Kashmir`s Faux Pas

Highway Ban in Kashmir

Kashmir`s antiquity dates back to about 3000 BC, to make it contemporaneous to the Indus valley civilization. Kashmir has been a great seat of learning during the Vedic period, a part of the Maurya Empire in the 3rd century BC under Asoka, who founded the city of Srinagar. Srinagar is also known as ‘Paradise on Earth’.

I shall not go into history and restrict myself to the Nehru-Abdullah Agreement of July 1952, provided for a separate constitution, a separate flag and a Sadar-i-Riyasat for the sake of knowledge about Kashmir as a different State. Now it is all demolished by the BJP.

No citizen of India should feel dismayed over the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A given to Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). I argue this because Modi/Shah has fulfilled the long-cherished dream of Jana Sangh since its birth. The Jana Sangh accused the respective Congress governments of appeasement policy. There is no denying the fact that Modi as a politician is a master of camouflage. By nullifying 370 and 35A he killed two birds with one stone: one he won the hearts of millions of Hindus and second weakened further the Congress. It is no use of saying that federal structure has been crushed. It is no use of saying that the BJP has trampled the constitution of India under their feet. From day one, the BJP`s political and religious stand is against the Constitution and the religious minorities. Now the BJP has the majority so the party can demolish whatever comes into their way of implementation and bad governance.  The Nazi party was against the constitution so the BJP.

In October 2015, a bench of the Jammu & Kashmir High Court observed, “(The) Article 370, notwithstanding its title ‘temporary provision’ is a permanent provision of the constitution. It cannot be abrogated, repealed or even amended as mechanism provided under Clause (3) of Article 370 is no more available…’ No other provision of the constitution as provided under Article 370(1), would be applicable to the State in case the Presidential order in consultation with the Sate in case the provision is akin to subjects delineated in Instrument of Accession and with concurrence of the State, in case it does not fall within of Instrument of Accession.

Despite Jammu & Kashmir `s High Court observation, the central government did not bother to consult the state or different stakeholders in the state of J&K before nullifying Articles 370 and 35A. We must not forget that Jammu & Kashmir is not like Assam or Nagaland under the special category. Pakistan is actively involved in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and abetting and aiding terrorism across the border. So the state of Jammu & Kashmir and the majority Muslims population hold the truncheon. The social, political and physiological aspirations of the people of Kashmir have been crushed under egoism and arrogance of the ruling dispensation. The BJP leaders on the national television channels always wistfully and acerbically give reference to the emergency period (1975-77) to counter the Congress party but now the central government has jailed or house arrested all the political leaders in the fear that they might call upon the Kashmiris to protest against the unilateral decision of the central government. Today, the volatile situation in the valley is worse than the emergency. The law-abiding Kashmiris and their children are deprived of communications, transportation, health services, etc. During emergency period only the opposition leaders were jailed by Indira Gandhi. Today the local population in the case of Jammu & Kashmir is made excruciatingly to suffer. The browbeating of the opposition leaders is to continue.

Prime Minister Modi, Shah, BJP acolytes, and official spokespersons are not tired of haranguing discourse of development in the coming days especially after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is like that as if they will wave a magic wand and produce the infrastructure overnight in J&K. During a function in Delhi at Taj Hotel, a journalist asked a question about the break-up with the PDP to Dr. Jatinder Singh, Minister of State (Independent) in the BJP government, he replied, ‘in marriage, two parties agree or disagree. He further said, ‘as an alliance partner we could not get along with the PDP so there is a divorce’. From this statement, one can deduce that the BJP can put up an alliance or break up alliance as per whims and fancies. The leaders of the BJP has nothing to do with the emotional or nationalist aspirations of the Kashmiris. There is a rumor in the political circle that the BJP has already shifted thousands of  RSS Karsevaks to the valley to purchase land and create havoc in the life of the Kashmiri Muslims. There are also rumors in the political circle that the BJP has the vicious agenda to kick out the Kashmiri Muslims. Let for Goodness such rumors are fake. If there is an iota of truth in the rumors there will be bloodshed in the valley.

I recall the history of the Nazi party in German under Hitler. Hitlers close aide wreaked havoc in the life of Jews of which Hitler later reprimanded all of them before shooting himself. The Knights to whom Hitler gave unprecedented power to win the lost territories to German played a greater role in torturing the minorities. Hitler was, no doubt, a bourgeoisie and eccentric in manners wanted to rule over the whole of the world. He succeeded in winning some lost territories but Hitler had to pay a heavy price when the war broke out with Britain. It is a known fact that Hitler lost economic resources while giving money to the Defence Ministry for making the warplanes to be utilized against Britain. His Knights had browbeaten the makers of the aircraft. They unleased shocking atrocities on the Jews and confiscated their banks, properties to support the military aviation industry. The result of “<strong><em>Saffronisation of Economy</em></strong>” was destructive at large. People starved of bread. Hitler and his Knights did not bother for their emotions. At last, the owners of the disaffected military industry ignored Hitlers Knights and stopped cooperating in meeting the deadline of supply of warplanes. This action on the owner`s part shook the Hitler empire and he turned demoralized and hysterical.

Hitler Knights by coercion suffocated all the industries of German. Only a few industrialists who were financially supporting the Nazi party were allowed to win contracts of the government. Today, all small investors In India are crushed through stringent legislations. Kind-hearted people who really want to transform the lives of the poor and needy people of India through inclusive initiatives they are penalized and harassed by the Income Tax department.  A case in example, the Home Minister has cancelled FCRA numbers of non-BJP NGOs.

My readers will feel distracted for a moment. But my point here is that the progeny of Nazi Party are committing the same mistakes nonchalant. After the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, the BJP is going to ‘Saffaronisation Industrial Base’ in the state of Jammu & Kashmir as the Knights of Hitler made the private industry a ‘ Nazified industrial base.’ in German. After making a state under Lt. Governor rule like Delhi, the BJP forthcoming action is to change the name of Kashmir Airport( Currently Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport) to some RSS`s icon name.

My intermittent stay in the state of Jammu & Kashmir as a commercial staff of Indian airlines made me feel that the majority of the Kashmiris wanted the business to flourish. The majority of the Kashmiri Muslims wanted Kashmir to have the best infrastructure. Today, when the BJP is saying that the Kashmiris will benefit largely after the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35 A the Kashmiris are doubtful. Today, when the BJP is saying that this nullification will end the dynastic rule of three families again the Kashmiris are doubtful. Today, when the BJP is saying that the corruption will end and development will usher in the valley the Kashmiris are doubtful. If so was the real mission then why the BJP shook hands with the corrupt PDP dynasty. If so was the real mission was it not possible to bring the corrupt dynastic rulers of Jammu & Kashmir to the books when the ED, CBI and other powerful agencies were under the thump of the BJP. There are hundreds of questions and the citizens of India must deliberate and find answers for themselves.

The case of Punjab is relevant here to mention when the SAD-BJP coalition was in power in the State. Captain Amarinder Singh, the current Chief Minister of Punjab inherited the debt of 31,000 crore from SAD-BJP coalition government. The BJP is going to organize ‘Investor Summit’ in Jammu & Kashmir in October of this year as stated by the BJP office. According to a report by ET 2013, the SAD-BJP held investor summit in Punjab and signed 117 agreements with both domestic and overseas companies involving investments of over Rs 65, 000 crore. It is unfortunate that not a single company in the state of Punjab invested. Political analysts say that companies are afraid of corruption, excessive bureaucratization and political interference. Some also argue that investors are afraid of cross border terrorism. During SAD-BJP coalition several good running companies were closed and shifted to other neighboring states. One can extrapolate based on the reliable evidences that the BJP is destructive in words and deeds. This could be one of the reasons behind the mistrust of the Kashmiris.

Today, the BJP is saying that SCs/STs will benefit largely.  Valmiki communities will also benefit largely. They were refugees in their own country. Let us believe the party leaders for a moment. The truth is creepy. Backlog vacancies reserved for SCs/STs in almost all government departments of India are thrown in the cold storage in 1.0 Modi. Above that, the pace of privatization of Air India is picking up the momentum. If done, a large number of SCs/STs employees will be on the road.

Modi in 2014 picked up the broom along with other BJP stalwarts to launch Swachh Bharat Abhiyan from a Valmiki colony in Delhi. It is sorry to say that after 2014 Modi never turned his face to that Valmiki colony to see how the Valmikis live under steep poverty. Every day, they struggle to beat the legacy of stigma and suffocation. Every day, a scavenger die in India while cleaning a septic tank. All this reflects that the BJP has no route to follow “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Sabka Vishwas” truthfully. The more the people believe the more the ensuing generations will suffer socially, economically, and to some extent culturally.

The BJP has played a dirty game by nullifying the articles. This vile game is played to cover up failures at the national level for the first five years under Modi. It is astonishing to note that Prime Minister did not touch upon the issues like Skill Development, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Bank NPAs, the return of black money, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Education, and Unemployment from the ramparts of the Lal Quila on the eve of 73rd Independence Day. The people say only the BJP/RSS workers flourished in money and material in the first five years of Modi government. This festive season after 2019 thumping majority for them is everlasting blissful.

I feel disheartened to note the reluctant, lethargic, superstitious, and sheep following populace of India again has been befooled. From street to home, the people of India will be busy discussing India and Pakistan paroxysm. Under the pretext of safeguarding country, sovereignty, nationalism, the BJP aims to deflect the population from the real issue. The party wants nobody should question the BJP why their children are unemployed. The party wants no businessman should question the BJP why their business is slow. The party wants nobody should question the BJP why women are raped across India. The party wants nobody should question the BJP why lynching of Muslims and Dalits orchestrated under the nose of the government. While people of India will face social, political and religious disharmony in the state of Jammu& Kashmir, the BJP will keep on reaping rich dividends.

Dr. Rahul Kumar, Ph.D. Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. India. He is an independent researcher and senior media columnist. His book on “Elderly Punjabis in India Diaspora” talks about Elderly Punjabi migration to U.K. He is a member of the Editorial Committee of Global Research Forum for Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT) New Delhi. India. The views expressed by the author in this article are personal and does not necessarily reflect the official policy of the paper.


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