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This long analysis of the US aggression on Venezuela is about to end. Not because the US administration changed its mind, but because, as expected, this latest season (January-May 2009) faded away after the humiliation the US suffered on April 30th. The only aspect left to analyze is, precisely, how it faded away, and how is Venezuela now, after half a year of aggression that faded away.

When listening to me firmly standing for Venezuela, many ask me the question: How is Venezuela now, better or worse?

My answer is always the same: Venezuela is Venezuela, always the same, revolutionary, proud, firmly standing up. Venezuela will never fall! On the other hand, the vulture named USA, with infinitely more money and more firepower, and the will to damage Venezuela, will savagely continue to rip pieces of injured Venezuela apart, while it can!

Venezuela didn’t fall. Venezuela will not fall. But the savage US will not put an end to its criminal and evil behavior! Not now.

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