Listen Seriously : India’s youth has spoken against divisive politics


The nation wide protests against #CAA and #NRC has reflected the mood of the nation and categorically rejected the attempt to divide this country and create a brahmanical theocratic state even when the rulers will pretend everything and bow to the constitution, we know they had in mind, was to polarise the nation and enjoy the fruits of ‘division’.

If you listen to the tone all the statement being made by Amit Shah from the last general elections, it was an unambiguous message to his ‘clients’ that ‘rest assure’ we will throw away the ‘termites’ from India. When the NRC failed in Assam then he promised that to India. Rather than speaking to people, he continued with his ranting about anti national, tukde tukde gang, urban naxals, Maoists and so on. Unfortunately, BJP’s top leadership too following the same line to do everything to declare as if the protests are the handiwork of those who are their opponents and that a majority of Indians are happy with that.

What started from #Jamia has sparked the flame of hope all over the country. Attempt were made to ‘teach’ Jamia student a ‘lesson’ and later when #AMU students too protested in support of their Jamia counterparts.AMU and Jamia are two great institutions but the Hindutva forces always remain upset with them and the reasons are quiet clear. Both these institutions have built up a dynamic and secular leadership. They are definitely institution which Muslims are proud of but as a secular Indians we all should feel proud of and look at their enormous contribution in our public life. To counter AMU, Malviya started with BHU i.e Banarase Hindu University and look at what kind of ‘environment’ has it created, absolutely brahmanical but that suits their interest and for the current leadership it is the role model.

It is therefore heartwarming that people from all walks of life, Universities, students, artists, lawyers, academics have joined hand and stood up for the cause to protect and save our constitution. The government has been caught by surprise as this has become a mass stayagraha all over the country. You count and you will find some forms of protests. Right from Lucknow, Patna, Chennai, Thiruvananthpuram, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The situation in Delhi was quiet tough for the obedient officials as they not only imposed section 144 in many parts but also shut internet and SMS services till the afternoon, an unprecedented step in recent years.

There are reports of violence from Manglore and Lucknow city which must be avoided at all cost. The democratic movement must condemn any attack on public property as they are our resources, our properties and ultimately hurt us. Spontaneous movements without any high command some time provide these spaces to all kinds of elements who still feel that hitting the public property is the ‘success’ story. Reports also came in from Sambhal district where rioters burnt two buses of UP Roadways which is condemn able. People and participants must keep a watch on such elements and any one who try to damage the public property must be handed over to the police as they defame the movement and provide an opportunity of high handedness to police.

The activists at the Jantar Mantar gave roses to police and that was the spirit. Delhi police also offered snacks to many and perhaps realised that this is India’s moment of reckoning Most of the protest remain peaceful in all parts of the country but the photograph of Banglore police physically removing Ram Chandra Guha while he was giving interview to NDTV, would become ‘iconic’ in a sense that it is a reminder of how the powerful people of the world are afraid of ideas.

There are indication of government toning down and explaining things about CAA and NRC but what the government must speak up categorically is that it has no plan for NRC. The CAA will be challenged in the Supreme Court and nobody is unhappy if the government giving citizenship to persecuted people in our neighborhood but then dont be divisive on that, have a big heart afterall power to give citizenship still remain with the state and nobody would get it unless government want it yet at least in law we must ensure that our commitment remain to the secular constitution of India which our forefathers built up so laboriously. The biggest power of Indian constitution is that it united the country and made us what we are today, a proud nation of rich multicultural heritage.

These protests have given a clarion message to political parties that India’s youth is not ready to face any discriminatory law and attempt to create divisions among us will be protested. This is very heartwarming that all is not lost and political parties must take the message to listen to the youth, provide them space in your parties and build a progressive, modern India on secular socialist principles that our constitution provides us. The new youngs are aspiring and has spoken well that Indian leaders cant divide us because of our religious identities. The message is clear to respect the constitution and work comprehensively on national agenda, focus on economy, employment and education and please throw your divisive agenda in the greater interest of the nation.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social activist. Twitter @freetohumanity

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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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