Savarkar petitioned the British Govt from Andaman Cellular Jail seeking pardon and promising loyalty to the Govt if released, says Justice Markendaya Katju. The Congress has thrown further light that Sawarkar had agreed with Jinnah on the two-nation theory. Documents further show that the Hindu Mahasabha of which Savarkar was a leader, joined hands with Muslim League and formed coalition Govts before 1946 in Bengal, Punjab and Sind. It is also true that Savarkar was co-accused with Nathuram Godse in the Gandhi assasination conspiracy case.

The question of giving Bharat Ratna to such an extremist, disputed and controversial person, without clean hands, as Savarkar does not arise at all. Veer is a misnomer after the petition from Cellular Jail, Andaman. May be ‘Kapurush’ would be more appropriate. How can you award him the Bharat Ratna ?

Aurobindo Ghose, Human Rights Activist



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  1. He was a coward and traitor and sided with British and did not take part in independence struggle.