a paradise weakening in the mist
as the signals of light are jammed

the houses smelling of local herbs boiled
in the saucepans filled with water saline

lanes have leaves fallen uncrunched yet ailing
and roads filled with boots and barood

microphones are tapped and locked in rooms
painted in tricolour- all shades of saffron

then azaan arrives, whispers began to revoke
a revolt against silence, in peace of gold.

Sutputra Radheye: He is a young Indian poet for whom poetry is a medium of protest against the authority. He channelizes his words to write what he sees, and how he sees.He doesn’t believe in pure arts- as for him, art is driven by the message it carries, as one can justify homicide or rape by putting on ornamental words on its body. His latest book of poetry is “Worshipping Bodies”, in which he explores the diversity in sexuality.



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