Pro-Zionist Australian PM Accepts Zionist Jerusalem Prize & Soils Australia

jerusalem prize

As reported by Mainstream media, on  21 November 2019 the Australian Coalition PM, Scott Morrison, accepted the Australian Zionist Jerusalem Prize.  The  extremist Coalition Australian Government  and most  of the  cowardly Labor Opposition  fervently support Zionism and nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, serial war criminal and democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel. Ignored by Mainstream media,  on 22 November 2019 anti-racist  Jewish Australian writer Antony Loewenstein was awarded the Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize for assiduously defending Palestinian Human Rights.

PM Scott Morrison, a fervent, evangelical,  Pentecostal Christian, was lavish in support of Zionists in his acceptance speech [1]  that –  given the appalling crimes of nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run,  genocidally racist, serial war criminal, grossly human rights-abusing  and democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel [2-21] –  amounted to a besmirching and soiling of Australia’s international reputation. Apartheid is a vile crime against Humanity, but  Australia is second only to Trump America as a supporter of Apartheid Israel [22], and PM Morrison confirmed this repugnant position in his lavishly pro-Zionist acceptance speech .

Zionist-subverted, US lackey, pro-Apartheid Australia ranks second in the world after  the US as a supporter of Apartheid Israel. It has a dirty record of variously joining with the US, Apartheid Israel, pro-Apartheid Canada  and some tiny US lackey nations in the Pacific to oppose UN General Assembly (UNGA) motions supportive of Palestinian human rights. Thus after the November 2013 Australian elections that returned a Coalition Government, Australia abstained (with 7 other countries)  from voting on a resolution demanding that Apartheid Israel cease “all Israeli settlement activities in all of the occupied territories” (about 160 nations supported the resolution) [66]. In December 2013, Australia voted no (with 12 other countries) to a resolution calling on Israel to “comply scrupulously” with the Geneva Convention (169 countries voted yes) [22]. In December 2014 in  its final craven and cowardly act as a US lackey member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Australia was one of just two countries (Australia and the  US) to vote against a motion proposing Palestinian statehood. Eight countries voted for the motion while five abstained [23, 24]. In 2015 the US, Apartheid Israel and 6 US lackey states – Australia, Canada, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and Tuvalu – invited comprehensive global Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against their citizens, institutions, goods and services by voting against a UN General Assembly  motion, passed with 119 in favour and 45 abstentions, allowing for the raising of the State of Palestine flag at the UN Headquarters and offices [25]. Overall, pro-Apartheid Australia  has a dirty, racist  and disgusting record of supporting Apartheid Israeli human rights abuses [26].

On the occasion of war criminal Israeli PM Netanyahu’s visit to Australia in 2017 , Australian Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull reiterated his fervent opposition to BDS and UN resolutions critical of Apartheid Israel in an article published in the right-wing Murdoch newspaper “The Australian”: “My government will not support one-sided resolutions criticising Israel of the kind recently adopted by the Security Council [UNSC Resolution 2334] and we ­deplore the boycott campaigns designed to delegitimise the Jewish state” [26, 27].

In relation to Occupied East Jerusalem, pro-Apartheid Australia actually disputes whether East Jerusalem is occupied.  Thus, after consulting with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Australian Attorney General George Brandis formally declared: “The description of East Jerusalem as ‘Occupied East Jerusalem’ is a term freighted with pejorative implications, which is neither appropriate nor useful. It should not and will not be the practice of the Australian Government to describe areas of negotiations in such judgmental language” [28]. Similarly, the Australian Coalition PM , Tony Abbott,  declared (2014): “There has been no change in policy – absolutely no change in policy. There’s been a terminological clarification. We absolutely refuse to refer to occupied East Jerusalem” and Foreign Minister Bishop repeatedly refused to use the term “occupied” during an  interview, saying: “I am not getting into that debate. I call it East Jerusalem, you can’t force me to call it something … if that is a geographic name that is its name” [29, 30].

After Morrison betrayed PM Malcolm Turnbull and became PM in his stead, Turnbull resigned from Parliament. In the subsequent by-election in the wealthy and substantially  Jewish electorate of Wentworth, Morrison  tried to firm up the Jewish vote by suggesting the possibility of following the Trump America example and moving the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem that encompasses the illegally and war criminally annexed East Jerusalem. However this implicit support for Apartheid Israeli war criminality badly upset Australia’s Muslim neighbour Indonesia and delayed the signing of an Australia-Indonesia Free Trade Agreement [31].  PM Scott “Scomo” Morrison’s lavishly pro-Zionist acceptance of the Zionist Jerusalem Prize was simply another instance of the US lackey Coalition putting its obscene support for Apartheid Israel, Zionism and Zionist-subverted America before the economic interests and international standing of Australia.

A Google Search for “Jerusalem Prize” together with the name Morrison yielded about 8,000 results including about 60 reports in the first 10 pages, of which 4 were reports in The Australian newspaper,  the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), the Melbourne Age newspaper and the Sydney Morning Herald (noting that there is also a controversial  Apartheid Israeli literary prize that is also called the Jerusalem Prize).

In  contrast,  a Google Search for “Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize” yielded 1,700 results of which zero (0) were in the Mainstream media. In 2018 the inaugural Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize was awarded to Professor Stuart Rees (founder of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University, and the prestigious Sydney Peace Prize,  a resolute human rights activist, and a supporter of human rights and justice  for the  sorely oppressed Palestinians) [32] . However a 2018 Google Search for  “Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize” also yielded zero (0) Mainstream media reportage. However an Australian Zionist medium commented thus on the award with customary Zionist falsehood and virulence: “A despicable event took place on Thursday November 29th [2018] in Melbourne. At the Victorian’s Parliament’s prestigious Queens Hall the obnoxious Jerusalem (Al-Quds) Peace Prize was awarded by the virulently anti-Israel goon Bob Carr [former Australian Foreign Minister and Premier of New South Wales] to BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] advocate Professor Stuart Rees” [33].

Below is an analysis of the more offensive parts of Australian Coalition PM Scott Morrison’s Jerusalem Prize acceptance speech [1].

 (1). Morrison: “ Before I make some other acknowledgements, can I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land of the Gadigal people, their Elders past, present and future and can I thank you [Zionists] for your acknowledgement earlier of them and their incredible place in our great national life.”

Comment. What breathtakingly disingenuous cant. Like the sorely oppressed Indigenous Palestinians, Indigenous Australians  live in conditions that are far worse than those of their White rulers in  relation to health, health services, housing, education, employment, wealth, differential incarceration, and life expectancy. On average both Indigenous Palestinians and Indigenous Australians die 10 years earlier than Israelis or White Australians, respectively. The Indigenous Palestinian Genocide has involved 2.2 million deaths from violence (0.1 million) or from imposed dispossession and deprivation (2.1 million) since the Australia-assisted British invasion of the Middle East in 1914 [12]. The Australian Aboriginal Genocide has similarly involved about 2 million Indigenous Australian deaths  from violence (0.1 million) or from imposed dispossession, deprivation, and disease (the remainder)  [11, 34-58].  About 90% of the land of Mandated Palestine has been ethnically cleansed as compared to 100% of Australia before land rights decisions returned qualified  and limited control of large, remote and arid areas to  the Indigenous Australians whose forebears had lived there peacefully and sustainably  for for 65,000 years.

The circa 7 million Indigenous Palestinians permitted to live in Palestine represent about 50% of the  subjects of Apartheid Israel but 72% of them are excluded from voting for the government ruling them (i.e. vile and repugnant  Apartheid imposed by democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel). Indigenous Australians were only counted as voting-eligible  citizens after a referendum in 1967. In contrast there are only about 0.7 million Indigenous Australians but the annual number of avoidable deaths from deprivation on a global comparative basis is about 4,000 for both 0.7 million Indigenous Australians and 5 million Occupied  Indigenous Palestinians [11,12, 34] i.e. when it comes to passive mass murder of indigenous subjects,  racist White Australia outdoes racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel by  factor of about 10.  PM Scott Morrison (aka “Scomo” and thence  Scum-o, Scam-o, Skim-o, and Scheme-o) followed his predecessor as PM, Malcolm Turnbull,  by rejecting the consensus  minimal request from Indigenous Australians in the “Uluru statement from the heart” for a guaranteed representative Indigenous body that would simply transmit Aboriginal opinion to Australian Governments.

While racist Zionists revel in Apartheid Israeli “exceptionalism”, racist White Australia vehemently denies that it is racist.  In this  sense  White Australia is  politically correct racist (PC racist) by fervently supporting Apartheid Israel and genocidal  US wars (war is the penultimate in racism and genocide is the ultimate in racism). Racist White Australia has supported all post-1950 US Asian wars, atrocities in which 40 million Asians have died from violence or war-imposed deprivation [59]. An Israeli ambassador to Australia, Naftali Tamir,  expressed this Apartheid Israeli and racist White Australian commonality thus  (2006): “Israel and Australia are like sisters in Asia. We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don’t have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not – we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side. Israel has not fully acknowledged the value of working together with Australia in Asia. It’s a way for us to cooperate with and enhance our position in the countries neighboring Australia” [60]. Racist White Australia celebrates Australia Day on the anniversary of the British invasion of Australia (26 January 1788) – just imagine the outcry if Germany celebrated a German national holiday on the anniversary of Kristallnacht (the 9–10 November 1938  violent start in Germany of the Jewish Holocaust )  [61].

(2). Morrison: “[Treasurer] Josh [Frydenberg] sends his apologies, he can’t be here tonight. That’s the only apology I’m aware he’s giving for tonight… I’m also very humbled to follow my predecessors from both sides of politics. From Bob Hawke whom we lost only this year, to John Howard, an absolutely staunch friend of Israel and from who I’ve taken so many lessons and who has instructed me so much in my own [inaudible] in this area and, of course, Julia Gillard as well and you’ve honoured her, and it is a privilege to follow her in this way. The rollcall of recipients points to an unshakeable nature of the relationship that exists between Australia and Israel.”

Comment. Like myself, Coalition Government Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, is of Jewish Hungarian origin. My father was a Jewish Hungarian refugee from pro-Nazi Hungary as was Frydenberg’s mother. To my knowledge, all but a dozen of my wider family died in the WW2 Jewish Holocaust in Hungary (1944-1945). Hungarian  law insists that if you have a parent who was a Hungarian citizen then you are also a Hungarian citizen [62]. I accept that I am accordingly a dual Hungarian Australian citizen and would have to officially discard my Hungarian citizenship if I wanted to stand for Federal parliament. Thus Section 44  of the Australian  Constitution states [my emphasis in capitals] that any person “under ANY acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or … a subject or a citizen or ENTITLED to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power” is ineligible to be a Member of Parliament [63]. However the  genocidally racist Apartheid Israeli Law of Return entitles Israeli citizenship to all  Jews including those with only one Jewish grandparent [64, 65] ( the neo-Nazi Israeli Government of course excludes Jews that it  doesn’t like i.e.  anti-racist Jews such as myself. People supporting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel are excluded by law from Apartheid Israel). The 6 Jewish  MPs in the Federal Australian Parliament ( 3 Labor, 2 Coalition and 1 an independent conservative)   are extremely likely to be as fervently pro-Zionist as are all  Coalition Government and most  Labor Opposition MPs and  thus possibly being “under SOME  (even teensy-weensy) acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or … a subject or a citizen or ENTITLED to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power”[66]. About a dozen non-Jewish MPs were in violation of the constitution is this respect and had to leave the Australian   Parliament when this was variously discovered [66]. Indeed a Federal Greens candidate for Canberra, Tim Hollo, a Jewish Hungarian -origin Australian with a Hungarian  citizen parent, had to go to extraordinary lengths to dispose of his Hungarian citizenship [67]. Whether  Josh Frydenberg is or isn’t a dual Hungarian Australian citizen has been taken to the  High Court [68] as previously recommended by the German Jewish-origin  Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus [69]. However it has been recently reported that a letter from an official in the office of Hungary’s right-wing PM Viktor Mihály Orbán surprisingly asserts that there was no record of Frydenberg’s mother being a Hungarian citizen [68].

Bob Hawke was a sensible and pragmatic right-wing Labor leader who was nevertheless fervently pro-US,  pro-Zionist and pro-Apartheid Israel but became more even handed 2 years before his death : “It was our great foreign minister, Dr HV Evatt who chaired the UN Special Committee on Palestine and it was the Resolution of that Committee that authorised the partition of Palestine into two states. It was upon the basis of this resolution that the State of Israel was established in 1948. The resolution gave the already settled and the newly arriving European Jewish settlers – who by then constituted one-third of the population and owned less than six per cent of the land – exactly 56.47 per cent of the Palestinians’ best cultivated land and cities. The two-thirds population of indigenous Palestinians who owned more than 94 per cent of the land were given 47 per cent of their own country… The damning condemnation of Israel’s expansionist settlement policy, carried 14-0 by the Security Council, is encapsulated in the first item of the Resolution: “1. Reaffirm that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-state solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.” The situation is clear – starkly clear. Like the Jews in the Soviet Union and the blacks in South Africa, the Palestinian has an aspiration to be fully free. But with a majority of the Netanyahu Government openly declared against a Palestine state they understandably see little hope in the political process. I and the friends of Israel around the world are fearful that in a real sense we may be witnessing again after thousands of years a giant Eyeless in Gaza. Is there not emerging the danger of Israel being blinded to the threat to its very soul and the vision of its future? Australia was there at the very beginning. The least we can do now, in these most challenging of times, is to do what 137 other nations have already done – grant diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine.” [70]. In 1967 Apartheid Israel conquered all of Mandated Palestine and thence ethnically cleansed 90% of Palestine [12].

Those who supported Nazi Germany could reasonably be described as pro-Nazi. Those who supported Apartheid South Africa  (the Americans, British, Australians and Israelis) could reasonably be described as pro-Apartheid. Those who support Apartheid Israel  (the Americans, British, Australians, Canadians, French, Germans and Israelis) could also be reasonably described as pro-Apartheid. The Lib-Labs (the present Coalition Government and Labor Opposition)  who collectively get about 75% electoral support in Australia,  are fervently pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-Apartheid, noting that Apartheid is condemned by the UN as one of the worst of crimes [71]. The Greens (10% of the vote) and the Socialists (1% tops) are genuine anti-racists and  accordingly resolutely support Palestinian human rights.

Former Australian Coalition PM John Howard was fervently pro-US, pro-war, and pro-Israel. Howard was complicit  in the war criminal invasion of Iraq,  the subsequent  Iraqi Genocide and Iraqi Holocaust  ( 4.6 million  Iraqi deaths from violence, 1.7 million, or war- and sanctions-imposed deprivation , 2.7 million, 1990-2011) [72, 73] and in the Afghan Genocide and Afghan Holocaust (7 million deaths from war or war-imposed deprivation, 2001  onwards) [73, 74]. John Valder (former chairman of the Australian Stock Exchange and a former president of the federal Liberal Party, the biggest party in the conservative Coalition) (2004): “Bush, Blair, and Howard, as leaders of the three members of the coalition of the willing, inflicted enormous suffering on the people of Iraq. And, as such, they are criminals. I believe the only deterrent to a repetition of the Iraq situation is punishment in some form as war criminals” [75]. Eminent  former Australian  Human Rights  Commissioner Professor Gillian Triggs was spot on when she described the Australian Coalition Government as “ideologically opposed to human rights” [76].

Former Australian Labor PM Julia Gillard was fervently pro-US and pro-Israel. Julia Gillard was opposed to Australia recognizing the State of Palestine but was overruled by the Labor Caucus led by  Foreign Minister Bob Carr – Australia abstained from the UN vote on this matter. She also backed the Afghan War. Similarly Australian Labor PM  Bob Hawke involved Australia in deadly Sanctions against Iraq that killed 1.5 million people through imposed deprivation. Anti-racist Jewish American journalist Lesley Stahl is famous asking American UN Ambassador and later US Secretary of State (1997-2001) on US “60 Minutes” in 1996 about the “half a million children” who had died under Sanctions on Iraq: “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” and to which pro-Zionist Jewish American Albright replied “we think the price is worth it.” [77].

(3). Morrison: “Israel is the polaris star above the cut and thrust of the things that we deal with on a daily basis. It’s a beacon of democracy. A country governed by the rule of law with a free press infused with a multicultural character and aligned with our great ally, the United States. Not too many of them in that part of the world”.

Comment. This statement is utterly false. Of 14 million Palestinians, 7 million are about 50% of the subjects of Apartheid Israel and 7 million are Exiled Palestinians, unable to step foot in their homeland, Palestine, continuously inhabited by  their forebears to the very dawn of history. Of the  nearly 7 million Indigenous Palestinians who live under Israeli rule in Palestine, the 5 million Occupied Palestinians have zero human rights [10] and are not permitted to vote for the government ruling them (Apartheid) [14]. The 1.9 million “lucky “ Palestinian Israelis can vote for their rulers but exist  as Third Class citizens under over 60 Nazi-style race-based laws promulgated by a nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally racist, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, serial war criminal, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel.

(4). Morrison: “I’m mindful we’re celebrating that 70-year anniversary and it’s an appropriate time to reflect on our friendship particularly tonight and in reflecting we go back to the terrible days of World War II. There was no nation of Israel, instead broken and scarred Jewish people were scattered around the world and the horror on show was seared in our consciousness. It was in this setting that Australia chaired the 1947 UN committee that voted in favour of dividing the territory of mandated Palestine. That same year we became the first country to cast a vote in support of the partition plan as we’ve been reminded tonight”.

Comment. A democratic, one-state solution for an independent Palestine was espoused by both the British  occupiers and  Indigenous Palestinians back in the 1930s, but the racist Zionist minority were opposed because they had an often enunciated genocidally racist agenda of ultimate domination of all of Palestine [78-81], an agenda that was partly realized in 1948 (with Israeli occupation of 78% of Palestine and expulsion of 800,000 Indigenous Palestinians in the Nakba or Catastrophe) and fully realized in 1967 (with Israeli conquest of all of Palestine plus parts of Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, and expulsion of a further 400,000 Arabs from the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights in the Naksa or Setbck) [80, 81].

“Mandated Palestine” is astonishingly the only reference in Morrison’s speech to “Palestine”, the 2,500 year old name (the first use on record being that by Herodotus 484-425 BCE), deriving from the Philistine inhabitants  of the coastal parts of the land from 1200 BCE and recorded by the Egyptians  [82]. Extraordinarily Morrison made absolutely zero (0) mention of the Palestinians – the  nearly 2 million Indigenous Palestinian Israelis (21% of the Israeli population and living under over 60 Nazi-style race laws) , the circa 7  million Palestine-dwelling  Indigenous Palestinians (now 50% of Apartheid Israel subjects),  the 5 million Occupied Palestinians (highly abusively and indefinitely imprisoned  with  zero human rights in ever-diminishing  West Bank ghettoes or in the starved and  regularly shelled and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp), and the 7 million Exiled Indigenous Palestinians  forbidden  on pain of death from stepping foot  on the land inhabited by their forebears for millennia before  the genocidally racist British [59, 83-85] handed it to the genocidally racist Zionists [6-13]. 50% of the Palestinians that pro-Zionist Morrison utterly ignored are children and 75% are women and children.

The WW2 Jewish Holocaust that devastated my wider family in Hungary (only a dozen surviving to my knowledge) involved 5-6 million Jewish deaths from violence or from imposed deprivation  [86, 87] and was part of a “forgotten”, Zionist-eradicated  WW2 European Holocaust that involved 30 million Slav (notably Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Yugoslav),  Jewish and Roma deaths [59]. Also rendered  “forgotten” by mendacious and racist  Zionists   are the “forgotten” WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35 million Chinese deaths under the Japanese in 1937-1945) [88] and the “forgotten” WW2 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death for strategic reasons by the British with Australian  complicity) [83, 89, 90].  Racist  White Australia got in before Hitler with  its contribution to the Allied invasion of  Russia (1918–1919) [91]; the founder of Morrison’s Liberal Party, Robert “Pig Iron Bob” Menzies, notoriously  exported pig-iron to Japan as it was devastating  China [83]; and  Australia withheld food from its huge war-time grain  stores from its  starving wartime ally, India, that provided 2.4 million soldiers to the WW2 Allied war effort [83].

Australia, a genocidally racist country based on the dispossession and attempted total extermination of the Indigenous inhabitants , was fittingly “the first country to cast a vote in support of the partition” of the ancient land of  Palestine in favour of neo-Nazi European colonizers who have now ethnically cleansed 90% of Palestine. Notwithstanding 2 major expulsion events (1948 and 1967), continuing ethnic cleansing, massive Zionist violence and deadly deprivation, Indigenous Palestinians still represent about 50% of the subjects of genocidally  racist Apartheid Israel whereas Jewish Israelis are a minority in the land they grossly mis- rule – but the Palestinians were not noticed at all by Australian PM Morrison in his “sucking up to Zionists” speech.

 (5). Morrison: “Two years later in 1949, Australia officially recognised the new state of Israel and presided over the vote which formally committed Israel to the UN. We are proud of what we did then and we remain so proud today. We stood up when it mattered then and now. Israel can always depend on Australia. We believe in the nation of Israel. We believe in its right to exist in peace, within secure internationally recognised borders, and we will say so for as long as we have breath”.

Comment. There is  significantly absolutely no mention of any State of Palestine for the near majority Indigenous Palestinians in Palestine (see the comment in (1) above re Morrison’s breathtakingly disingenuous cant). Indeed 70 years on the anti-Arab anti-Semitic Coalition Government  and the likewise anti-Arab anti-Semitic  but significantly  troubled  Labor Opposition still refuse to recognize a State of Palestine.  The problem is that a huge slab of White Australia has been genocidally racist from 26 January 1788 onwards despite protestations to the contrary, especially in recent decades.

Genocidally racist Apartheid Israel can always depend on a genocidally racist pro-Apartheid White Australia as long as a US lackey, Zionist -subverted Labor is too cowardly to do the right thing. The racist Coalition quite possibly does not realize the unmitigated evil of their position, whereas Labor does but is too cowardly and unprincipled to do anything about it.

(6). Morrison: “We’re also taking a strong stand against the targeting of Israel and the UN General Assembly, as we were saying before. The UN was born out of the horrors of World War II, born out of an ethos of ‘never again’, but all too often an institution born in the same way, that’s supposed to do so much good has allowed anti-Semitism to seep into its deliberations, all under the language of human rights; and we’re not buying that, my government is not going to buy that. Our government is not going to buy that. And this is why, because we know the character of our friend Israel and we will defend it. We stand with our friends and under this government, that is what will occur”.

Comment. Racist White Australia is second only to Trump America  as a supporter of nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run,  genocidally racist, serial war criminal, grossly human rights-abusing  and democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel. Australia is utterly out of step with the international community in its fervent support for Apartheid Israel at the UN General Assembly, repeatedly siding  with the US, a tiny number of unprincipled, US lackey Island Nations and genocide-based Canada to oppose motions in favour of Palestinian human rights, Israeli observance of the Geneva Convention and flying the Palestinian flag at the UN. Australian Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr managed to persuade the Gillard Labor Government (but not fervently pro-Zionist and pro-US PM Julie Gillard) so that Australia “abstained” rather than voting “no” on the issue of recognition of the State of   Palestinian state (the non-US lackey and non-racist members of the  UN General Assembly (UNGA) overwhelmingly voted “yes”).

As a craven US lackey, racist White Australia disingenuously claims to support the “international rules-based order”  over the US-instigated Chinese island-building on uninhabited atolls in the South China Sea and the US-instigated, overwhelmingly  Crimean-backed Russian re-occupation of Crimea that was part of Russia for 3 centuries) but is silent when it comes to gross  violation of international law by serial war criminal and genocide-based entities such as Australia, the UK, the US, Canada and Apartheid Israel. These genocide-based, pro-war and   grossly human rights-abusing Anglosphere countries variously reject or violate International Law, the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice,  the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, the Geneva Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child,  the UN Charter, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the UN Genocide Convention, and the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the crime of Apartheid [71,   92-99]. Exceptionalist Apartheid Israel rejects the whole lot, followed in extent of rejection by the serial war criminal, pro-Apartheid America and thence by serial war criminal,  pro-Apartheid Australia.

Of course the ultimate arbiter in matters of International Law is the UN Security Council (UNSC) but Australia- and US-backed, serial war criminal  Apartheid Israel simply ignores UNSC as well as UNGA resolutions. Thus UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016) (passed unanimously except for Obama US abstention) also condemns the criminal annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem, stating: “ [It] 1.   Reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-State solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace; 2.   Reiterates its demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and that it fully respect all of its legal obligations in this regard; 3.   Underlines that it will not recognize any changes to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations” [100]. Pro-Apartheid Trump America and pro-Apartheid US lackey Australia were both outraged by UNSC Resolution 2334 and firmly rejected it [101-103].

Trumpist and anti-globalist Morrison’s  assertion that the UN “has allowed anti-Semitism to seep into its deliberations, all under the language of human rights” is utterly false and evidently  inspired by  the foul and false  Zionist canard that conflates criticism of Apartheid Israeli crimes with anti-Semitism. This dirty lie is being slimily  promulgated by the mendacious, Zionist-infested, lying by commission and lying by omission  ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation , the Australian  equivalent  of the mendacious UK BBC). Thus in 2019 alone the Zionist-infested ABC has been repeatedly  allowing false  defamation of anti-racist people such as Jeremy Corbyn, the British Labor Party, the Left in general, and the Greens as “anti-Semitic” and hence repugnant racists .  This line has been adopted by Zionists and pro-Zionists and repeatedly reported by the ABC (e.g. see [104, 105]). However numerous anti-racist Jewish critics of Apartheid Israel (including myself) are angered by this false calumny  that defames a large body of decent, pro-human rights, anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish critics of Apartheid Israel as anti-Semites and hence as utterly repugnant racists in a post-Jewish Holocaust perspective.

 On 22 November 2019 anti-racist  Jewish Australian writer Antony Loewenstein (author of “My Israel Question” [106]) was awarded the Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize for assiduously defending Palestinian Human Rights [107]. I attended the ceremony dinner in the Victorian Parliament. Antony Loewenstein recounted how he and his parents suffered communal ostracism as a result of their decent, anti-racist  stance for Palestinian human rights. Antony Loewenstein: “Conflating legitimate criticism of Israel with antisemitism – calling critics of Israeli policies antisemitic –  is a strategy intended to stifle criticism and dissent. Not every anti-Zionist is anti-Semitic; to assert that they are makes it more difficult to distinguish between real antisemitism and harsh but often warranted criticism of Israel. Israel and Judaism are separate and should not be automatically connected. Likewise, antisemitism is not anti-Zionism, though the two can be connected and are often conflated… Yes, antisemitism must be fought , but suggesting that antagonism towards the state of Israel is unrelated to Israeli action makes as much sense as claiming that rising anti-Americanism has no connection with the quagmire in Iraq” (pages 151-152 [106]).

For the opinions of numerous anti-racist  Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarian critics of the horrendous crimes of Apartheid Israel see [12, 14-19]. For anti-racist Jews and indeed all anti-racist humanitarians the core moral messages from the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, perhaps 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) and from the more general WW2 European Holocaust (30 million Slav, Jewish and Gypsy dead) are “zero tolerance for racism”, “bear witness”,  “zero tolerance for lying” and “never again to anyone”, including Palestinians. However these sacred injunctions are grossly violated by the anti-Arab anti-Semitic , Islamophobic and  indeed anti-Jewish anti-Semitic   racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel and their Western backers variously involved in the following atrocities (deaths from violence and imposed deprivation  in parentheses): the   ongoing Palestinian Genocide (2.2 million), Iraqi Genocide (4.6 million), Somali Genocide (1.6 million),  Syrian Genocide (1 million) , Afghan Genocide (7 million), and the Muslim Genocide and Muslim Holocaust (32 million Muslim deaths from violence, 5 million, or from deprivation, 27 million, in 20 countries invaded by the US Alliance since the US Government’s 9-11 false flag atrocity that killed 3,000 people) [72-74, 108, 109].  Anti-Semitism comes in 2 equally repugnant forms, namely anti-Arab anti-Semitism against 300 million ethnically Semitic Arabs and 1,600 million largely culturally Semitic Muslims (Islamophobia) and anti-Jewish anti-Semitism against 18 million mostly culturally Semitic Jews.

Anti-racist Jewish American scholar Professor Bertell Ollman ( professor of politics at New York University): “An all out struggle against Zionism by Jews, therefore, is also the most effective way to fight against real anti-Semitism. Furthermore, if Zionism is indeed a particularly virulent form of nationalism and, increasingly, of racism and if Israel is acting toward its captive minority in ways that resemble more and more how the Nazis treated their Jews, then we must also say so. For obvious reasons, the Zionists are very sensitive about being compared to the Nazis (not so sensitive that it has restrained them in their actions but enough to bellow “unfair” and to charge “anti-Semitism” when it happens). Yet, the facts on the ground, when not obscured by one or another Zionist rationalization, show that the Zionists are the worst anti-Semites in the world today, oppressing a Semitic people as no nation has done since the Nazis” [110]. The racist Zionists are also among the worst anti-Jewish  anti-Semites in the  world by (a)  falsely defaming anti-racist Jews critical of Apartheid Israel as anti-Semites, self-hating Jews, and self-loathing Jews, and by  (b) falsely conflating  all Jews (including anti-racist Jews) with Apartheid Israel and its horrendous actions, thereby falsely defaming anti-racist Jewish humanitarians and exacerbating anti-Jewish anti-Semitism around the world [16].

(7). Morrison: “We’ve set up a trade and defence office in West Jerusalem to deepen ties on trade, defence industries, investment and innovation. Our bilateral trade is now more than $1.3 billion a year and we are now collaborating in areas ranging from food and water security, to science and technology, and clean energy. We’re working with our Jewish friends in the critical area of water management and Israel has virtually drought-proofed its cities”.

Comment. In saying “We’re working with our Jewish friends” PM Morrison totally excludes the 1.9 million Indigenous Palestinian  Israelis (21% of the Israeli population),   the 6.9 million Indigenous Palestinian  subjects of Apartheid Israel who are 49% of the 9.0 million subjects of Apartheid Israel and indeed the 7.3 million non-Jewish subjects  of Apartheid Israel (52% of the population). Morrison’s “Jewish friends” are a 48% minority in Palestine [111] but have imposed a genocidal and race-based regime that exceeds the former Apartheid South Africa in severity and obscenity.

When it comes to water Apartheid Israeli may have “virtually drought-proofed its cities”  but has been stealing water from the aquifer under the Occupied West Bank and ensuring that Occupied Palestinians get very little. In Palestine  Apartheid Israel controls water supply, notably that from the largely West Bank-based Mountain Aquifer with   8.9 million Israelis  getting  87% of Mountain Aquifer water whereas 5 million Occupied Palestinians  (the owners) get a mere 13% . While the WHO minimum daily per capita water allocation is 100 litres, Israelis get 240-300 litres  and West Bank Palestinians  get 73 litres. Israelis have deliberately  demolished 50  water extraction facilities in the West Bank and by bombing have destroyed water and sewerage  infrastructure  in the Gaza Concentration Camp to the point that it is approaching unliveable conditions [112-114]. In relation to this massive and deliberately  imposed domestic water deficit, a serial war criminal Apartheid Israel is grossly violating Articles  55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilians in Time of War that state that an Occupier must provide the Conquered Subjects with life sustaining food, medical  and other conditions “to the fullest extent of the means available to it”[92]. Apartheid Israel is stealing Mountain Aquifer water that derives from rain falling on the West Bank and in doing so is violating the Hague Regulations of 1907, which prohibit an occupying power from expropriating the resources of occupied territory [114].

Apartheid Israel’s war criminal “water Apartheid” [114, 115] is matched by pro-Apartheid Australia’s “aqua nullius” , the water equivalent  of racist White Australia’s 2-century genocidal doctrine of “terra nullius” (“empty land” ) that has also underwritten Apartheid Israel’s ongoing Palestinian Genocide. Thus the Murray-Darling Basin in south eastern Australia is a major irrigation area and “Australia’s food bowl”. However overuse of water has resulted in decreased flows in the Murray River and the Darling River, with the latter now reduced to a succession of dead pools.  A politically contentious Federal Murray-Darling Plan has involved “water buy-back”  for the environment from users whose genocidal forebears ( like the genocidal Israelis today and their ongoing Palestinian Genocide ) had stolen the land and the water rights from Indigenous people in a 2-century Australian Aboriginal Genocide [34, 35, 115]. For desperately poor surviving Indigenous Australian  communities along the now dry Darling River, they have been robbed of their land, their rights and now even water to drink, swim in or fish in [115]. And, further, in relation to “food and water security” Apartheid Israel has imposed a blockade of the Gaza Concentration Camp for 11 years and carefully adjusts permitted food imports to bare survivability [116, 117].

“Morrison’s  assertion that “We’ve set up a trade and defence office in West Jerusalem to deepen ties on trade, defence industries, investment and innovation”  gives multiple offence. Morrison cynically  used the possibility of moving the Australian Embassy to war criminally Apartheid Israel-unified Jerusalem as a sop to Jewish voters in the Wentworth by-election (this raised the ire of Indonesia and his candidate, an Indian-origin  pro-Zionist former ambassador to Apartheid Israel, lost but was elected  in the May 2019 Federal election).  Apartheid Israel has illegally and indeed war criminally annexed East Jerusalem plus its Indigenous Palestinian  inhabitants  who overwhelmingly  do not vote in Israeli elections i.e. more neo-Nazi-style Israeli Apartheid.  Of 193 voting members of the UN,  65 sanctions-deserving, pro-Apartheid states shamefully failed to support the December 2017 UN General Assembly Resolution condemning US-backed Apartheid Israel’s unilateral annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem. While this moral failure is understandable  for serial genocidal and genocide-based nations like Australia and Canada and countries complicit in WW2 Nazi atrocities like Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania and the Ukraine, the moral failure of 21 out of 31 Small Island Developing States suggests that they succumbed to blatant US blackmail  and corruption [118]. The rich, English-speaking, white, US Alliance  Anglosphere nations have a “5-eyes” Anglosphere intelligence -sharing Club comprising the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This is  actually a “6-eyes” Club because pro-Apartheid America shares intelligence from its “5-eyes’ partners with Apartheid Israel [119].  Only the UK and New Zealand voted “Yes”, with pro-Apartheid America voting “No” and pro-Apartheid Australia and Pro-Apartheid Canada both Abstaining [118, 120]. This is a further instance out of numerous examples that can be given of how US lackey, pro-Apartheid Australia  has been subverted by nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel [121].

Presently an anti-China,  Sinophobic, US lackey Australia is in a lather of Australian Intelligence-fanned, xenophobic hysteria about “Chinese influence” including collaborative research in Australian universities. What is carefully ignored by the  mendacious, traitorous  and racist   Australian Mainstream media is that there is a huge amount of collaborative military research involving neo-Nazi  Israel in Australian universities [122, 123].  Dr Vacy Vlazna: “It is Palestinian men, women, teenagers and children who are the guinea pigs of Israel ‘s ‘battle-tested’ weaponry. Israeli defense companies as well as their joint venture US/UK defense partners have subsidiaries in Australia … and have footholds in and associations with Australian universities” [123]. Apartheid Israeli “merchants of death” boast to their customers around the world that their military hardware has been “pre-tested” on Occupied Palestinians, Arabs and indeed on other non-Europeans around the world (e.g. in the Guatemala Indian  Genocide and the Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide) [18, 123, 124]. While Australians are caught up with Sinophobia-driven concern over China influence [125-133], there is dangerous Mainstream presstitute silence over massive racist Zionist and Apartheid Israeli perversion and subversion of Australian and Australian institutions [121-123].

(8).  Morrison: “One area where we stand together in particular is standing against extremism, in all of its forms. In March, I spoke at the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne. It was just a few days after the horrific attacks in Christchurch; and I took the opportunity to speak about the nature of extremism, because I knew it was something the audience knew too much about, and in too personal away. And I said that extremism is an inability to tolerate difference… It can be religious, it can be secular, it can be political and, sadly, we live in a world where this inability to tolerate difference is becoming more prevalent and there have been attacks on mosques and Islamic cultural centres in New Zealand, Canada and Afghanistan and on churches in Sri Lanka, Egypt and the Philippines just to give a few of the many examples, and I know that grieves the Jewish community as much as it does the attacks that occur on the temples and, of course, a new round of the age-old scourge of anti-Semitism has found expression in attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh, in San Diego, Copenhagen, in Harlem, a Jewish museum in Brussels, a Jewish supermarket in Paris and there are too many more places”.

Comment. A neo-Nazi  Australian terrorist killed 51  Muslims in the Christchurch atrocity. US Foreign Policy reports: “In the Christchurch terrorist’s manifesto, the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, is named as the killer’s only true source of inspiration” [134]. Neo-Nazi mass murderer Breivik was a pro-Zionist extremist who set out in his 1,500 page Manifesto his demand for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from Europe, Turkey, China, India, Thailand, the Philippines and Palestine [135]. Thus my analysis in 2012: “An Elephant in the Room  reality that the endlessly lying, Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-beholden Western Mainstream media are trying to keep under wraps is that the Norwegian killer Anders Breivik (killer of 77 people) is not just a mass murderer  but is like the mass murdering  US Alliance and Apartheid Israel leaders (killers of 12 million people in the post-1990 US War on Muslims) in being  a racist, genocidal,  neofascist, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic,  pro-Israel, and pro-Zionist  mass murderer” [136].

Of 160 mosques in villages seized by the Zionist invaders in 1948 only 40 survived by 2007. The genocidally racist Zionist victors ensured that Hebrew names replaced the Arabic names of more than 9,000 natural features, villages, and ruins in territory seized by the Zionists  in 1948. The 2018 passage of the racist Israeli  nation-state law makes “Israel”, that has ruled all of Palestine  since 1967, a “Jewish state” without reference to Indigenous Palestinians , and with Arabic  relegated from an official language to merely  a special language. In the 1994 Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre (Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, Hebron Massacre) in Apartheid Israeli-occupied Hebron, 29 Muslims at prayer were killed and  125 wounded by a Jewish Israeli fanatic [137].

Morrison again returns to the “old scourge of anti-Semitism” but ignores the appalling reality that racist Zionism is the worst anti-Arab anti-Semitism in the world today (from the Palestinian  Genocide to the ongoing Muslim Holocaust) but is also the worst anti-Jewish anti-Semitism in the world today by grossly defaming anti-racist Jews and encouraging global anti-Jewish anti-Semitism by falsely conflating all Jews  in general  (i.e. all Jews, including a huge and growing body of anti-racist Jews) with the “Jewish State” and hence with Apartheid Israel  and its appalling, genocidal crimes.

Morrison’s assertion that “One area where we stand together in particular is standing against extremism, in all of its forms” rings hollow when you look at the harsh reality. Thus people killed by jihadi psychopaths in Australia were zero (0) before 2014 and now total 4. However there is a  circa $10 billion annual long-term accrual cost to Australia of its craven and dirty participation in the confected, deadly and  Zionist-inspired US War on Terra  (32 million Muslim deaths from violence, 5 million, or war-imposed deprivation, 27 million,  in 20 countries invaded by the US Alliance since the US Government’s 9-11 false flag atrocity that killed 3,000 people) [108, 109]. This horrendous fiscal perversion on behalf of genocidal Apartheid Israel and Zionist-subverted America has  a continuing,  horrible and deadly impact on Australia. In contrast to only 4 jihadi terrorism deaths ever in Australia,  85,000 Australians die preventably each year due to “lifestyle choices” and “political choices” , the breakdown (including some overlaps) being as follows:  (1) 26,000 annual Australian deaths from adverse hospital events, (2) 17,000 obesity-related Australian deaths,  (3) 15,500 smoking-related Australian deaths, (4) 10,000 carbon burning pollution-derived Australian deaths, (5). 4,000 avoidable Indigenous Australian deaths, (6). 5,600 Australians alcohol-related deaths, (7) 2,900 Australian suicides (circa 80  being veterans) , (8) 1,400 Australian road deaths, (9) 1,900 Australian drug-related deaths (mostly from opioids and inescapably  linked  to US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry), and (10) 300 Australian homicides (80 being of women killed domestically) [138-141]. This carnage is largely  ignored by the Australian-killing Coalition, by craven Labor and by Mainstream journalist , editor, politician, academic and presstitutes.

Israeli state terrorism and other Israeli extremism certainly impacts Australia (notwithstanding pro-Apartheid Australian being second only to Trump America as a supporter of Apartheid  Israel) e.g. the pro-Zionist-led Coup that removed PM Kevin Rudd and crippled Labor for a decade [142, 143], large-scale, US-linked  spying on all Australians [119],  and the likely murder of Australian-Israeli spy Ben Zygier in a suicide-proof Israeli prison cell  [144]. Israeli state terrorism, not content with  its horrendous crimes in the Middle East,  has been involved in kidnapping, imprisoning, torturing, abusing, tasering, shooting, shelling, mangling, deceiving, suborning, corrupting, robbing, defaming, spying on, violating,  censoring, threatening, sidelining, betraying,  subverting and perverting Australians [119, 121]. With the help of its traitorous and fanatical agents in Australia,  Apartheid Israel subverts and perverts Australians and Australian institutions. Thus, for example, an outstanding human rights lawyer and Labor candidate, Melissa Parke, was forced to quit her candidacy before the 2019 Federal elections  simply because she supported Palestinian human rights [145].

 (9). Morrison: “And sadly, we see and hear of anti-Semitic instances occurring in our communities. We can’t pretend it’s not happening here. It is. You know better than I do… We’ve seen Swastikas daubed across political material, anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on a Jewish-owned cafe and reports of children being harassed because they are Jewish… That’s why after Christchurch [51 Muslims murdered]  we  expanded our Safer Communities Fund in priorities of religious schools and places of worship. It’s why we have continued throughout this program some $70 million grants in 2016 and we’re adding another $58 million to that program over the next four years”.

Comment. Totally ignored by the mendacious,  racist and Zionist-subverted Mainstream presstitutes , anti-Semitism  comes in 2 equally repugnant forms, namely anti-Arab anti-Semitism directed against 300 million ethnically and culturally Semitic Arabs and 1,600 million largely culturally Semitic Muslims (Islamophobia), and anti-Jewish anti-Semitism directed against  18 million largely culturally Semitic Jews.

There is massive Islamophobic anti-Arab anti-Semitism in Australia as revealed in a recent survey of 600 Sydney Muslims: 97% approved multiculturalism (compared to 87% approval by Australians as a whole), 57%  had experienced racism, 62 %  had experienced racism in the workplace or when seeking employment, 10%  had “very high” rates of exposure to racism, 86% believed relations between Australian Muslims and non-Muslims were friendly, and unemployment was 8.5% (3.7% for Sydney as a whole) [146]. Muslim women are particularly  vulnerable to public attack because of their distinctive headware (e.g. see [147]). The Charles Sturt University “Islamophobia in Australia” report states: “The report captures and critically analyses 243 verified incidents reported between September 2014 and December 2015… 51.4% of the online harassments were found to be of a violent nature – expressing, encouraging and facilitating violence. These findings indicate that far right groups of various persuasions as well as their spread of hatred through social media need to be taken more seriously… Victims’ reports in Section II illustrate the profoundly destructive effect of Islamophobic incidents on the victims. That destruction limits daily routines of some victims, as Section II illustrates that Islamophobic incidents take place within indoor and outdoor areas. Indeed, more severe incidents were observed in indoor areas while the victim was amongst a crowd. The hot spots of Islamophobia included frequently visited places such as shopping centres, trains and train stations, schools and school surroundings. Extension of Islamophobia to frequently visited places deprives victims and potential targets of the sense of security in their daily lives, while it leads to normalisation of Islamophobia for people from all walks of life in Australia ” [148]. While 4 jihadi psychopaths killed 4 Australians in Australia from 2014 onwards, a right-wing Australian psychopath killed 51 Muslims in  New Zealand in March 2019.

Security for schools at risk is important. However this should be seen in the context of $31 billion spent annually on taxpayer subsidies to religious schools attended by 1/3 of Australian children (in comparison, the annual Australian Defence budget is about $35 billion). The 1/3 of Australian children attending taxpayer-subsidized religious schools  are subject to child intellectual abuse, this variously involving children being indoctrinated in  egregiously false and dangerous propositions such as misogyny, gender-based discrimination, sexism, sexual guilt, homophobia, anti-science claptrap,  death for apostasy, life-after-death, trans-substantiation, water-into-wine, miracles, walking on water, dead-to-living conversion, virgin birth,  heaven,  hell, purgatory, assumption into heaven, rapturing up, divine authorship, divine sanction, creationism, intelligent design, biblical literalism, and the right to invade, occupy, devastate, and ethnically cleanse other countries [149, 150].

(10). Morrison: “After the Second World War, Australia offered a home to more holocaust survivors per capita than any nation other than Israel. So proud of that.  Jewish Australians make up less than half a percent of our population, but they have made a remarkable contribution to our national life. The roll call  – Sir John Monash, Sir Isaac Isaacs, Sir Zelman Cowen, Sir Frank Lowy, John Gandel Governor Linda Dessau, the others I’ve mentioned here – Mark, Solly and everyone – thousands more who in their own way have sought to do mitzvot [obeying divine commandments] and be a light unto the nations”.

Comment. By “holocaust” Morrison presumably means just the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million killed by violence or imposed deprivation) and not the WW2 European Holocaust (30 million  such deaths  of Slavs, Jews and Roma), the WW2 Chinese Holocaust ( 35 million Chinese deaths under the Japanese) or the WW2 Indian Holocaust (6-7 million Indians starved to death in Bengal, Assam, Bihar and Orissa by the British with Australian  complicity).

In the critical life-or-death period  1933-1945 (this encompassing the critical life-or-death period  of 1938-1945 in which Jews were being killed)  Australia took in 9,000 Jewish refugees , Canada 8,000 and the UK (71,000), but from circa 1935 onwards the rest of the British Empire took in zero (0) Jewish refugees [86].

While eminent military commander and engineer Sir John Monash was a Zionist, the eminent jurist  Sir Isaac Isaacs (the first Australian-born Governor General of Australia) was resolutely opposed to racist Zionist, stating (circa 1946): “The honour of Jews throughout the world demands the renunciation of political Zionism” and The Zionist movement as a whole…now places its own unwarranted interpretation on the Balfour Declaration, and makes demands that are arousing the antagonism of the Moslem world of nearly 400 millions, thereby menacing the safety of our Empire, endangering world peace and imperiling some of the most sacred associations of the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem faiths. Besides their inherent injustice to others these demands would, I believe, seriously and detrimentally affect the general position of Jews throughout the world” [16]. Decent, anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish folk around the world agree with Sir Isaac Isaacs.

Sir John Monash in 1927 became national president of the Australian Zionist Federation  and post-WW1 became a major driver of electrical power from burning Victorian   brown coal [151].  However Zionism is now synonymous with genocidal racism among decent, anti-racist folk  world-wide [16, 17],  and sensible, science-informed people understand that the world must urgently  cease burning coal and other fossil fuels [152-156]. Unfortunately  the Coalition Government that Morrison  leads  is pro-Zionist, pro-Apartheid Israel, pro-Apartheid, pro-war, anti-science, anti-environment, and indeed climate criminal. Thus Australia is now among world leaders in 15 areas of climate criminality, to whit (1) annual per capita greenhouse gas pollution , (2) live methanogenic livestock exports,  (3) natural gas exports, (4) recoverable shale gas reserves that can be accessed by hydraulic fracturing (fracking), (5) coal exports, (6) land clearing, deforestation and ecocide, (7) speciescide or species extinction , (8) coral reef destruction, (9) whale killing  and extinction threat through global warming impacting on krill stocks, (10) terminal carbon pollution budget exceedance,   (11) per capita Carbon Debt, (12) ultimately GHG generating iron ore exports, (13) climate change inaction, (14) climate genocide and approach towards omnicide and terracide, and (15) increasing GHG pollution despite Paris commitments to lower GHG pollution (for detailed documentation see [157]). Eminent physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has succinctly  warned  [my emphasis added]: “We see great peril if governments and societies do not take action NOW to render nuclear weapons obsolete and to prevent further climate change” [158, 159].

(11). Morrison: “So I’m very pleased that the Israeli president Reuven Rivlin has also said he will visit Australia next year and we look forward to welcoming him and this will be the first visit by an Israeli head of state in 15 years, and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming him and I am very much looking forward to take the many invitations I’ve had to return to Israel, and I look forward to doing that as soon as I possibly can and once things are in a position where someone can issue me that invitation”.

Comment. Reuven Rivlin is the president of a nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally racist, serial invader, serial war criminal, grossly human rights-abusing, democracy-by-genocide, Apartheid rogue state – as such he is certainly not welcome in Australia as far as decent, anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians are concerned.

(12). Morrison: “Finally, may I express my gratitude to the WZO [World Zionist Organization] and the ZFA [Zionist  Federation of Australia] , the Zionist Council of NSW [New South Wales] for bestowing this prestigious award on me and all of your kindness for being here tonight to be part of this. As I said, it means a great deal”.

Comment. This is certainly  not a prestigious award – it is a repugnant reward for pro-,  Lib-Lab (Coalition and Labor) Australian support for a repugnant, evil and racist ideology and for a repugnant, neo-Nazi Apartheid state.  Indeed an accurate analogy would be  to imagine an  award given decades ago by Apartheid South Africa to a PM of Australia  in return  for the support given by a pro-Apartheid Australia to neo-Nazi Apartheid South Africa.  Zionism is genocidal racism in awful theory and in genocidal practice.

Thus, just by way of example from a litany foul racist Zionist assertions,  consider the following quotes from Theodor Herzl, the psychopathic, genocidally racist, and proto-Nazi founder of racist Zionism: “We shall try to spirit the penniless [Palestinian] population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it employment in our country. The property owners will come over to our side. Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discretely and circumspectly” (1895)  and “If His Majesty the Sultan were to give us Palestine, we could in return undertake to regulate the whole finances of Turkey. We should there form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism. We should as a neutral State remain in contact with all Europe, which would have to guarantee our existence” (1896.  The degenerate racist Golda Meir (former Israeli PM ): “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people… It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist” (1969)  and  “This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy” (1971) [78, 79].

The editor of the Workers Bush Telegraph (in commenting on an indignant letter about the award by Gareth Smith to  the “Byron Bay Echo” newspaper): “Some may feel to compare Israelis to Nazis is not helpful, or even a bit lazy. However I can see no problem with the Zionist/Nazi analogy in the letter by Gareth Smith posted below. Both National Socialists (Nazis) and Zionists wanted a state based on race: one of Aryans in Germany, the other of Jews in Palestine (Israel). Of course, many Jewish people disagree with both Zionist and National Socialist programs. The Netanyahus and Morrisons of this world have many extra-parliamentary opponents despite their victories at the polls” [161].

(13).  Morrison: “I visited Israel long before I entered Parliament and like so many, I feel that deep familiarity. You cannot walk on that land without it sinking into you. You can’t. The bible stories I learned as a child that mean so much to me today , that my parents and grandparents read to me and lived out in their own lives.  has a place in my heart, a place that deserves peace and prosperity, worthy of the faiths and cultures that have grown out of our Holy Land”.

Comment. Morrison is a very public Pentacostal Christian. I don’t know what his views are on (a) Biblical literalism,  (b) Creationism, and (c) Miracles  but if in fact he believes in (a), (b) and (c) then he is a serious threat to  science-based rational risk management  that is crucial for societal safety and security in Australia. The Pentacostal Christians in the US are  overwhelmingly fervent supporters of Zionism and are also believers in Biblical Literalism,  Creationism and Miracles. Thus secular Jewish Israeli Professor Yuval Harari comments thus on overwhelming American belief in Creationism: “According to a 2012 Gallup survey,  only 15 per cent of Americans think that Homo sapiens  evolved through natural selection alone, free of all divine intervention; 32 per cent maintain that humans may have evolved from earlier life forms in a process lasting millions of years, but God orchestrated this entire show; 46 per cent believe that God created humans in their current form sometime in the last 10,000 years, just as the Bible says. Spending three years in college has absolutely no impact on these views. The same survey found that among BA graduates, 46 per cent believe in the creation story, whereas only 14 per cent think that humans evolved without any divine supervision. Even among holders of MA and PhD degrees, 25 per cent believe the Bible, whereas only 29  per cent credit natural selection alone with the creation of our species” (page 119 [161]; see [162]).

Cowardly,  mendacious and oligopoly-dominated Australian Mainstream media have not asked Morrison these crucial questions about his “faith” that  impinge on the safety and security of Australia. However on his astonishing re-election in May 2019 his first reaction in front of  the adoring mob was “I have always believed in miracles!” [163]. The Mainstream media presstitutes need to ask Morrison whether  this was “fact” or merely “rhetoric”. In similar vein, Morrison presides s over an effective climate change denialist Coalition  Government that ignores overwhelming scientific  opinion and has put  Australia among world leaders in climate change inaction and in 14 other areas of climate criminality [157].   Indeed Morrison  notoriously brought a lump of coal into the Federal Parliament, idiotically declaring: “This is coal — don’t be afraid, don’t be scared. It’s coal, it was dug up by men and women who work and live in the [Labor] electorates of those who sit opposite” [164]. Thinking the best of Morrison he is simply in thrall to the anti-science far-Right of his Coalition Government. However sane secularists would like to  know to what extent their Prime Minister is off with the fairies, or as we say in Australia, “has  ‘roos [kangaroos] loose in the top paddock”.

Zionism is a racist, secular political ideology that is contrary to Orthodox Jewish theology that for 2,000 years has asserted that Jews cannot return to Zion [Jerusalem’] until the Messiah arrives to reveal the glory of the Lord to the whole world. This genocidal secular ideology further asserts that G-d gave the Promised Land (Canaan, Palestine) to His Chosen People about 3,000 years ago. There are about 100 billion galaxies and about 100 billion stars per galaxy and one wonders why an asserted  Creator would singly out a bloodthirsty and genocidal tribe of ethnic cleansing psychopaths just out of the Bronze Age and located on a small planet orbiting a small sun as His Chosen People. Indeed with a bit of semantic licence the racist Zionists  can be seen to violate every one of the Ten Commandments that are at the heart of the Abrahamic religions to which about 50% of Humanity adhere and indeed to which nearly all  of Humanity (including secular Humanity adhere.

The Zionist myth has it that G-d gave His Chosen People the Promised Land (Canaan, Palestine) after Exodus from slavery in Egypt. After ethnic cleansing Palestine the Israelites  set up the Kingdom  of David and Solomon from the Nile to the Euphrates. However when the Jews failed to properly observe G-d’s  laws they were expelled from Palestine by the Romans (the Exile) and made their way across North Africa to Spain from whence they were expelled (together with Muslim Moors) in 1492 (the only true part of the Zionist myth).  The expelled Jews (but not the expelled Muslim Moors) made their way through France, the Netherlands and Germany  to Eastern Europe where they magically became the Ashkenazi Jews who lived out their lives desperately longing for a Return to Palestine and Zion (Jerusalem).

Of course there is zero (0) non-Biblical evidence for the Exodus, the Kingdom of David and Solomon, and the Exile. The infinitely powerful and omniscient G-d who presides over the wonders of 100 billion galaxies and 10,000 billion billion solar systems failed to erect a weathering-proof metallic obelisk setting out his Laws and Deeds (cf the corrosion-proof iron pillar of Delhi constructed by King Chandragupta II,  375-415 CE).

Indeed I am walking testament to the falsehood of the Zionist myth. Thus DNA analysis shows that I am 24% British Celtic and 57% Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish (this being in accord with 3 centuries of family history)  but with zero (0) English, Netherlands, Scandinavian, Swiss,  German or Middle Eastern. There were huge numbers of Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Europe before there were any pogroms in Germany. You can’t get something from nothing – ergo the Ashkenazi Jews arose in Eastern Europe before this mythical, Zionist-asserted transmigration.

Molecular biology, history and linguistics scholars have determined that  Ashkenazi Jews derived from Khazar converts to Judaism and were involved in trading in Eastern Turkey to Southern Russia at the end of the Great Silk Road from China. Such trade required  borrowing  money and repayment of loans with interest,  with the latter being forbidden by both Christianity  to the  West and Muslims to the South. [165- 171]. Indeed a huge study of the mitochondrial DNA of Ashkenazi Jewish women found a substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages [171].

(14). Morrison: “In accepting this award, I see it as another manifestation of the friendship between Australia and Israel. In standing true with Israel, I just see it as doing my job as an Australian Prime Minister”.

Comment. In lavishing praise on racist Zionists and ignoring  their horrendous crimes, Australian PM “Scomo” Morrison has heaped excrement on Australia’s international reputation. Just as being pro-Nazi Germany can be reasonably described as being pro-Nazi, so being fervently pro-Apartheid Israel can be reasonably described as being pro-Apartheid. Apartheid is regarded as a crime against  Humanity by the UN  [71]. A quarter century ago, global Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid South Africa led to the fall of the repugnant, nuclear-armed  Apartheid regime.  Similarly, today decent people around the world are urging and applying Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel,  just as the World successfully applied boycotts and sanctions against Apartheid South  Africa  from the 1960s to the 1990s.

(15). Morrison: “We are a steadfast friend, since its modern creation, to Israel, and our commitment remains as firm today as it was 70 years ago, if not deeper and stronger. Thank you so much”.

Comment. By making pro-Apartheid Australia second only to Trump  as a supporter of Apartheid Israel, buffoon Morrison is unwittingly inviting the world to apply Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions  (BDS) not just against  pro-Apartheid Australia but in general against all  people, politicians, collectives, corporations and countries complicit in Apartheid Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine in the ongoing Palestinian Genocide,  and its horrendous mal-treatment of the Indigenous Palestinians. Decent anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians must take a stand against the racism, anti-Arab anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and anti-Jewish anti-Semitism of the Zionists and the presently ruling,  pro-Zionist  Liberal Party-National Party Coalition – they will vote 1 Green and put the Coalition last.


Zionism is genocidal racism and anti-Zionism is anti-racism. However the Zionists and pro-Zionists in France, the UK, the US, Canada and Australia  are   ramping up their efforts to falsely assert that criticism  of Apartheid Israel is anti-.Semitic.  A substantial body of Jewish people around the world are opposed to all forms of racism, and are highly critical of the horrendous crimes of Apartheid Israel in particular. However these anti-racist Jews – including me – are subject to utterly false and defamatory assertions by Zionists and pro-Zionists that they are racist, anti-Semitic, self-hating Jews and self-loathing Jews. In my case,  I publish circa 10,000 words each week in the interests of peace, Humanity and the Biosphere,  but for a  dozen years have been rendered “invisible” in my own country (with Zionist-subverted Australian Intelligence, Zionist-subverted oligopoly Mainstream media gate keepers, and the vicious Zionist lobby variously perceived on an evidentiary basis as the perpetrators of this egregious censorship in the interests of a foreign, nuclear terrorist, serial war criminal, rogue Apartheid state).


Politicians supporting Apartheid Israel are supporting Apartheid just as those  supporting Apartheid South Africa were supporting Apartheid. Politicians supporting Apartheid are utterly unfit for public life or political candidacy in one-person-one-vote democracies, and that means that most  Coalition and Labor (Lib-Lab) MPs are utterly unfit for public life in one-person-one-vote Australia.

The US and France have seen  legislation aimed at  punishing  advocacy of Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions   (BDS) against  Apartheid Israel for being assertedly “anti-semitism” [172, 173]. In the UK the traitorous Zionist Lobby is virulently and falsely defaming the anti-racist Labour Party and its anti-racist leader Jeremy Corbyn as asserted “anti-Semites” [12-21,  175-177]. In Australia  the progressive, anti-racist  Left, that includes many anti-racist Jews, is increasingly being defamed on the self-assertedly progressive ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s taxpayer-funded equivalent of the UK BBC [103-107, 178] . Australian PM Scott “Scomo” Morrison’s fervent support for Israel invites  implacable opposition from anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarians  within Australia and around the world. Anti-racist Jewish humanitarians will resolutely call out and condemn being falsely defamed  by racist Zionists  and pro-Zionists, not least because it was  defamation of Jews that led to the horrors of centuries of pogroms that ultimately resulted in  the WW2 Jewish Holocaust . Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at a major Australian university for 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds” (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London , 2003). He has published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007: ); see also his contributions “Australian complicity in Iraq mass mortality” in “Lies, Deep Fries & Statistics” (edited by Robyn Williams, ABC Books, Sydney, 2007:   ) and “Ongoing Palestinian Genocide” in “The Plight of the Palestinians (edited by William Cook, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010: ). He has published a revised and updated 2008 version of his 1998 book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (see:  ) as biofuel-, globalization- and climate-driven global food price increases threaten a greater famine catastrophe than the man-made famine in British-ruled India that killed 6-7 million Indians in the “forgotten” World War 2 Bengal Famine (see recent BBC broadcast involving Dr Polya, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and others:  ;  Gideon Polya:  ; Gideon Polya Writing: ; Gideon Polya, Wikipedia: ) . When words fail one can say it in pictures – for images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: and  .




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