should rule

a family, community

or commonwealth, humanity?

What hierarchy should we, who know

what’s best impose on those who don’t?   We

ask them in elections, though that doesn’t guarantee

that our Divine Right to command and then consume the fruits

of rule will be confirmed. It’s best if we don’t ask, just act instead to organize a state

that everyone will dread, with magnitudes of force at hand if ever some should take their head.

Bob Cable is a life-long lover of poetry but has written it mainly since retirement ini 2015.   He grew up in small towns of South Dakota (USA), then studied on a General Motors National Scholarship at Harvard (1958-1962) on a General Motors but learned the wrong things.   However, he continued his education with two years of Peace Corps service in Peru and then by teaching and learning from students in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran and finally back “home” in Minnesota, Texas, Washington DC and Massachusetts.   Bob has three children with his first wife Layla from Palestine.   With current wife Lorraine, he worked with “Special Needs” adults for 30 years until retirement four years ago.  He has written about 400 poems since then.   Email: robert.n.cable@hotmail.com

© Robert Cable, 2019



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