Congress And BJP Have Triumphed Over Ayodhya

Congress And BJP

Muslims had pinned their every hope for Justice in Ramjanambhumi/Babri Masjid case, for it was only Supreme Court where-in laid their last recoup. But, the spleen in the name of Ram Mandir, now guaranteed on the demolished site of Babri Masjid, Ayodhya, Faizabad, UP since the Karachi born LK Advani charioted his Rath Yatra (Sep 25, 1900) from Somnath to Ayodhya , which resulted into thousands of Muslims loosing their lives and properties, all across India, has come full-circle. The Hindu community rejoice, cleared by the SC five-judges bench, is a Diwali-bonanza for all times to come. Going by the glaring proof (before the verdict had actually come) given by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, on Nov 3, who shamelessly (but valourlesly) announced that verdict would favour Hindus , Kar lo kya karna hai bass ho gaya ( Do whatever you feel but it is done), amply lays it down that the roots of this day ( Nov 9) were perhaps all in-store from the historic cue, when secular India first President Rajender Prasad, inaugurated Somnath Mandir, on May 11, 1950. No wonder KR Malkani, an RSS ideologue once said that 7th century India and 21st century India is same. India was always a Hindu nation, and now, actually after May 23, when Narendra Modi 2.0 started, India became a Hindu state, with its new independence day as Nov 9. Patra even dared anyone to initiate contempt of court against him! Cannot it be contemplated that he knew what judgement was to be? Now two of the cardinal promises i.e. Article 370 and Ram Temple having been cleared, Uniform Civil Code, in order to prevent conversion, is the only promise, left unfulfilled. SC five judges bench was headed by CJI Rajan Gogoi, J.SA Bobde, J. DY Chandrachud, J. Ashok Bhushan and J. SA Nazeer. CJI Gogoi was to retire on Nov 17.

Patra is not expected to talk-out-of-hat and was surely boosted from the words spoken by CJI designate SA Bobde, on Oct 30, in an interview to NDTV, wherein he had expressed in Hindi hai hai hai hai(yes yes yes yes)-four times, on mutual respect between the government and judiciary and that the relationship is alright and the system is going well. On his experience of working with (outgoing CJI), he had said that the best habit he (CJI) has is that he(CJI) talks to everyone in collegium and then he (CJI)decides and that he (CJI) has always discussed things before taking a decision to which the anchor referred to be as a ‘change’. So, with the commemoration that government and judiciary were on the same board and that the incumbent judgement also to be unanimous (which it was), wasn’t it declared in advance? The ominous warning had by then already made Muslims jittery and later an endorsement by CJI approving (Nov 3) government on NRC, which is just meant to befall on Muslims, who are to be confined into detention centers aka concentration-camps, as Jews were done-with by Nazis, in Assam and elsewhere in India, had come as a compliment. Does it still need more confirmation as to what had by then brewed up? Patra was right. He is the spokesperson of BJP and he surely knew the judgement in advance.

It was widely speculated that judgement would be done on Nov 13, 14 or 15, which was to be the last working day, but then why was judgement preponed? If not it, inadvertently, served to the interest of Narendra Modi, who will always be remembered for his most disastrous decision of demonetisation ( Nov 8, 2016), which has made an irreparable dent on our economy, was thus now to be neutralised, by way of a gift of Ram Temple on its next day! Modi, eventually, addressed the nation at 6 pm (Nov 9) and drew a parallel with the fall of Berlin wall and wounded his homily by referring to Eid (Birth of Prophet Muhammed), that is where he wanted to hit the most, by adding salt to injury, as the judgement day came a day before millions of Muslims were to commemorate their Prophet’s birthday. Modi is surely the man of the moment for Hindutva forces, it would be apt here to remember Modi’s first speech after he became PM in 2014 when he sought to India having become free after a thousand years of subjugation, which meant, the same scale for British and Muslim rule, and the last five years are a living proof of it. Now, relate his speech, after August 5, when Article 370 in Kashmir had been annulled, as he spoke in a stadium, fully packed with Hindu enthusiasts, “my conscience asked me to start from somewhere and I started from above ( meanin g Kashmir, his hands waving above his head ) and once things beckon up above then lower down it is going to be a freefall ( Bhama bham hone wala hai)” he said snapping his fingers, to the applause of Hindus. Both Article 370 and Ram Temple, the verve on which BJP built its momentum, are in fact a double feat of BJP and Modi alike, for it was Modi who accompanied LK Advani when his Rath-Yatra, spewed fire& fury on the streets, until it was halted at Samistipur (Bihar, 1990) and the same Modi was along with MM Joshi on his Tiranga Yatra, which unfurled the Tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on Jan 26, 1992. Today he has put the record straight. Modi in the same stroke nullified the hullabaloo of Kartarpur Corridor opening, planned well in advance for Nov 9, and the entire news got buried into the debris of judgement. It is only Sikhs who have to an extent able to stop the BJP juggernaut. Modi, thus, in the same vein rued the Sikh sentiments too.

The Persian proverb aptly capsules the Muslim position. Kufr Az Kaabe Barkh.eezad/ Kuja Manad Musalmani (When paganism emanates from Kaaba/Where would Muslims go?) as Nov 9 is a hundred percent victory of Congress and BJP alike. After the partition (1947) of majority Muslim Punjab and Bengal, and not partition of India as it is called, Muslims in India, who stayed back on the call of MK Gandhi, were outnumbered, outplayed and outdone by Hindus in probably every field. Hindus in fact made to a consolidated monolith (from Sindh, Punjab and Bengal) with their civilisational continuity intact and Muslims got divided into three parts, and thereby, also becoming suspect in India forever, as every Muslim was a prospective Pakistani, as was gluttonised by Guruji MS Golwarkar , the RSS longest serving Sarsanghchalak. Almost immediately after independence, it was under Congress UP CM GB Pant, when Lord Rama idols were surreptitiously and stealthily kept inside Babri Masjid, on Dec 22/23, 1949, supervised by Faizabad DM KKK Nair (a member of RSS) , who later became Jana Sangh MP from Bahraich in 1967. The communally vitriolic Baba Raghav Das backed by GB Pant led to the socialist stalwart Acharya Narendra Dev loosing elections in Faizabad cum Ayodhya in 1948, and this, ultimately led to what we are all today witness to. Babri Masjid got locked since 1949, until when on Feb 1, 1986 Congress PM Rajiv Gandhi got it opened up, and later got foundation laying ceremony of Ram Mandir done in (1989).

Congress party in fact after the 1977 debacle openly started to play to the gallery of RSS and in 1980, Deoraha Baba, a maverick-saint blessed Congress Indira Gandhi by keeping his feet on her head to start her political campaign and she became PM. Very soon her party leaders Dau Dayal Khanna & Nirmal Das Khatri etc from Faizabad, were scouting to liberate Lord Rama, as posters showing Lord Rama in chains were put on the routes of Congress lead Rath Yatra, which was to start from Sitamarhi (Bihar) and end up in Ayodhya, but had to be halted at Delhi owing to her murder. Her son Rajiv Gandhi got a historic mandate of 404/540 in Dec 1984, and was supposedly under no hurry to placate Hindus, by getting Babri Masjid opened up, after overturning the Shah Bano SC order (April 1985) as 1989 was then quite afar. He got the locks opened up to the concurrence of Congress stratagem comprising his core-advisors i.e. Arun Nehru and Buta Singh etc. Congress ended up with 197 in 1989. BJP rose from 2 to 85. Babri Masjid was well under Congress ire much before Shah Bano judgement came, it is time this popular narrative has to break and also for Congress to finally melt into BJP. The cudgels which Congress began-with have finally been accomplished.

Congress party devious complicity in the demolition of Babri Masjid, on Dec 6, 1992, under PM Narsimha Rao, who had promised remaking of Babri Masjid, and spurned it, in Jan 1993, when he brought an Act in parliament for Ram Mandir, will remain firmly etched on the Muslim mind forever. Now, it is only a matter of time when Muslim Kristallnacht will finally begin with no one even caring to pay a lip-service to. There is already a rise of fascism in Europe and US, the same way India has become so by the sleight of democracy and not theocracy.

Post Script: Nothing could have been a better gift to LK Advani for his 92nd birthday fell on Nov 8 and Modi and Shah visited Advani at his place. Can it also be called as just another incoherent co-incidence?

The writer is a lawyer, journalist and former UP State Information Commissioner.




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