Justice for Harsha!


On October 21st , 2019, Harsha a student in Amrita School of Engineering in Bangalore, committed suicide within the college premise, by jumping off the main college building. Ever since then the students have been protesting in the college demanding justice for Harsha who was pushed to take this step by the college administration. This write up is by alumni of Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore on how the students are treated in the college and latest set of events that led to the loss of a student’s life.

I am an Alumni of Amrita school of Engineering.In the light of Harsha’s suicide I want to tell few facts about the college. For the last 10 years there are many rules and restrictions in the college, which is affecting the careers of the students. They are framed in such a way that students get emotionally disturbed.  For instance, they will not allow us to write exams,fail us purposefully in the exams,they’ll stop us from attending the placements.If anyone of the college students gets suspended they’ll let their parents to fall on their feet and apologize. So many students suffer mental torture.

In the name of cultural education, staffs, who are not real teaching faculties, will be giving continuous lectures to the students on Vivekananda studies, Ramayana, Mahabaratha, Bhagavad Gita and Amma’s teachings. They even take students to their homes, provide food and give mentoring classes for a whole day. They ask students to join RSS Shakha and other defense classes, take us out to the nearby places to practice Shakha. They also conduct a huge event on Shakha and defense every year, many outside people also join these events. Students within this group, will not be facing much disciplinary action. If any student talks against this group or their ideology, those students will have to face the disciplinary committee enquiry.

The current issue in Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore campus started on September 22nd, 2019 because of which we lost an innocent and beloved brother GNNK SRI HARSHA.

The quality of college hostel food had been deteriorating since a couple of weeks. On 22nd September, 2019 because of no proper water supply, the students went on a protest to explicate their demands to the director Dhanraj Swami. Swamiji agreed to hear the demands of the students and conducted a meeting in Sudhamani Hall of the college. The meeting saw Dhanraj Swami speaking about Chandrayaan-2 failure and how rupee value got affected and they were not able to afford water tankers because of this. When the students told him about the need of water for basic personal needs, he started quoting how people used to live in the olden days and told the students to clean  their plates with leaves.

Overall, the meeting was a diversion of the issue and just ignoring the situation of the students. This led to the students becoming furious and they started damaging the college property which included 8 buses, hostel window and a CCTV camera. The next day, the classes were held as usual. Around 6 pm, notice was circulated stating that all the hostellers had to leave the college and hostel premises as soon as possible and the college will be closed until further notice. From the first week of October, around 3rd October, some students started receiving suspension orders which asked them to meet Dr. T. K. Ramesh along with their parents as soon as possible.The college was reopened on 14th October, 2019. The students who went to meet the professor, faced serious actions with a total of 2 members paying a fine of Rs 60000 and 11 of them either being suspended or being rusticated. All these actions were taken by the disciplinary committee without any proper investigation. Some innocent students had to face mental pressure without committing any crime.

One of them was our brother Harsha. He was suspended without any proper proof against him just because someone took his name during the enquiry. He was mentally tortured and pressurized. He came to the college on 21st, October morning to state his innocence to the committee.

Around 12 pm, he jumped from the 7th floor of the college.  The medical team of the college started reviving him using CPR. His id card was snatched by the examination cell of the college and he was identified as a suspended student. After taking him to the hospital, the crime scene was cleared by the college authorities who washed away all the blood spilled with phenyl. All the students gathered in the college to fight for justice and to make sure that this doesn’t happen to any other student.

This is not the first time such an incident is happening. In the year 2012 a student named Jitesh committed suicide under similar circumstances. Many students attempted to commit suicide in hostels, but the management didn’t let any of the things to come out and threatened the students that they’ll ruin their careers.These incidents are result of the mental torture and abuse they suffer at the hands of the committee called DISCO(Disciplinary Comittee).

Harsha should get Justice and the college management should be severely punished. No Harsha should die of mental torture ever again.




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