A New Age?


Many throughout the world are beginning to understand that our continuance on this planet will require recognition of the presence of an underlying planetary and cosmic “implicate order.” (David Bohm) And they are beginning to understand that humanity is not now living in a harmonious relationship with that order. These many are beginning to recognize that it will call for a transition from our present state of political, economic, social and religious dysfunction to a new way of thought and behavior. The good news is that these many have become aware of this and they are now asking for changes in world society. And they are being joined world-wide by the millennial generation. The worrisome news, however, is that world power remains in the hands of a political moneyed elite autocracy that has chosen not to comprehend this reality.


Beginning in the 1990’s I sensed a feeling of doubt building throughout the world centered on the survival of our species. The scientific community had begun to release peer reviewed studies indicating the onset of dangerous ecological “tipping points.” This was confirmed by activist and Nobel Peace Laureate John Scales Avery, theoretical chemist noted for his research publications in quantum chemistry, thermodynamics and evolution. In response to one of my Blogs he wrote to me about a 2012 World Bank warning of resultant high temperatures in the Arctic from CO2 that could trigger a Methane Hydrate Feedback Loop and lead to a repeat of an extinction event like the Permian Triassic one. That 2012 warning had left many scientists like him as well as many others in the world worried about the future of our species. It worried me too. It left me with these questions: How could we humans have brought this upon ourselves? How can we overcome it?

I too, like many others, was becoming extremely pessimistic. Our society appeared to be confused as to whether the scientific information had validity and even if so what action to take to avert disaster. Also even in the scientific community there was an academic reluctance to emphasize the extremes. (I had a book published about this concern. It was entitled: Q Will Human Species Survive? A NO!

As the years passed the same feeling of depression that many others were having came over me. And the more I researched the dimmer the future became.

Then at some point I began to view this information not as a predictor of our end but possibly – and I emphasize here that word “possibly” – as a sign of the beginning of a New Age. This led me to interpret our future as a part of an uneven yet upward evolutionary process. I had a sense that in all of our awkwardness we may be moving into a higher form of understanding and complexity.

Yet the question remained: Could we be progressing fast enough from our present Age of planetary dysfunction and self-destruction to a state of cosmic and planetary unity? And if we are progressing in such a way, what are the signs?

In an attempt to find an answer, I began to look for evidence that our species is moving forward as a part of its natural post Cambrian Age evolutionary upward continuum, or as David Bohm once described it; within an implicate order toward a process of cosmic “enfoldment” and “unfoldment.” He spoke in terms of an unbroken cosmic wholeness, with everything animate and inanimate having, as he described it; “an inseparable quantum interconnectedness.”

Given this change in my perspective, I was able to sense the possibility of a new Age for humans. Questions however remained: Could one prove that there is, as Bohm described it, inseparable quantum interconnectedness? Are we humans integral to a continuing part of it? And then the one not thought about today: If not us, why not another species on this planet a million or so years from now?

Approaching this academically anthropologically, I found that Homo sapiens among all other bipedal forms emerged from the evolutionary birth canal superior in terms of survival over the bonobos, apes, Neanderthals, Hobbits of Flores and the many others that anthropologists have discovering through DNA and carbon dated testing. And along the way we had overcome every pitfall imaginable. Also it left us with the highest level of intellectual capacity. Today no other species can match it.

Our superiority and toughness was very well expressed by one of America’s greatest writers, William Faulkner. In his book The Sound and The Fury he wrote:

“I decline to accept the end of man. I refuse to accept this. I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among the creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.”

Faulkner’s view rose out of an era of extreme pain and suffering in the America. Over 600,000 Americans had died in the Civil War. Viewing this in a broader historical context, we can see that humans have suffered much self-inflicted pain from our beginnings and most notably during with the Post Mesopotamian Age. From Babylon onward our history has been horrific, with example after example of man’s inhumanity to man. Yet, as Faulkner reminds us; man (and woman) have prevailed.

So, I decided that Bohm’s “inseparable quantum interconnectedness” may be an underlying positive force in play and something far deeper may be going on. My conclusion therefore was that we seem to be moving synchronistic-ally toward some sort of “interconnectedness” in the direction of some greater purpose to our existence. We have a chance of being here tomorrow.

This at least gave me some hope. We would in all probability survive. But I struggled with one caveat; given our current behavior after how much pain and suffering?

My thoughts on the timeline then began to take shape. This will be the scenario:

With advancements in the physical and cosmological sciences, many throughout the world in those and the other sciences as well as out of the sciences will come to understand that our continuance on this planet will require us all to recognize that there is an underlying implicate order and that a transition from our present state of planetary dysfunction and destruction into a state of hominid/planetary unity is required. This will lead to a universal call for the abandonment of much of our present thought and behavior.

It will require a change in those political, economic, social and religious certitudes now imbedded in our culture that are working against our planetary survival.

We must however keep in mind that even with such a change in thought and behavior it will be too late to reverse many of the adverse ecological forces already set in motion. Some “tipping points” in fact have already begun. (I write about these in my new book OVERCOMING THE THREAT TO OUR FUTURE) However, human ingenuity through the invention of new forms of technology will play a large part in overcoming parts of the damage ‑ but not all.

So my conclusion is that it will be a difficult road for our society. We will have to abandon much of what we have all these years believed to be sacred.

Humans at large will be learning about the great delusive flaw that empowered this their Age; the belief that Nature is something separate from them, something that they can exploit according their own desires.

Now to the bad news:

Overcoming our flaws will require a learning process brought on by enormous pain and suffering. (Read my Blog # 7 A World Without Ice)

Here is a quote from my new book that presents the CO2 CH4 reality:

“Acidification will have destroyed much of the fish and crustacean food stock in the oceans. Weather patterns will be extremely damaging to agricultural production. In order for humans to exist away from the harsh climatic and atmospheric conditions, self-contained enclosed structures such as Buckminster Fuller tetrahedron domes will need to be used on parts of the planet. Even space stations just above the earth housing humans and capturing the Sun’s energy are a possibility, although they remain with inherent problems of their own in the realm of science fiction. We must keep in mind the fact that biologically we are earth creatures gravitationally.”

And finally a quote from the great American poet Robert Frost as it appeared on the back page of my book Q Will Human Species Survive? A NO!

“Great waves looked over others coming in,

And thought of doing something to the shore,

That water had never done before.”

David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics. He has written four books. The fourth is about a necessary geo political, social, religious, economic paradigm shift for human survival.

For Bio see: http://inquiryabraham.com/bio-lectures.html


Extrapolating 11,000 Scientists’ Climate Emergency Warning To 2030 Catastrophe in Climate Change — by Dr Gideon Polya —           November 14, 2019





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