Private School Teachers: Species of Deprived Dignity

private school teachers

George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is the clear cut reflection of the cruelties put by the authorities. In this novel the author has expounded the exploitative lot of the society. Same could be said of the private school teachers who despite being the disseminators of real and quality education in our society are still the worst sufferers. They work tirelessly to keep the standard of education up to the mark. But unfortunately teachers in public schools are yet to achieve the basic standard of life. They are being considered as the most disregarded section of our pathetic system.

In a way we can say, It is an exploitative system which often escapes accountability.Highly qualified individuals are being exploited. They are under heavy workload, but are often paid very less wages which is a gross violation of the labour rights. Additionally, they are not entitled to any leave, medical or otherwise. For every leave from duty, salary amount is deducted. The irony of fate is that after serving in a particular school for a prolonged period, they achieve little bit of salary enhancement but viewing it as burden over the system, the school management try to discharge them from the services to save the extra mileage by replacement of new candidates. No security and protection is being attached for this noble profession. It is quite heartening and gut-wrenching to see malafide and bogus intentions of the school management which hires the prolific staff but follows escapist policy in leveraging their position and status.

State authorities need to take the immediate steps to protect and safeguard the interests of this educated class of our society.It is highly educated youth which needs empowerment and regard in this complex society. They are important stakeholders to eradicate the ignorance from society, but painstakingly they have become themarginalised section of this materialistic world . Job creation merely remains a political issue and a matter of debate. Due to lack of will and vision of the authorities many young and highly educated youth of our society suffer from mental trauma and psychotropic influences. It is high time that the engagement of educated youthworking in private schools be seen and treated as a means to serve the larger purpose of nation building by properly utilising the energies of this dedicated degree holders.

Professional commitment is defined as the psychological link between an individual and his profession that is based on an affective reaction to the profession by giving him due regard and respect which he deserves. This induces two essential components like pride in one‘s being in the teaching profession and a strong desire for professional development.According to a study done at the National Economic and Social Research, Asian countries tend to hold teachers in much higher regard when compared to other parts of the world. We must understand it beyond doubts that respecting teachers isn’t only an important moral duty – it’s essential for a country’s educational outcomes. No action has been taken to eradicate the malpractices prevalent in private schools in our society regarding the exploitation of teachers in regard to their pay and allowances and working conditions in general. It indicates that no policy seems to be incorporated to redress the grievances of teachers specially working in private schools . Working conditions need to be made conducive for imparting quality education in our society.

Mohammad Shoaib is M.Phil. Scholar and Occasional writer. [email protected]




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