Funeral of your democracy
warned foresighted ages ago.
In spite of fellow beings,
you burn your abode willfully.

Many nations have been here,
reckoning to be invincible
Little did they know,
they perish notorious in the process.

Men of infamy, high on false pride
Feeding gullible, treacherous fantasies
Selling hate for old brotherhood,
you saw it coming in willful silence?

Nero industrious with his darkness,
boosted by a shrewd assassin
puppy coming under the wagon
or termites in the neighborhood;
You did hear them, saying all this
Alas, it wasn’t your precious one.

One by one they will come
first for your neighbours, then your friends,
then your mother and your father
and your sister and your daughter and your son.
Finally, it will be your turn.
Remain silent to perish forever.

The pyre of democracy burning tall,
fueled by the pages of proud Constitution
Throw-in if anything else is left of old notions
Fascism is back at the stroke of midnight.

Dr Mudasir Firdosi is a Kashmiri psychiatrist, writer, and poet.



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