I’m A Pigeon


I’m a pigeon with legs tied up,
Everyday they feed me with donations grains..
They assured me to be in safe,
and I suffocate every moment, dying of my freedom.
They assure me every time,
That I’ll get a blissfull life,
Secured from the struggle and insecurity,
But I know its a doom to me in the mouth of the prey..
Lust and greed chained me in the cage,
And my soul is screaming out of pathos,
As I saw my clans,got bleed and stuck,
They mourned, they ached in hectic hours, they suffered from the massive pain..
They say I’ll be in peace,
And peace mocks me in its own way,
I’m afraid of getting bind forever,
They still assure me with their false myth..
One of my clan outraged and sentenced to death,
They’re trying to make a different picture.
In suffocating cage, I see my death lies besides me,
It’s showing its colours of dark and the lines of fright..
Its a different picture from mine,
I need to breathe free, which is intense enough to me,
Neither will I be chained,
Nor will I ever want to die, being silent..

Sonali Chanda is an eminent writer and author. Born in Suburban KOLKATA,she completed her postgraduation from Burdwan University. Her recent Travelogue is on the way to publish,where she showcased the most sensitive areas in Ladakh and Kashmir. Her writings resemble the current issues and different topics of burning issues in the country and the social malices..



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