Dear son,

You must be aware of the many happenings in Kerala, including the arrest of young men in recent days. As sleep evaded me and I lie awake at midnight, I felt like sharing some thoughts with you. These are my dreams and hopes for a person like you with intense thoughts and stances in life. I am aware that an elder person, especially a parent has no right to impose one’s views and dreams on a younger mind.  So I am only presenting a suggestion for you to consider .

You are now studying for a degree in Physics….this may help you become an academician  or a scientist. But like what the 15 year old Greta Thunberg said ‘ What use is the school and college education in an Earth and Sky that is on the verge of total destruction? So it would be ideal if possible to redo and renew your vision of a life in a way that fits the call of these times.

I know that you have understood much about Gandhiji. It is assured that the revolutionary path you chose will never lose the wholistic truth that is needed now. This is the time for youngsters to travel and see the life in the villages of India. The values and ideas of Gandhiji, Ram ManoharLohya and JayaPraksah Narayanan are waiting dormant for wetness to germinate in the villages. The warmth and humidity of the sweat and compassionate dedication of young minds is much needed for this. I request you to include these thoughts when you formulate your life vision and path.


I am sure you will be asked from where you will get the finances to live. I am now getting a pension of rs 20,000. I am confident that in this space where I live I can survive on Rs 3-4,000. I assure you that till my last day, you can use the rest of the money to pursue your revolutionary path and find the right way to live

With immense care

Your father

This is a letter written by Malayalam poet V.T.Jayadevan to his son. Translated with his permission by Anitha.S( anithasharma2007@gmail.com ) in response to the desperate, helpless and confusing reactions and responses by many a parent.



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  1. ASHOK SHARMA says:

    Truly touching letter.. Speaks volumes on the present day times and crisis our society is going through .. My only hope is that WE SHALL OVERCOME SOMEDAY If not now but later..

  2. Santhi. S says:

    So moved by this poignant letter of a father to his son. No doubt, we can find political answers, both practical as well as philosophical only in Mahatma Gandhi, in these times of violence and despair. Whatever happens, we should not find refuge in an armed struggle, which can bring only more violence and injustice, however just and ethical our cause be. Hope this letter of and for peace will be read by many, parents as well as children.

  3. Junaid Riaz says:

    Indeed something that touched the very depth of my heart as I had tears in my eyes while reading the content. We all might wear t-shirts reading being human but we all forget the importance of that e in human and in fact it should read Being Humane