

March 16- at the one month mark- Forces loyal to Gaddafi are near rebel-held Benghazi, and Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam tells France-based TV channel Euronews: “Everything will be over in 48 hours.”

  • and the following day March 17, exactly one month after first violence – The U.N. Security Council votes to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya and “all necessary measures” – (code for military action) — to protect civilians against Gaddafi’s army.

March 19 – The first air strikes halts the advance of Gaddafi’s forces on Benghazi and target Libya’s air defense infrastructure.

Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, denied wrongdoing by government forces.” He said that the largest demonstration the opposition had made was of a few thousand people in Bengazi, and that the opposition was made up of terrorists who publicly executed soldiers of the Libyan army on “dozens of videos” on the Internet. He said that “Libya does not use mercenaries, period”, and that “half of Libya’s population are blacks.”[ “World To See ‘Surprises’ In Libya Soon, Says Gaddafi’s Son”. Bernama, Malaysian National News Agency5 March 2011.]

It had taken the colonial powers only one month from the first day of violence in Benghazi to have its UN tool Security Council order the bombing of prosperous Libya out of existence and already weeks before the US had many billions of dollars worth of Libyan overseas assets sized and sanctions put into effect, all based on CNN et al unsubstantiated charges. 

The colonial powered monolithic media of the West made this swift war upon Libya possible. Here is Seif Gaddafi, speaking during a Russian Television interview, which RT titled US looks on Libya as McDonald’s — Gaddafi’s son

“Many countries, Iran and North Korea are among them, told us it was our mistake to give up, to have stopped developing long-range missiles and to become friendly with the West. Our example means one should never trust the West and should always be on alert — for them it is fine to change their mind overnight and start bombing Libya,” 

“One of our biggest mistakes was that we delayed buying new weapons, especially from Russia, and delayed building a strong army. We thought Europeans were our friends; our mistake was to be tolerant with our enemies”. Saif Gaddafi confessed naivete about the intentions of the European investor colonizers of the world his father had fought tooth and nail in Africa and beyond for four decades… “It’s a fake court. Under the table they are trying to negotiate with us a deal. They say if you accept this deal, we will take care of the court. What does that mean? It means this court is controlled by those countries which are attacking us every day! 

“The country is a like a piece of cake for them — it is rich, it has gas, oil and money, so they must kill my father to get the cake. What they don’t understand is that the fighting will not stop if my father goes. Libyans will continue fighting until one day the country will be back to the Libyans,”concluded Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Libya Rebels: Gaddafi Could be Right About al-Qaeda – The First Post

Mar 24, 2011 … Gaddafi may have been right when he identified his opponents as al-Qaeda, says Alexander Cockburn.

Five days into the US NATO bombing and only five weeks after the first small amount of violence began in Benghazi, another well known historian published two long well documented studies titled :The CIA’s Libya Rebels: 2007 West Point Study Shows Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk Area was a World Leader in Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment, By Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D., March 24, 2011, Information Clearing House

“Al Qaeda is not a centralized organization, but rather a gaggle or congeries of fanatics, dupes, psychotics, misfits, double agents, provocateurs, mercenaries, and other elements. As noted, Al Qaeda was founded by the United States and the British during the struggle against the Soviets in Afghanistan. This means that the Al Qaeda ideology offers a ready and easy way for the Anglo-American secret intelligence agencies to attack and destabilize existing Arab and Muslim governments as part of the ceaseless need of imperialism and colonialism to loot and attack the developing nations. This is precisely what is happening in Libya today.” The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists who Killed US, NATO Troops in Iraq. [TARPLEY.net, 3/24/2011]

July First and Second – Nearly a Million Libyans Demonstrate for Their Government as War Planes Bomb

Your author shall never forget an overjoyed Saif Gaddafi elated, smiling happily, trilled, relieved, convinced that the nightmare was over because a million or more Libyans in a total population of little more than six, were wildly demonstrating with green flags for Gaddafi and their Jamahiriva or green book government on the outskirts of Tripoli even as NATO warplanes bombed within earshot. His elation was contagious, and for a moment or two, I too thought yes, they would have to stop bombing for this overwhelming evidence that it was wrong.

Then I remembered the incredible seeming omniscient ability of Western media to blackout news. Of course, with world opinion always in it craw, simply never reported these massive demonstrations for Gaddafi and against the US NATO UN sponsored continuous bombing then already at this juncture three and half months long. Non-Western media covering the demonstrations did note that the bombings of Tripoli “had declined since the rise of the marches in Tripoli with a shift to increased bombing of other parts of Libya.” Readers may view the HUGE PRO GADDAFI RALLY IN TRIPOLI – RAW FOOTAGE, 7/2/2011, and if interested read the full translation of Gaddafi’s long speech of July 1, 2011www.blacklistednews.com/?news_id=14505  Other videos of the rally are no longer on the Internet.

On 10, 9, 2011, The Leader of NATO Member Italy Confessed even as Italian warplanes bombed Libya! Silvio Berlusconi was Prime Minister for nine years in total, making him the longest-serving post-war Prime Minister of Italy. Berlusconi was the senior G8 leader from 2009 until 2011, the year Libya was destroyed and plundered by the Colonial Powers and their subservient UN.

This has nothing to do with a popular uprising. The Libyan people love Gaddafi, as I was able to see when I went to Libya“, Berlusconi said on September 9, 2011, during a party meeting in Rome. Powerful people decided to give life to a new era by trying to oust Gaddafi,” said Berlusconi, as reported by the Italian news agency ANSA.

Earlier in July, Berlusconi had already said he was against NATO intervention in Libya but had to go along with it, He added: “What choice did I have considering America’s pressure, President Georgio Napolitano’s stance, and the Parliament’s decision?” therewith exposing the fragility of the alliance trying to murder Gaddafi. Berlusconi had indicted himself, for Italy had actively participated in the bombing of Libya since April 28. Day and night, Italian fighter jets took off from Birgi Trapani air force base in Sicily and from the aircraft carrier Garibaldi to drop their deadly cargo over the former Italian colony.

General Wesley Clark reveled in 2007 that, “the Pentagon secretly planned back in 2001 to to take out seven Middle East countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” So how to explain Russia giving a green light to just one more ‘humanitarian intervention blitz? Was there pressure on President Medvedev to cut a favorable economic deal with the West from Russia’s business community still heavily dominated by the oligarchs who arose to power buying up state enterprises of the self-dissolving Soviet Union? In line with our synopsis that points to understanding private investment finance capital as driving before it everything else, is an article of economic interest published in Russia a week into the bombing.

“Bombing of Libya — Punishment for Gaddafi for His Attempt to Refuse US Dollar’ , kir-t34.livejournal.com/14869.html – Bortovoi Journal, Russia, 3/26/11

Meanwhile, as the destruction, screaming and dying proceeded according to investment necessities, the great sharks were circling in. We get it from the horse’s mouth:

World Bank’s Zoellick: Hopes Bank Will Have Role In Libya by Jeffrey Sparshott DOW JONES NEWSWIRES , 4/14/11

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- World Bank President Robert Zoellick Thursday said he hopes the institution will have a role rebuilding Libya as it emerges from current unrest.

Most of what the reader has read up to here was published by your author beginning from two and three months after that ‘Day of Rage’ was called for from a Libyan exile organization, in London funded, if not as well founded, by the CIA:

on April 14, 2011 Capitalism’s Warplanes: CIA & al Qaeda Destroy Socialist Libya’s 53rd Highest Living Standard https://www.opednews.com/articles/Capitalism-s-Warplanes-CI-by-Jay-Janson-110422-958.html

On April 7, Bizarre Adulation? Gaddafi’s Son Grandchildren Murdered by Queen’s Royal Air Force after Royal Wedding? htmlhttps://www.opednews.com/articles/Gaddafi-s-Son-Grandchildre-by-Jay-Janson-110501-471

and US Depleted Uranium on Libya 10th Muslim Population Generations of Cancers & Malformed Babies

.html https://www.opednews.com/articles/US-Depleted-Uranium-on-Lib-by-Jay-Janson-110406-418.html

On May 9, China Gave Go-Ahead for Neocolonial Capitalist Destruction of Socialist Libya Why? Part I https://www.opednews.com/articles/China-Gave-Go-Ahead-for-Ne-by-Jay-Janson-110508-132.html

On June, 2011, There Was No Libyan Peaceful Protest Just Murderous Gangs and Nic Robertson https://countercurrents.org/janson160611.htm; on

May 5, 2016, Russians Calling Medvedev a “Traitor” for Not Vetoing UN NATO War on Libya in Larger Context https://www.opednews.com/articles/3/No-Uprising-Gaddafi-Loved-by-Jay-Janson-War-Lies-To-Start-War-180314-962.html

March 14, 2018, No Uprising Gaddafi Loved by Libyans Confessed Italian PM Berlusconi As Italian NATO Planes Bombed No Uprising Gaddafi Loved by Libyans Confessed Italian PM Berlusconi As Italian NATO Planes Bombed

In 1979, Presidential Adviser (and David Rockefeller’s top confidant) Zbigniew Brzezinsky had President Carter authorize the first CIA use of Afghan Islamic terror against the very popular new women liberating socialist government in Kabul. Next came the criminal inviting of overseas Muslim extremists, mostly Arab Wahabi, into an Afghanistan America did not yet own, the funding of Osama bin Laden and founding of Al Qaida. Thirdly, the arming and funding of Sunni terror against the Iran backed Shiite majority militias in Iraq, which were frighting the US occupation. Fourthly, recruiting, funding, arming, organizing and supervising murdering terrorist veterans of US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to overthrow the leaders and governments of Libya and Syria. Lastly, the US has openly supported Islamic and ethnic terrorists in China, Iran, Russia, Yemen and Lebanon, and many believe the CIA’s murderous criminal record leaves little doubt that it has been involved in at least terrorist operations, some false flag, in a lot of other countries including in Europe and the US itself.

No leader anywhere ever seems to call for prosecution of US invasions under the Nuremberg Principles. (The single exception this author could find is Gaddafi’s 2009 UN General Assembly address.)

Realization that hugely populated China will soon replace America as the world’s most influential society, and the parallel rise of Third World economies and the end of the power of White folks to sanction, brings hope that the courts in a more democratically reconstituted United Nations will be adjudicating gigantic lawsuits for compensation for tens of millions of deaths and  injuries, compensation for mega massive destruction of property and indemnity for colossal theft of national resources. This will bring and end to the profitability of war.

In the meantime let us make the encouragement of justice the topic of some conversation among family and friends. Break criminal media’s grip on public opinion by talking about absurdities, like the high-tech warplanes of White folks nations utterly destroying their former African colony and murdering Africa’s socialist revolutionary hero.

There is indeed much to rap about to get family and friends interested in US crimes against humanity. For example, a pathetic President Obama, in his speech to justify his ordering the mortal air attack on Libya, accusing Ghaddafi of having supplied his soldiers viagra pills and encouraged rape.  https://www.cnn.com/2015/07/30/us/libya-rape-victim-sentencing/index.htmlhttps://www.cnn.com/2015/07/30/us/libya-rape-victim-sentencing/index.html

There are so many absurdities within criminal mainstream media presentations justifying death and destruction. A good place to start would be that Vietnam and Laos are today still run by communist parties, so all the millions of dead men, women and children (and American soldiers) was for absolutely nothing (except the money investors in weapons, munitions and uniforms made).

Let’s not continue to allow mainstream media to bury the heartbreak of the past. The documented past scrutinized can reflect light on America’s Wall Street controlled US government and its insanities. Millions and millions of people across the world talking about US crimes against humanity will result in prosecution and justice albeit delayed.

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and in the US by Dissident Voice, Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents, Minority Perspective, UK and others; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Weekly column, South China Morning Post, 1986-87; reviews for Ta Kung Bao; article China Daily, 1989. Is coordinator of the Howard Zinn co-founded King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign, and website historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign, which Dissident Voice supports with link at the end of each issue of its newsletter.


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