Rahul Gandhi: The One Who India Betrayed

Rahul Gandhi

Let’s be practical about the aspect that as the only national party, to me Congress was a far more superior government than the NDA. Buy it or not, but in every case we compared a young leader like Rahul Gandhi to someone so cunning like Narendra Modi. Both are different personalities and to me Rahul had and still has a way better persona than Modi for some very specific reasons which I will be describing in this piece. Indians failed to represent the ideals it was made on. It failed to introspect on its own mistakes and as a result, we got some hate mongering leaders and Bollywood stars build on nepotism as our representatives.

Congress, to me, has always been a dominant party to that of right wing because of the pillars it stood and still stands on. There are large loopholes in its way of governance but not like the present one. Understanding politics is not so easy. It cannot be fed to anyone by some media channels (although, sadly, it succeeded). Rather it is necessary to go through the whole content of politics to understand it. India lost itself yesterday but more than that the Constitution is now appearing to be something so delicate. To me, following are the reasons for which I still believe in Congress:

● India once was built on logic and knowledge, but today it is built on fabricated information. For years, India has trolled Rahul Gandhi even after he matured in politics. Many trolled him as “Pappu” for his initial speeches and later provided him the image of an amusement by trolling him for his pictures. India was never that. When Obama got selected and even before his selection he kept on dancing and singing in open stage parallel to his political speeches. No one trolled him, because to us America is cooler and whatever they do is stylish. Sadly, our mindset hasn’t changed. Every country is the same, nothing is different. Trolling a leader has been the central politics of right wing and the media helped to spread it. Rahul gave brilliant speeches and interviews but only few branches of media stayed honest to journalism to display what is truth. We went too sure of the amusing side of Rahul and never even understood the need of a young leader.

● Today whatever development we see in India has been for the Congress government and let’s be honest to accept. Right from Nehru, who established institutions and atomic research centre of top level to Indira Gandhi to Manmohan Singh and then to Rajiv Gandhi. Congress understood the need of this country and tried to develop it. For people who are way to busy in alleging the Congress, which to some extent is right, a win made it easier for them. Today when you take up a distance education course, remember it is because of Rajiv Gandhi and when you go through technological study, it is for Rajiv Gandhi. We have a developed country with globalisation in it, and it took place for Mr. Singh himself. Yesterday, if the world would have thought of their times when they were leaders of our country, the absence of troll army and purchased media gave India the status of a developing country.

● Watch the interview of Rahul Gandhi with Hindustan Times and his several others with Ravish and Quint, you would understand Rahul better than the memes displayed by troll brigade. It is easy to destroy the image of a leader nowadays in the game of technology, but without understanding the positive side, observing the negative side is just the biggest scam people do to democracy. I have seen more than enough people of my place who seldom watch or read any information displaying the dark side of Modi. Watching Arnab Goswami is not an easy task, but people do to preach his name. Purchased media won’t give you a single glimpse of what the opposition can do. So, India failed itself by magnifying on purchased media to troll a young leader.

● The most influential leader of this nation was Nehru and no one has ever been like him. When he said, that this country won’t be a puppet of religious extremists he believed in the soul of this nation and we betrayed him. Similarly, there cannot be another Rajiv, and we betrayed them by choosing someone who for years has kept on decimating the pillars of this nation. India established its secularism after partition to keep India united and with free trolling, and physical means, the hooligans of right wing destroy it for the sake of the majority. Leaders are not born, they are carved. Seeing Rahul Gandhi from the perspective of an illusion is just what the right wing wanted and we saw Rahul from that perspective only. I agree that why nepotism should exist in politics? But I also believe that if development took place with Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, choosing Rahul would not have been a crime!

● For the 1984 riot, we have criticised the Congress sharply just like every other party. Finally, Rahul Gandhi gave an apology speech on behalf of his grandmother and the whole Congress government. What was the need of giving this apology? Nothing except making this clear that for the injustice that happened and took place for the polarising situation and for that they are sorry.

Right after that go back or stay in the present, and could you remember an apology speech of Modi for 2002 riot? No, because he didn’t give any and neither he is sorry for the murder of innocents that happened for/under him. Instead, you’ll see several interviews before 2014, where our leader clearly avoids the questions raised on the riot or just walks out of the interview room (for that watch his interview with Karan Thapar). Today it is beyond imagination to even think of any question being raised on him on 2002 for the journalists are bought.

● Rahul Gandhi could have been a good leader, for a nation of young blood (most young nation needs a young leader like Rahul). Without giving him the chance to display his skills, trolling him displays the weak temperament we have for politics and its leaders. When the West chooses its leaders, it only keeps in mind the age of the nation (it did a mistake by choosing Trump). If Canada would have gone over appearance, then Justin Trudeau would have been a Hollywood star and not the most influential president!

To those who say that there wasn’t any alternative to give vote to, for them I would like to say that, you do not bring a spoilt fish in your house and then say that how rotten it is because if you bring it you know you won’t be able to eat. Similarly, after choosing the saffron leader back to power, you do not deserve the right to criticise him anymore. After five years of horrific decisions, if he wins by even higher margin, it just says that you people haven’t learnt anything about the India we once fought for. The India which stood secular and democratic even after partition. You failed Vidyasagar and Ambedkar! Too much of everything is scary and after you criticise him for his dictatorship, remember that you sold the India of equality, ethnicity, secularism, democracy and fraternity to bring him back to power!

Kabir Deb is a published writer and poet. Born in Haflong and completed his Masters on Life Sciences from Assam University. His work has been published from different national and international magazine like Different bTruths, Counter Currents, Reviews, Cafe Dissensus, Spillwords magazine and his works rely on political activisvm. He recently won the Reuel International Poetry Prize in 2019



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