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The Zionist Federation of Australia bestowed in November its 2019 Jerusalem Prize for “exceptional in strengthening Australia-Israel relations” or as Prof. Stuart Rees puts it, ‘for sucking up to Israelis,’ on an exemplary recipient, the prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison.

Former meritorious recipients from the zionist mishpocheh are John Howard, Bob Hawke, Julia Gillard, Alex Downer and serial war crimes apologist (East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine etc.) Greg Sheridan.

Morrison too is a die-hard zionist who, in a masterful mimicry of his hero, Trump, unilaterally recognised West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital thus duplicating the Trumpian flick to the peace process – and – a nod to the Christian-only Rapture.

What a mensch!

Furthermore, in the shabby tradition of his Liberal Party, Morrison stands pig-headedly against so-called anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations insisting he and his government are not buying the UN’s anti-semitic ‘bullying’ of poor victimised Israel. Oy Vey!

“The UN general assembly is now the place where Israel is bullied and where antisemitism is cloaked in the language of human rights.”

The idiom,‘It takes one to know one’ in Morrison’s case has an apt ring – Morrison and his Liberal National Party government are expert bullies- and like all bullies, they pick on the weak; sic Robodebt on the vulnerable unemployed and pensioners causing over 2000 deaths, virtually starve Newstart recipients, illegally incarcerate asylum seekers notching up 59 deaths, denigrate schoolchildren protesting government climate inaction, steal funding from Australians with disabilities for economic surplus, attack workers’ rights and penalty rates and, worst of all, perpetuate the racist colonial control over Indigenous Australians.

At the opening of his thank you speech, Morrison disingenuously acknowledged the ‘incredible place in our great national life ‘of Indigenous people. ‘Incredible’ is the key word- it is shamefully incredible that Australia’s First Nations peoples are stuck in the same place of impoverishment and humiliation since British settlement 231 years ago and their voice for dignity is arrogantly dismissed by Morrison himself who, in October chose to watch a netball game rather than attend the historic reclamation of the sacredness of Uluru.

Apropos, he makes only one reference to Palestine and a deliberate non-mention of the Palestinian people triggering the stink of the terra nullius myth that permeates the coverup of the zionist colonial theft of Palestine aided and abetted by Australia’s collusion to illegally partition a foreign land,

It was in this setting that Australia chaired the 1947 UN committee that voted in favour of dividing the territory of mandated Palestine.

Morrison’s boundless sycophancy to his zionist mates oozes through his schmaltzy long-winded thank you speech. He repeatedly affirms in so many words,

“we know the character of our friend Israel and we will defend it.”

We, the world, know ‘Israel’s’ character is relentless and ruthless cruelty.

And we know that it is this cruelty Morrison and his government defends with Israeli concocted ‘hasbara’ i.e. lies and propaganda. As an ex-marketing mensch, ‘hasbara’ is Morrison’s shtick. Try to swallow this convenient Untruth-

Israel is the polaris star above the cut and thrust of the things that we deal with on a daily basis. It’s a beacon of democracy. A country governed by the rule of law with a free press infused with a multicultural character and aligned with our great ally, the United States.

Not too many of them in that part of the world. [not so subtle dig at Muslims]

By way of contrast, respected journalist Antony Loewenstein, in his acceptance speech , in November of the 2019 ‘The Jerusalem (AL QUDS) Peace Prize [that] recognises the inspirational and extraordinary contributions and devoted efforts of Australian humanitarians seeking to aid Palestinians in their call for justice,’ presented the truth,

Today’s Israel is a deeply undemocratic entity. Remember that five million occupied Palestinians, in the West Bank and Gaza, can’t vote during Israeli elections despite the fact that the Israeli government determines which favoured Palestinians receive permits to work, study, travel and access decent medical care. There’s a word for this; apartheid.

The art of hasbara is the art of overlooking and pretending facts, truth and international law don’t exist; in this way Morrison is wilfully defending his friend Israel’s daily systematic cruelty against Palestinian families- defending illegal settlement expansion, defending illegal Israeli apartheid, defending illegal Israeli massacres, defending illegal Israeli extrajudicial executions, defending illegal Israeli torture, defending illegal Israeli detention of Palestinian civilians including children, defending illegal Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes on Palestinian land, defending the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, defending illegal Israeli checkpoints, Israel’s illegal nuclear armament program and defending Israeli and US warmongering.

And what is driving Morrison’s indefensible defense shystering? Is it financial perks and a massive religious dividend? It goes without saying that the Morrison government would happily defend its zionist bully mates down to their last donor dollar flowing into Liberal National Party coffers.

The religious motivation lurks in Morrison’s lift-thine-eyes reference to Isaiah 60:3-5 which sings of the glory of Zion,

“Australia lifted up thine eyes and saw a nation which in the words of the then Prime Minister “could be a force of special value in the world community”.

We know that to be true.”

One wonders then, is for Morrison the true ‘special value’ of Israel the gathering of Jews in the Holy Land (and their conversion to Christianity) because this event is the key to the prophetic second coming of Jesus and the Rapture when Christians ascend with Him to heaven?

This ‘special value’ has evolved into a kind of mutual zionist & evangelical cannibalism; the extremist Cruel and the extremist Crazy are eating each other for their own self-interests. Israeli zionists, who are mainly secular, view evangelists as useful idiots, as pawns that provide political impunity for Israel’s deranged cruelty and Christian Zionists view the yet-to-be-converted Jews as useful bagmen for their own ultimate heavenly gains.

For a prime minister, Morrison’s megalomanic religious mindset is dangerous as it is narrowly determined by the Pentecostal template of tribal prosperity elitism i.e. supremacy and salvation;

“The implication that the poor are morally inadequate while the wealthy are, solely by virtue of their wealth, morally superior, nicely intersects with the beliefs of Pentecostal Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s prosperity theology, which understands God’s love and favour to be primarily expressed in wealth and material comforts. If you are poor, God doesn’t love you, and you haven’t loved him enough either.” Dr Jennifer Wilson

Even worse – the dark, Un-Christian religious apartheid of the pentecostal Rapture skulking behind the bright prosperity-happy-clapping goes a long way to explain Morrison’s cold-blooded callousness and immorality on asylum seekers, the economy and his steadfast friendship with the serial war criminal, Israel.

It appears that the saved and the damned are Morrison’s cynical benchmark for political relationships. Humanity is smugly sacrificed in the fantastical biblical apocalypse in which only believers would rise in Rapture with Jesus to heaven. The rest of us, unconverted Muslims, Hindus, Peoples of Indigenous Cultures, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Athiests, Taoists etc etc, will perish in the fires of hell.

Now there’s a genocide mindset!

Such belief is macabre and pathologically deranged.

Mazel Tov?

Dr. Vacy Vlazna is Coordinator of Justice for Palestine Matters and editor of a volume of Palestinian poetry, I remember my name.  She was Human Rights Advisor to the GAM team in the second round of the Acheh peace talks, Helsinki, February 2005 then withdrew on principle. Vacy was convenor of  Australia East Timor Association and coordinator of the East Timor Justice Lobby as well as serving in East Timor with UNAMET and UNTAET from 1999-2001.




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