It was a very spirited anti-Fascist protest meeting on “Where is Najeeb?” at Jantar Mantar yesterday afternoon, organised by the peaceful resistance movement of United against Hate. The main speakers slated for the meeting were the brave, inspiratonal victims of hate : Najib’s mother, Nafisa-ji, and Tabrez Ansari’s wife, Gauri Lankesh’s sister and Subodh Singh’s wife. Besides, those who spoke included JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh, Professor Apurvanand, activist Umar Khalid, author Arundhati Roy,, lawyer Prashant Bhushan, teacher leader Nandita Narain and student leaders from Jamia Millia, JNU, DU, Jamia Hamdard, UAH and SIO. The Jantar Mantar area where the protest took place was packed .Jathas of students joined the protest from different Universities of Delhi making their presence felt with bold slogans against the authoritarian regime and call for unity of all democratic, secular forces.

The speakers expressed their resolve to take the movement against Najib’s disappearance forward to its conclusion. At the same time indicating that the case of Najib symbolised the ruthless attempt to change the environment of a peaceful unified society into a divisive one pitting one group against the other based on hate and discrimination. It was like baton changing where a relatively younger group of youthful leaders were getting ready to take responsibility of the emerging anti-fascist movement. – Aurobindo Ghose, Human Rights Activist

Aurobindo Ghose is a lawyer and activist



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