A soul without a body was walking
Wondering how much time was left in his life
The corpses on the side of the road
Seemed to be breathing
A man with a chopped hand
Was struggling to ride a bicycle
Women hid their faces
For the shame others have done to them
The past was best to be forgotten
The rights and wrongs were not to be repeated
The clock was ticking with an unclear sound
How much more time to breathe
Was the most anxious question
The destination was unclear
He put his hand in his pocket
And pulled out a GPS
Pushed the buttons with nervous hands
The screen image came on his hand
It was the image of his hand on the GPS
At the same place where he was standing
The GPS fell down with a thud
Where even ants dared not to walk.

K.P. Sasi is a writer, cartoonist and film maker



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