BoJo and the BJP

boris johnson modi

On the 12th, in the month of December, 2019; a General Election was held in the depth of a British winter. The following day, sections of the Revisionist, pro-Big Money British media announced that Friday the 13th was the day that the British Labour Party died; and they joyfully wished that the Party; now: — Rest In Peace.

Pundit is an Anglospheric corruption of the Indo-European term Pandit, meaning Learned One. It refers to those of the Anglophilic Brahmanical Cult that have disproportionately overarching influence over the lives of the vast majority of the Indian Republic and, in turn, over her children ensconced safely in the Diasporic realms of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

As the weeks now progress, many Pundits; experts in the Art of Political Analysis, will try to pontificate and attempt to add colour and texture to exactly what happened on the 12th which led to the unmitigated disaster that unfolded upon the Union on the 13th.

Blame will be squarely placed upon the peculiar leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and the influence that sections of an ethnically homogeneous sub-section of British Society who gravitate towards block voting en mass upon religious direction, (regardless of their understanding of the fundamental issues of what the exercise of their franchise even implies); have within the Labour Party. These Pundits will claim that the normal, average British Voter just had enough of Identity Politics and used their franchise to clear off the Labour Party, along with those who never believed in the spirit and the history of a Working Class Political Organisation but rather saw it as a means towards achieving some sort of Political Power, a stepping stone if you will towards an Salafist inspired power grab; which would be otherwise impossible, as this section lack force in numbers within the inner cities to have enough of a base for an effective political party of their own.

The Conservatives used this fissure beautifully when they claimed that this disaster has been a “Victory for the Working Class”. What the Pundits will miss and thus not be able to explain is the deeply racist underlying campaign that was played brilliantly in order to influence the sub-section votes and bring them home, to which I would like to return as we proceed. All that is however separate from the fortuitous timing of London Bridge, (just as millions of postal voting papers arrived on the doorstep 2 weeks prior to the 12th), which played out a scene with a “political radical” attending a Criminologists Conference, of all things; whilst on licence, wearing an electronic tag and able to smuggle in a knife the size of a small sword. What adds remarkable colour is the amazing fact that the berserk radical is then tackled by a convicted murderer with the other participants being members of the vast European Diaspora in London, one of whom makes a guest appearance with a Narwhal tusk.

London Bridge simplified the direction of franchise exertion of the significantly undecided postal voters.

But what should interest you is the influence of the RSS and the BJP, (via the Overseas Friends of the BJP) and a stunningly efficient quiet campaign based on maximal direction of media content via Whatsapp towards a targeted audience. This particular sub-section of the British Electorate was the Indian Diaspora within 43 specifically chosen Working Class Labour Constituencies. The media content consisted of professionally crafted video messages invoking Hindu Scriptures and out-of-context text quoted from V. D. Savarkar’s; Essentials of Hindutva. You must keep in mind that the Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom is now 5 Generations old in some places and 3/4 Generations is the norm. To them Hinduism is more of a ritual that consists of going through the motions during certain festivals, which bear no resemblance to their lives within the context of current British Society, which still remains deeply secular and pluralistic. (Most of the Diaspora’s connection to “back home” is a 2 week visit every 2 years). This beautiful ignorance of their actual roots back in the proverbial Motherland was artfully channelled into fear and loathing of their Muslim neighbours layered and presented with a gorgeously Anglophilic Bramanic subtle tone.

The Labour Party was presented, in their minds, as being a Muslim Party and that the Conservative Party was what held their true essence in her heart and that is where their allegiance should be laid. This carefully perfected media barrage was a smoothly refined, finely tuned modification of the version from the BJP campaign during the recently concluded General Elections within the Indian Republic, where the same content and method was deployed in an almost military style operation. The data was studied and re-packaged in order to wash soothingly over an audience where English had to be the media platform rather than Hindi, but the underlying context remained the same; fear, distrust and loathing of your Muslim neighbour and a racist critique of his very existence next to you.

You would say at this point; well is this tactic not the same as used to radicalise British Muslim youth with a distorted presentation of Islam in order to get them deeply involved in regime change propaganda in Islamic nations that lay secular principles as the basis of their governance. The answer to that is; yes absolutely right, but that carnage is being directed towards societies beyond Britain’s borders, where plausible deniability is conveniently invoked if the operation fails ruinously and these same youth are then forced to return, as in the case of the London Bridge participant. This, however, is more of a directed campaign in order to influence voting intentions within the confines of the Union itself.

Well guess what? When you browse the UK Elections at a glance you will notice that the Conservatives gained 47 seats from their previous performance, (365 seats now as opposed to 318 in the last election). Guess where 43 of those seats came from.

So although Johnson will claim this as a victory for the Working Class; which seems at odds to the pronouncements of his mentor; Maggie Thatcher who proudly proclaimed that there is “no such thing as society”, the underlying theme is vastly different to the reality being projected. It is a shaky victory based on the backs of a specifically insecure element of the Working Class whose visions of the future vastly differ from the ethos of the Conservative Party but who have nonetheless been brilliantly coerced by a quiet fear campaign to willingly hand over their votes. It is the ultimate example of influencing voters within targeted constituencies. This requires State Level Planning and joint co-operation with another State that has experience in the mechanics of delivering votes; although the performance of the other party of this quaint partnership once in power remains doubtful if not a total null and void waste.

Make no mistake, the results that were confirmed on the 13th is a catastrophe; not only for the Working Class of the United Kingdom but it also lays the stage for the eventual fragmentation of the Union itself. The 13th will be marked as a deeply sad day but this Government will be faced with huge opposition from the deeper sections of Britain’s political structure who are vastly unionised and magnificently organised and who permeate through every public sector within the nation.

The millions of Indians who have willingly handed over their priceless franchise to the Conservatives due to a deep racist hatred of their Muslim neighbour may need to heed something that happened throughout Europe less than a generation ago.

When they came for my neighbour, I said nothing.
When they came for me, there was no one to say anything.

To that I would like to add that the price to be paid for being morally corrupt and choosing to live on your knees will be exploited ruthlessly by this Government, who consider all ethnics as a sub-category of society that needs to be either ignored or hounded.

But to call this as the end of my Party would be pre-mature, at best. In the middle of chaos and confusion there always lies hope. In the constituency where I live, Ilford South in London, the people have risen above this cesspool of mindless propaganda and in the true spirit of International Socialism turned their faces towards Truth and elected a true Son of the Working Class as their new Member of Parliament.

I would like to quote from Sam Tarry’s biography;

“Ilford is the place that has shaped me and my outlook on life, from my first job working as a cleaner at Redbridge College as a fifteen-year-old, to stacking shelves at Ilford Sainsburys and working in call centres to pay my way through University. I got involved in community activism, campaigning against the invasion of Iraq with Redbridge Against War. There I became active in anti-fascist campaigning with Searchlight in Redbridge and later worked for Hope Not Hate. I joined GMB here because I’ve always understood the power of working people standing together. I’m proud to be the union backed candidate in this contest.

It is time we had a fresh start in Ilford South. We don’t need an establishment politician, we need an MP from the grassroots who went into politics not for the prestige and power, but to fight for the simple belief that a better world is possible. I will be an MP who believes in and fights for Labour Party democracy. I’ll be a true representative: listening to members, and constituents and standing with clear moral, socialist principles about transforming our country, in order to rebalance power and wealth in favour of working people”.

So the message from London is clear. Pandering to the basest elements of immoral corruption which hides on their knees behind Identity Politics and Block voting on ethno-religious lines is not the way ahead. These are symptoms of the disease of opportunism.

The Working Class remain united, we remain aware of the world we live in.

I was 14 years when in 1978 “Maggie Thatcher the Baby Milk Snatcher” came to power and felt the full brunt of what it meant to be an ethnic in Conservative Britain. Until 1997, I resisted them, for my own survival if nothing else. Now at the age of 56 to have to face 10 years of BoJo and his BJP aligned Diasporic bandwagon of Indians playing backup to his Cowboy only strengthens my will to live and see this through as the final challenge of my life.

Supratim Barman, MSc – Queen Mary – University of London. Kolkata, The Republic of India. I live between the two extreme edges of what was the British Empire, in the vast and important cities of Kolkata and London; with the midpoint being where I was born and where I grew up, Bahrain: observing and experiencing events in a time of great change.




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