Why Civilians Need Militarized Rifles

national rifle association

By A Proud Member of the NRA

Ever notice how people who don’t own guns never shoot anyone?

You have to wonder about people like that. I mean, they don’t feel the need for even a little girly handgun to defend themselves and their wives and sweet innocent children from criminals and riff raff, and Mexican rapists sneaking over the border and then creeping into their homes at night.

What’s up with these people? Why aren’t they afraid? Do they live in some kind of dream world? Don’t they know it’s a dog eat dog world and only the strong survive?

You have to question their mental health. And their patriotism. They’ve obviously never been in the Marine Corps and learned to salute the flag and use lethal force to defend our country. You just know! you won’t be able to count on them to man the barricades when the Iranians attack. They’re not going to get any help from me when that day comes, you can count on that.

I really hate people who don’t own fully automatic AR15s. They’re weak. Losers, like our president says. They depend on cops and then spit on cops and call them racist thugs. They spit on veterans too. They call us baby killers! Like Rambo said, they’re maggots.

It’s not guns and gun owners that are the problem. It’s the pacifists and Commie peaceniks. They’re a cancer eating away at America’s will to survive. They’re more dangerous, in the long run, then mass murderers, who at least understand how the real world operates. That’s why mass murderers always massacre the unarmed. And that’s why I’ll keep my arsenal and membership in the NRA.

God Bless Donald Trump and America!

Douglas Valentine




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