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 The PIL Watch Group strongly condemns the reprehensible act of the Indian Govt. in relation to Jammu and Kashmir set in motion on 5 August, 2019. All assurances given to the people of Kashmir by the Indian Govt. since 1947 stand withdrawn through a sleight of hand by a brute majority in Parliament; as also the United Nations Security Council(UNSC) resolution and Simla Agreement. The millions of Kashmiris are literally locked up; with no communication channels open for their use; they are surrounded by hordes of police, para-military and the army (already stationed there). No consultation took place with the people of Kashmir whose future is at stake.

The PIL Watch Group appeals to democratic forces everywhere to ensure that Plebiscite is held in Jammu &Kashmir and the issue resolved as per UNSC Resolution. Meanwhile:

  • Status quo ante as on date prior to 5 August, 2019 should get restored in all respects
  • Article 370 should be reinstated in full
  • All political prisoners be released
  • All Draconian laws be repealed; and
  • Talks are held with all the stakeholders including movement leaders in detention/jail/house arrest as also with Pakistan Government.

The Grit of Kashmiris

A lone,young Kashmiri protestor with a masked face at the National Protest Site, JantarMantar, New Delhi, India reminded us in April, 2014 (see picture above):

“Indians took 200 years to throw out East India Company and the British colonial rulers …. We Kashmiris have a long way to go, perhaps another 125 years or less.”

He carried a placard with a slogan:

“… We are adamantine people
We are Kashmiris
Nothing can break down our resolve
For right to self-determination”

In solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir,

Dr. P. S. Sahni & Shobha Aggarwal

Members, PIL Watch Group



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