India at 72

india independence day

  1. Caste system not only intact but strengthened.
  2. People facing untouchability still a reality.
  3. Manual scavenging still prevalent despite tall claims of swachh bharat
  4. People dying of hunger
  5. Children and girls still being trafficked.
  6. Violence against women one of the dirtiest realities of our society
  7. Honor killings are nothing but preservation of caste supremacy and to terrorise the lower castes
  8. Superstition being promoted by the power elite to keep people subjugated and maintain their monopoly over us.
    9.A country where constitution is still second choice, first primarily is strengthening the caste pride.
  9. Keezhavenmani massacre. Tamilnadu,1968
  10. Shankar Bigha, Bihar.
  11. Lakshmanpurbathe
  12. Kumher, Rajasthan,
  13. Tsunduru, Andhra
  14. Karmchedu, Andhra,
  15. Belchi,
  16. Bathani Tola
  17. Muradabad riots
  18. Meerut 1989
  19. Nellie, in Assam
  20. Assault on Harmandir Saheb, June 1984
  21. Delhi 1984
  22. Babari masjid demolition
  23. Mumbai 1993
  24. Anti mandal agitation of 1990
  25. The Kandhamal
  26. Burning of Graham Stains and his children
  27. Godhara massacre
  28. Gujarat 2002
  29. Massacre at Marchijhaapi in Bengal under the left regime unreported
  30. Nandigram and Singur: Bengal’s elite brahmanical castes shift their loyalty from left to Trinamul of Mamta.
  31. Loot of adivasi resources at various places
  32. Violent world of Pocso and Vedanta
  33. Tappal in Uttar Pradesh and Raigarh in Maharastra
  34. Kudunkulan and aftermath
  35. Terror in Chhattishgarh and loss of adivasi identity
  36. Unlearning from massive Tsunami disaster
  37. Man made devastation continued in Uttarakhand
  38. Terror attack in Mumbai 2008
  39. Attack on Indian Parliament 2001
  40. Declaration of Emergency 1975
  41. Murder of Gandhi by Nathu Ram Godse in 1948
  42. Assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984
  43. Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991
  44. Assassination of Harchand Singh Longowal
  45. Assam Peace Accord
  46. Mizo Peace Accord
  47. Indian misadvanture in Srilanka through IPKF
  48. Rajiv Gandhi’s attempt to muzzle press through defamation bill
    51.Boforse became voice of nation destroying Rajiv’s credibility
  49. The Shahbano Judgement
  50. Mujjaffarnagar violence against Muslims
  51. The Anna nautanki kept the country to virtual ransom.
  52. Nirbhaya opportunity for the Sangh Parivar
  53. Congress continuous ideological crisis place India under Modi
  54. Mob lynching encouraged and unabated. It become a new norm
  55. Indian media now the biggest threat to democracy. It does not report but it cook up stories and is the biggest mob lyncher today.
  56. Indian media now champion fake news, hide facts and use its vast illiterate troll army to bully the opponents.
  57. The murder of Rohith Vemula
  58. Murder of Dr Payal Tadvi
  59. Murder of Akhlaq
  60. Muder of Pehlu Khan
  61. Rape and murder of Bakarwal girl in Kathua and how the Hindu rights opposed justice to her.
  62. The brave girl of Unnao and our hypocrisy.
  63. The Violence against Dalits in Saharanpur
  64. The shameless thugs of Una
  65. The brave Kaushalya from Tamilnadu who lost her husband as he belonged to Dalit community yet fought against her parents
  66. The brave girl Amrutha virshini who lost her husband Pranay killed by her parents.
  67. The betrayal of Kashmir
  68. The communalisation of citizenship
  69. The unseen horrors of NRC
  70. Looking for Justice Krishna Iyer, Justice V M Tarkunde, Justice H R Khanna, Justice Rajinder Sachhar in these times who could stand up for people’s right to defend.

These were something that came in my mind. We dont have veterans in media who could warn the government or in the bar the lawyers who could file public interest litigation for civil liberties. Interestingly, with more and more fake news as being circulated by the corrupt and spineless in the media, we are just returning to emergency era when each word uttered by BBC became the gospel truth. The biggest help to all international media and channels is actually provided by our ultra nationalist channels who are criminally hiding facts and just paddling fakenews. Indian people were never under the threat so much as today, from these criminals masquerading as journalists. Nobody want to do any follow up on the issues I mentioned as today’s chest thumping media anchors are the new babas on the horizon who only need ‘bhakts’ and not awakened people. Watching all this shit would further take us into the dark ages so if we really want to enjoy our azadi enjoy meeting like minded people, make physical contacts, read good books, explore alternative media and read-watch credible international media organisations.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social activist
August 15, 2019




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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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