Israel’s Secret

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It is an established, and a very well-known fact that Israel is a genocidal, terrorist, ethnic-cleansing colonial state. Backed by a genocidal blood-thirsty real estate elitist god (read the Old Testament/the Torah) with a racist enslaving anti-goyim supremacist and vengeful religion, similar to ISIS terrorists of today, Zionist Jewish terrorist gangs such as the Stern, the Irgun, the Palmach and the Hagana, since 1946 had bombed Palestinian food markets, police stations, hotels and many other civilian targets. They perpetrated numerous genocides; raiding Palestinian villages, raping women and children, murdering all inhabitants in cold blood, then razing the villages to the ground. More than 400 Palestinian villages were completely or mostly destroyed with their inhabitants raped, tortured, and murdered. The goal was to instill fear in the hearts of Palestinian inhabitants to drive them out of the country. A conservative estimate of 800,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland and became refugees in 1948.

The then self-proclaimed civilized global powers with their newly formed United Nations tool did not form a coalition to protect the civilian Palestinians, as they claim now-a-days of forming a coalition to fight terrorist ISIS. Instead the UN rewarded these Zionist Jewish terrorist gangs by giving them a state; Israel, on usurped Palestinian land.

The greedy expansionist Zionist Israeli leaders were not satisfied with what they usurped in 1948, but wanted more. They kept sporadically attacking neighboring Arab villages until in 1967 war they occupied the rest of Palestine, parts of Lebanon, Syria and Egypt after perpetrating more war crimes; ethnic cleansing in Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights, total destruction of many Syrian villages in Golan Heights, and the cold-blood murder of one thousand Egyptian prisoners. During this war Israel had extensively used illegal napalm bombs against Arab armies.

The “civilized” world did nothing to deter Israel other than issuing a couple of meaningless and toothless UN resolutions calling the Israeli occupation illegal and “politely” asking Israel to withdraw to previous borders.

Israeli leaders were not deterred. They kept attacking Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon in violation of all UN resolutions. They almost destroyed the whole Lebanese capital; Beirut, and had perpetrated many massacres there such as Sabra and Shatila massacre, Qana massacres (twice) among many others. Israel did not even hesitate to bomb United Nation observer post to prevent them from documenting their attacks using illegal weapons such as cluster bombs.

The UN did nothing about all these violations and massacres other than writing meaningless “investigative” reports.

In flagrant violation of all peace agreements with the Palestinians, Israeli oppression intensified against Palestinians with the goal of evacuating the country for more Zionist Jewish occupiers. This includes imprisonment and torture (many prisoners were children kidnapped from their homes by Israeli terrorist soldiers in the middle of the night), house demolition and or usurpation and handing them to extremist colonizers (settlers), land confiscation to build illegal colonies (settlements), murdering peaceful demonstrators in cold blood, and raiding Palestinian cities with tanks.

Organized Zionist Israeli Judaic extremists occupiers (settlers) routinely attack Palestinian neighborhoods, burning their crops, poisoning their water wells, cutting down their trees, murdering their children and destroying their properties among many other terrorist acts. Extremist religious colonizers (settlers) raid and violate Islamic holy places routinely. Their violations of the Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of soldiers are gradually intensified and will definitely lead to disastrous results.

Israel had created the largest ever concentration camp on the Gaza Strip making it and its inhabitants a living military experimental field for their newly developed chemical and biological weapons. Rivers of Israeli sewer waste are released onto Gaza cities every now and then to spread diseases. Israel’s terrorist army had attacked Gaza Strip several times indiscriminately murdering civilians and destroying homes. Official buildings, civilian homes, schools, hospitals, churches and mosques, all kinds of vehicles and fishing boats were targeted by Israeli terrorist army.

“Rain of Fire” was the term used by Human Rights Watch Organization describing Israel’s war crimes of indiscriminate repeated firing of white phosphorus bombs over Gaza’s densely populated areas. Israel did not even hesitate to bomb UNRWA’s schools used as shelters although given their exact GPS locations to avoid them. UNIFIL facilities were also targeted destroying stored food stuff in order to starve Palestinians.

Abandoned by global community and by Arab leaders and left alone to perish from hunger, thirst, disease, and by Israeli fire, Gaza Palestinians decided to implement themselves the 1948 UN resolution 194 affirming the legal right of Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes occupied by Israel. They organized the “Great March of Return” marching every Friday towards the Israeli imposed barrier imprisoning them within the small Gaza Strip. The March started on March 30th of 2018 and is still going on every Friday since then. Last Friday was the 70th Friday of the March. Although the marchers were unarmed they were met with Israeli deadly brutality with poison gas, rubber coated and live bullets from Israeli snipers. So far at least 310 Palestinians were murdered including children, women, medics, and reporters, and more than 17,000 injured with tens of thousands suffering severe amputations due to explosive bullets used by Israeli snipers.

Israel’s terror threats extend also globally beyond occupied Palestine and the neighboring Arab states. It is well known that Israel has developed nuclear bombs, whose technology and materials were stolen from France and the US. Declaring its nuclear “Sampson Option” threatening the capitals of many countries, Israel would not renounce nuclear weapons, would not sign NPT and would not allow IAEA inspections of its own nuclear facilities.

Instead, Israel had used its nuclear weapons against other nations making it the second nation after the US to use nuclear bombs. Israel has used nuclear bombs against its closest friend; the USA, in the false flag attacks of 911 to start the wars against the Arab World under the justification of the war against terror. Israel had also used nuclear bombs against Syria. Also, in collusion with Saudi Arabia, Israel had dropped two neutron bombs against Yemen (Here is a video).

Israeli terrorist attacks reached many countries around the world in the form of assassinations by Mossad agents, and false flag attacks to frighten Jews to immigrate to “safe” Israel. Prominent assassinations included multiple Kennedy’s assassinations; John, Robert and John Jr. (the Kennedy’s curse), assassinations of Arab and Palestinian activists, and the assassinations of Egyptian, Iraqi and Iranian nuclear scientists just to name a few. False flag attacks are numerous to mention including attacks against synagogues, yeshiva schools, Jewish cemeteries and other so-called Islamist attacks against western targets.

Israel is a global terrorist state, yet western countries; European, US and Canada, who routinely call for justice, democracy, freedom and peace, keep on protecting and supporting this terrorist state. We have not seen any economic sanctions, serious condemnations, or military strikes against Israel similar to what these states conduct against other countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran accused of terrorist acts, possession of weapons of mass destruction and use of prohibited illegal and chemical weapons.

On the contrary, we see successive American administrations using veto power to protect Israel at the UN. Israel’s terror is justified as self-defense. US borrows $38 billion at the beginning of each fiscal year to give it to Israel, besides all the free military technology and armament aids to the so-called the only democratic American ally in the Middle East. While Americans suffer an ever increasing homeless crisis, American administrations subsidize the illegally expanding Israeli colonies (settlements) on usurped Palestinian land. While American students are burdened for life with students loans the US subsidize free education to every Israeli citizen from kinder garden to university. While many Americans die and suffer for lack of medical insurance the US subsidizes complete medical coverage for life to every Israeli.

Israel is a protected terrorist state.

What is it that motivates the western world, particularly the US, to support this terrorist state no matter what crime it commits??? No … it is not AIPAC or any other pro-Israel PACs. These are the results, not the cause. What is Israel’s secret?

To understand Israel’s secret we need to go back in history to 1905 during the imperial age. At that time the Ottoman Empire, unlike European empires; Great Britain, France, Holland (todays Netherland), Belgium, Spain and Italy, was very strong covering all the Arab World extending from the Persian Gulf all the way along North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Oil was discovered in Iran and in the Arab Peninsula at the same year.

Henry Campbell-Bannerman; the British Prime Minister at the time, called for the periodic Imperial Conference; also known as Colonial Conference, to discuss a political and economic strategy to weaken/dismantle the Ottoman Empire and to strengthen the Western Christian Colonial civilization. The conference was attended by officials from the before-mentioned empires along with prominent historians, sociologists, geographers, agricultural scientists, oil experts, and economists. Lasting two years the conference was culminated with a secret strategy called Campbell-Bannerman Document.

The Document acknowledges that the Mediterranean Sea, connecting the three major continents; Europe, Asia and Africa, is the vital natural bridge between West and East. It’s eastern and southern shores belong to one nation; the Arabs, who enjoy one common language, a common history and mainly one religion. With their geostrategic location; a hub for major trade routes overlooking the Mediterranean, the Red See, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, plus their vast natural resources including oil, and their huge man-power they could become the largest and most powerful empire on earth. The Document proposed specific strategies to disrupt such a possibility.

Divide in order to conquer has always been a successful strategy to destroy the fabric of any nation. The Document proposed dividing this Arab World through the creation and support of minorities with puppet leaderships based on smaller geographical areas, different ethnicities, and different religious sects, and inciting them against each other to get into a state of devastating perpetual wars.

Since science is a major factor in building the industry and the economy of any country, it was proposed first to offer great material inducements to those Arab scientists to attract them to the western countries, and second to disrupt, weaken, and impoverish the educational systems of the proposed divided Arab states through isolation, economical impoverishment and imposing mediocre educational curriculums through puppet regimes.

The most devastating proposition to the region was to create a hostile “buffer state” in the middle of the Arab World; particularly in Palestine, separating the Arabs of the Middle East from their brothers in North Africa, and controlling the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Support for Zionism to create Israel in Palestine was approved for this purpose.

At the time, due to their supremacist isolationist religion, their usury banking systems, and their hatred to all non-Jews (Goyims), anti-Jewish sentiment was rampant in Europe. Jews were persecuted and kicked out of many European countries. Zionism; a political ideology aims to create a Jewish-only state, was created to solve Europe’s Jewish problem. Supporting Zionism to create hostile Israel in the heart of the Arab World in Palestine on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean would serve two purposes; killing two birds with one stone.

First, Israel would be the hostile “buffer state” in the heart of the Arab World that would create a state of perpetual wars with its Arab neighbors feeding the western military industrial complex.

Second, Europe would get rid of its Jewish problem when Jews immigrate to Israel. European leaders, pretending to support Zionist Israel, were deep down actual anti-Jewish, who wanted to eject isolationist Jews from Europe. Arthur Balfour; the British Foreign Secretary, who authored the 1917 Balfour Declaration in support of creating Jewish Israel, had dismissed Jews as alien and hostile people. Balfour, like other British politicians at his time, had supported the British Aliens Act restricting immigration of Russian Jews to Great Britain. Supporting Zionism he saw this ideology benefitting Western society by ridding it of its troublesome Jewish minorities.

The West has no fear of Israel becoming a super power because its military strength depends on Western military support, and because Israel would never be able to conquer and subdue all its hostile Arab neighbors.

Israel is a terrorist state created to serve the Western power by dividing the Arab World and keeping it in a state of perpetual wars in demand of Western weapons. Israel will succeed in disrupting the unity of the Arab World for a while, yet similar to ISIS, it will definitely be defeated and will vanish.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab American from a Palestinian descent. His family was evicted from Haifa, Palestine, after the 1948 Nakba when the Zionists stole his family’s property. Then the family was evicted again from the West Bank during the 1967 Naksah, after the Zionist, again, occupied the rest of Palestine.




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