I Will Give My Blood:Chandrasekhar Azad

azad ravan

Historic speech given by Chandrasekhar Azad on the steps of Delhi Jama Masjid

“Jai Bhim! This is a bigger fight. CAA and NRC will break this country and we are standing with this nation. This fight is not just of the Muslims, this is a fight for everyone, and we will not let it weaken. I’m surrendering to the government, but I say this, the government will have to repeal this Act. I request my friends and comrades, don’t let this revolution weaken, make it grow. Because we are the biggest democracy in the world and that should never weaken.

Our unity is our strength. Protest peacefully, do not give them an opportunity to use their guns and lathis. With non-violence, we will be able to defeat the enemy. I firmly say this to my fellow Indians, come out onto the streets, this is not just a matter of religion or faith, it is a matter of the entire nation.

There seems to be a conspiracy to destroy our country. There seem to be preparations to take away the rights of Dalits, Adivasis and the oppressed, the meaning of their votes, reservation, government benefits, savings. I understood their game, I was fighting but… He who’s sitting there, Amit Shah, I want to tell him that if he wants Chandrasekhar at any cost, then I will go to him myself. But remember this, Ambedkarites do not back down. I’m Babasaheb’s son, I will give my life but I will not go back on my word that if the sweat of our Muslim brothers fall, I will give my blood. For that I’m ready to sacrifice anything. Thank you my friends. Keep this revolution alive after I go to jail. Jai Bhim!”

Chandrasekhar Azad Ravan is Bhim Army chief



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